781 Knowing God Is the Pursuit Believers Should Have


The process of coming to know the word of God

is the process of coming to know God and the work of God.

So, knowing visions not only refers to knowing the humanity of God incarnate,

but also includes knowing the word and the work of God.

From the word of God people come to understand God’s will,

and from the work of God they come to know God’s disposition,

know God’s disposition and what God is.

Belief in God is the first step to knowing God.

The process of advancing from this initial belief in God

to the most profound belief in Him is the process of coming to know God,

the process of experiencing the work of God.


If you only believe in God for the sake of believing in God,

and not for the sake of coming to know Him,

then there is no reality to your faith, and your faith cannot become pure—

of this there is no doubt.

If, during the process by which man experiences God’s work,

he gradually comes to know God,

then his disposition will gradually change,

and his belief will become increasingly true.

In this way, when man achieves success in his belief in God,

he will have completely gained God.

When man achieves success in his belief in God,

he will have completely gained God.


The reason why God went to such great lengths

to become flesh for the second time to do His work in person

was so that man would be able to know Him and to see Him.

Knowing God is the final effect,

the final effect to be achieved at the conclusion of God’s work;

it’s the last requirement God makes of mankind,

it’s the last requirement God makes of mankind.

The reason why He does this

is for the sake of His final testimony, final testimony;

He does this work in order that man may finally and completely turn to Him.

Man can only come to love God by knowing God,

and to love God he must know God.

No matter how he seeks, or what he seeks to gain,

he must be able to achieve knowledge of God.

Only in this way can man satisfy God’s heart.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Only Those Who Know God Can Bear Testimony to God

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