917 All Things Live and Perish by God’s Authority


“The authority of God” means that it is up to God.

He has the right to decide how to do something,

and it is done in whatever way He wishes,

it is done in whatever way He wishes.

The law of all things is up to God, and not up to man;

neither can it be altered by man.

It cannot be shifted by the will of man,

but is instead changed by the thoughts of God,

the wisdom of God, and the preordinations of God;

this is a fact that is undeniable to any man.


The heavens and earth and all things,

the universe, the starry sky, the four seasons of the year,

that which is visible and invisible to man—

they all exist, function, and change without the slightest error,

under the authority of God,

according to the preordinations of God, according to the commandments of God,

and according to the laws of the beginning of creation.

Not a single person or object can change their laws,

or change the inherent course by which they function;

they came into being because of the authority of God,

and perish because of the authority of God.

This is the very authority of God.

This is the very authority of God.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique I

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