909 God’s Authority Truly Exists


Although God is possessed of authority and power,

His authority is true and real,

His authority is true and real; His authority is not empty.

The authenticity and reality of God’s authority and power

are gradually revealed and embodied in His creation of all things,

in His control over all things,

and in the process by which He leads and manages mankind.

Every method, every perspective, and every detail of God’s sovereignty

over mankind and all things, and all the work that He has accomplished,

as well as His understanding of all things—they all literally prove

that the authority and power of God are not empty words.


His authority and power are shown forth and revealed constantly,

and in all things.

These manifestations and revelations

speak of the real existence of God’s authority,

for He is using His authority and power

to continue His work, and to command all things,

and to hold sovereignty over all things at every moment,

hold sovereignty over all things at every moment;

His power and authority can be replaced neither by the angels,

nor by the messengers of God, nor by the messengers of God.

The only One who truly exerts power and authority is God Himself,

and this brooks no doubt from any man,

this brooks no doubt from any man!


Although you have seen that the angels and the messengers

possess great power and have performed miracles,

or that they have done some things commissioned by God,

some things commissioned by God,

their actions are merely for the sake of completing God’s commission,

and are by no means a display of the authority of God—

for no man or object has, or possesses, the authority of the Creator

to create all things and hold sovereignty over all things.

So, no man or object can exert or show forth

the authority of the Creator, the authority of the Creator.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique I

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