842 You Should Seek to Be Perfected by God in All Things


Now, what you should chiefly seek is to be perfected by God in all things,

and through all people, matters, and things with which you are faced,

so more of what God is will be wrought into you.

You must first receive God’s inheritance on earth;

only then will you become eligible to

inherit more, and greater, blessings from God,

inherit more, and greater, blessings from God.

These are all things that you should seek,

and which you should first understand.

The more you seek to be perfected by God in all things,

the more you will see God’s hand in all things,

then you’ll actively seek to enter the being and reality of God’s word

through different perspectives and in different matters.

You can’t be content with such negative states

as merely not sinning, or having no notions,

no philosophy for worldly dealings, or having no human ideas.

God perfects man in a multitude of ways;

in all things lies the possibility of being perfected.

He can perfect you not only in positive terms but also in negative terms,

to make what you gain more abundant.


Every single day there are opportunities to be perfected

and occasions to be gained by God.

Experiencing thus for a time, you’ll be greatly changed,

and naturally grasp many things you were ignorant of before.

There will be no need for instruction from others;

unbeknownst to you, God will enlighten you,

so you’ll receive enlightenment in all things

and enter into all your experiences in detail.

God will surely guide you, so that you veer not to left or right,

and you will thus set foot upon path to being perfected by Him,

perfected by Him.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Promises to Those Who Have Been Perfected

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