789 You Should Know God Through His Work


God became flesh, He became a person—an ordinary person

who took on God’s work and commission.

This meant that He had to assume work an ordinary person cannot handle,

while also enduring suffering that ordinary people cannot withstand.

This suffering represents God’s devotion to humankind.

It stands for the humiliation that He suffered

and the price He paid for man’s salvation,

to redeem their sins, and to complete this stage of His work.

It also means that man would be redeemed from the cross by God.

This is a price paid in blood, in life,

and a price no created being could afford,

a price no created being could afford.

It is because He has God’s essence and possesses what God has and is

that He could bear this kind of suffering and do this type of work.

This is something no created being could have done in His stead.

This is God’s work during the Age of Grace

and a revelation of His disposition.


In the Age of Kingdom, God became flesh once more,

in the same way He did the first time.

During this period of work,

God still unreservedly expresses His word,

does the work He is bound to do,

and expresses what He has and is.

At the same time, He continues to

endure and tolerate man’s rebelliousness and ignorance.

And He continuously reveals His disposition and expresses His intentions

during this period of work.

Therefore, from the creation of man, from the creation of man until now,

God’s disposition, His being and possessions, and His intentions

have always been open to every person,

have always been open to every person.

God has never deliberately hidden His essence,

His disposition, or His intentions.

It is just that mankind does not care about what God is doing,

what His intentions are—

that is why man has such a pitiful understanding of God.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself I

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