540 Cast Off the Influence of Darkness to Be Approved of by God


What is the influence of darkness?

This so-called “influence of darkness”

is the influence of Satan’s misleading,

corruption, binding, and controlling of people;

Satan’s influence is an influence that has an aura of death.

All those who live under Satan’s power will perish.

How can you escape from the influence of darkness after gaining faith in God?

Once you have sincerely prayed to God, you turn your heart to Him completely,

at which point your heart is moved by God’s Spirit.

You grow willing to give yourself to Him completely,

and at this time, you will have escaped from the dark influence.

If everything man does is that which pleases God

and in line with His requirements,

then he is someone who lives within the words of God

and under His care and His protection.


If people cannot practice God’s words,

if they are always attempting to fool Him,

acting in a perfunctory manner toward Him,

and not believing in His existence—

then these are all people living under the dark influence.

Men who have not received God’s salvation

are living under the power of Satan;

they all live under the influence of darkness.

Those who don’t believe in God are living under the power of Satan,

under the power of Satan.

Even those who believe in God’s existence

might not necessarily be living in His light,

for those who believe in Him may not actually be living within His words

nor be able to submit to God.


If you wish to be approved of by God,

then you must first escape from Satan’s influence of darkness,

opening your heart to God and turning it toward Him,

turning it toward Him completely.

Would God approve of the things you are doing now?

Have you turned your heart to God?

Have the things you have done been what God requires of you?

Are they in line with the truth?

Examine yourself at all times

and concentrate on eating and drinking God’s words;

lay out your heart before Him, love Him with sincerity,

and loyally expend yourself for God.

People who do this will surely receive God’s approval.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Escape From the Influence of Darkness, and You Will Be Gained by God

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