612 What It Takes to Be One Who Serves God


Someone who truly serves God

is someone who is in line with God’s intentions,

who’s fit for God’s use, and who can let go of religious notions.

If you wish for your eating and drinking of God’s words to be effective,

then you must let go of your religious notions.

If you wish to serve God,

then it is even more necessary first to let go of religious notions

and submit to God’s words in everything.

This is what should be possessed by someone who serves God.

This is what should be possessed by someone who serves God.

If you lack this knowledge, then as soon as you serve,

you will cause disruption and disturbances,

and if you hold on to your notions,

then you will inevitably be knocked down by God,

never to get up again.

Take the present, for example:

Many of the utterances and work of today are incompatible

with the Bible and with the work previously done by God,

and if you have no desire to submit, then you may fall at any time.


If you wish to serve in accordance with God’s intentions,

then you must first let go of religious notions and rectify your own views.

Much of what will be said will be incompatible with

what was said in the past,

and if you now lack the will to submit,

you’ll be unable to walk the path that lies ahead.

If one of God’s methods of working has taken root inside you

and you never let it go,

then this method will become your religious notion.

If what God is has taken root within you,

then you have gained the truth,

and if the words and truth of God are capable of becoming your life,

you will no longer have notions about God.

Those who possess true knowledge of God

will have no notions and will not abide by doctrine.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Only Those Who Know the Work of God Today May Serve God

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