675 The Purpose of God’s Work of Refinement


For all people, refinement is excruciating,

and very difficult to accept—

yet it’s during refinement

that God makes plain His righteous disposition to man,

and makes public His requirements for man,

and provides more enlightenment and more actual pruning;

through the comparison between the facts and the truth,

God gives man a greater knowledge of themselves and the truth,

and a greater understanding of His will,

thus allowing man to have a truer and purer love of God.

Such are God’s aims in carrying out refinement.


All the work God does in man has its own aims and significance;

God does not do meaningless work,

and nor does He do work that is without benefit to man,

nor does He do work that is without benefit to man.

Refinement doesn’t mean removing people from before God,

and nor does it mean destroying them in hell.

Rather, it means changing man’s disposition during refinement,

changing their intentions, their old views,

changing their love for God, and changing their whole life.

Refinement is a real test of man, and a form of real training,

and only during refinement can their love serve its inherent function,

can their love serve its inherent function.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Only by Experiencing Refinement Can Man Possess True Love

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