632 Know That God’s Chastisement and Judgment Are Love


Though people are refined and mercilessly exposed

by God’s chastisement and judgment,

and it’s to punish them for their sins, punish their flesh,

none of this work aims to condemn their flesh to destruction.

The severe disclosures by the word

are all in order to lead you onto the right path.

It’s all in order to make you live out normal humanity,

and it’s all achievable by your normal humanity,

by your normal humanity.


Every step of God’s work is based upon your needs,

according to your weaknesses, and according to your actual stature,

and no unbearable burden is placed on you.

This is not clear to you today,

and you feel as if God is being hard on you,

and you always think the reason He chastises,

judges and reproaches you every day

is because He hates you.

But although what you receive is chastisement and judgment,

this is actually love for you, and it’s the greatest protection.

If you cannot grasp the deeper meaning of this work,

it will be impossible for you to continue experiencing.

This salvation should bring you comfort.

Do not refuse to come to your senses.

Having come this far,

the significance of the work of conquest should be clear to you.

You should no longer hold opinions about it one way or another!

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Inside Truth of the Work of Conquest (4)

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