907 The True Embodiment of the Creator’s Authority


The fates of humanity and of all things

are intimately entwined with the Creator’s sovereignty;

they’re inseparably tied to the Creator’s orchestrations;

in the end, they’re inseparable from the Creator’s authority.

In the laws of all things, man comes to understand

the Creator’s orchestrations and His sovereignty;

in the rules of survival of all things,

he comes to perceive the Creator’s governance;

in the fates of all things, man comes to infer the ways

the Creator exercises His sovereignty and control over them;

in the life cycles of human beings and all things,

man truly comes to experience the Creator’s orchestrations and arrangements

for all things and living beings;

he comes to see how those orchestrations and arrangements supersede

all earthly laws, rules, and institutions, all other powers and forces.


This being so, humanity is compelled to recognize

that the Creator’s sovereignty cannot be violated by any created being,

that no force can usurp upon

or alter the events and things predestined by the Creator.

It’s under these divine laws and rules

that humans and all things live and propagate, generation after generation.

Is this not the true embodiment of the Creator’s authority?

Though man sees, in the objective laws,

the Creator’s sovereignty and His ordination for all events and all things,

how many people can grasp the principle

of the Creator’s sovereignty over all things?

How many people can truly know, recognize, accept,

and submit to the Creator’s sovereignty

over their own fate and His arrangement of their own fate?

Who will truly believe and recognize

that the Creator dictates the fates of men’s lives

because they believe in the fact of the Creator’s sovereignty over all things?

Who can truly comprehend the fact that man’s fate rests in the Creator’s palm?

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique III

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