831 Believe That God Will Surely Make Man Complete

In the future, whether you are blessed or cursed

will be decided based upon your actions and behavior today.

If you are to be perfected by God, it must be in this era;

there will not be another chance in the future.

God truly wants to perfect you now, and this is not a manner of speaking.

In the future, regardless of what trials befall you,

what events take place, or what disasters you encounter,

God wishes to perfect you; this is a definite and indisputable fact.

Through the ages and generations,

God’s word has never attained such a great height as it has today.

It has entered the highest realm,

and the work of the Holy Spirit on all people today

is without precedent, without precedent.

Hardly anyone from generations past had such an experience;

the revelations of today did not exist,

even in the age of Jesus.

The words spoken to you, what you understand, and your experience

have all reached a new peak, a new peak.

In the midst of trials and chastisements, you people do not leave;

this is sufficient proof

that God’s work has attained an unprecedented splendor.

It’s not something man can do, nor is it something that man maintains;

rather, it’s the work of God Himself.

Thus, from many of the realities of the work of God,

it can be seen that God wishes to perfect man,

and He is certainly able to complete you.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. On Everyone Performing Their Function

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