758 Blessed Are Those Who Love God


Only those who love God can testify of God,

only they are God’s witnesses,

only they are blessed by God, and can receive God’s promises.

Those who love God are God’s intimates;

they’re the people beloved by God,

and they can enjoy blessings together with God.

Only people such as this will live to eternity,

and only they will forever live under God’s care and protection.


Because they can testify of God

and devote all their efforts to God’s work,

those who truly love God can walk anywhere beneath the heavens

without anyone daring to oppose them,

and they can wield power on earth and rule all the people of God.

These people have come together from across the world.

They speak different languages and have different skin colors,

but their existence has the same meaning;

they all have a God-loving heart, they all bear the same testimony,

and have the same resolve, and the same wish.

Those who love God can walk freely throughout the world,

and those who testify of God can travel across the universe.

These people are beloved by God, they are blessed by God,

and they will forever live within His light.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Those Who Love God Will Forever Live Within His Light

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