903 God’s Authority Is Unique


God’s authority is unique.

It is the characteristic expression of the identity of God Himself,

and the special essence of the identity of God Himself;

such is not possessed by any created or non-created being,

such is not possessed by any created or non-created being;

only the Creator possesses this kind of authority.

That is to say, only the Creator—God the Unique—

is expressed in this way and has this essence,

is expressed in this way and has this essence.


Though the phrase “God’s authority” may seem unfathomable, unfathomable,

God’s authority is not at all abstract.

He is present with man through every minute of man’s life,

leading him through every day.

So, in real life, every person will necessarily

see and experience the most tangible aspect of God’s authority.

This tangible aspect is proof enough that God’s authority truly exists,

and it fully allows one to recognize and to comprehend

the fact that God possesses such authority.

God created everything,

and having created it, He holds sovereignty over all things.

In addition to holding sovereignty over all things,

He is in control of everything.


From the very phrase, “God is in control of everything,”

we should see what God controls is not a portion of planets

nor a portion of creation, much less a portion of mankind,

but everything: from the massive to the microscopic,

from the visible to the invisible,

from the stars of the cosmos to the living things on earth,

the living things on earth,

as well as microorganisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye

and beings that exist in other forms, beings that exist in other forms.

This is the precise definition

of the “everything” that God is “in control of”;

it is the scope of His authority, the extent of His sovereignty and rule.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique III

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