826 Your Duty as a Believer Is to Bear Witness for God


You should know that the testimony to God’s defeat of Satan

lies within the loyalty and submission of man,

as does the testimony to His complete conquest of man,

as does the testimony to His complete conquest of man.

The duty of your faith in God is to bear witness to Him,

to be loyal to Him and none other, and to be submissive to the end.

Before God begins the next step of His work, how will you bear witness to Him?

How will you be loyal and submissive to Him?

Do you devote all your loyalty to your function,

or will you simply give up, will you simply give up?

Would you rather submit to God’s every arrangement,

or flee midway to avoid His chastisement?

God chastises you so that you’ll bear witness to Him,

and be loyal and submissive to Him.


The chastisement at present is to unfold the next step of God’s work

and to allow the work to progress unimpeded, to progress unimpeded.

Hence, God exhorts you to be wise

and treat neither your life

nor the significance of your existence as worthless sand.

Can you know exactly what God’s work to come will be?

Do you know how God will work in the days to come,

and how His work will unfold?

You should know the significance of your experience of God’s work,

and furthermore, the significance of your faith in Him.

Indeed, God has come to bring this age to an end.

This is true, but moreover you must know

that God is to begin a new age, to begin new work,

and most of all, to spread the gospel of the kingdom.


So you should know that the present work is only to begin an age

and to lay the foundation for spreading the gospel in the time to come

and bringing the age to an end in the future,

bringing the age to an end in the future.

God’s work is not so simple as you think,

nor is it as worthless or meaningless as you may believe.

Therefore, God still must say to you:

You ought to give your life to His work,

and moreover, you ought to devote yourself to His glory.

Long has God yearned for you to bear witness to Him,

and even longer has He yearned for you to spread His gospel.

You ought to understand what is in God’s heart.

You ought to understand what is in God’s heart.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. What Do You Know of Faith?

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