805 Only Those Who Know God Can Bear Witness for Him


The reason why those who truly testify of God

can give a resounding testimony to Him

is because their testimony rests upon the foundation

of the true knowledge and true yearning for God.

Such testimony is not offered according to an emotional impulse,

but according to their knowledge of God and according to His disposition.

Because they have come to know God,

they feel that they must surely testify of God, testify of God

and make all those who yearn for God know God,

and be aware of God’s loveliness and His practicality.


Like people’s love for God, their testimony is spontaneous;

it is real and has real significance and has worth.

It’s not passive or hollow and meaningless.

The reason only those who truly love God

have the most value and meaning in their lives,

the reason only they truly believe in God,

the reason only they truly believe in God,

is that these people are able to live in God’s light

and are able to live for God’s work and God’s management.

It’s because they don’t live in darkness, but they live in the light;

they do not live meaningless lives,

but lives that have been blessed, blessed by God.

They do not live meaningless lives,

but lives that have been blessed,

lives that have been blessed by God.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Those Who Love God Will Forever Live Within His Light

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