934 God Is the Sovereign of All Things


The greatest difference between God and mankind

is that God holds sovereignty over and provides for all creation.

He is the source of everything,

and while God provides for all creation, mankind enjoys it.

Man enjoys all the things of creation

when he accepts the life that God bestows on all things.

God is the Sovereign,

and mankind enjoys the fruits of God’s creation of all things.

God can see clearly the laws of how all things grow,

and He controls and dominates these laws.

That is, all things are within God’s sight

and all things are within the scope of His scrutiny.

However, mankind cannot see all things,

and what mankind can see is limited to what’s directly in front of them.

Humans cannot see places that are higher, farther, deeper.

All that they can see is what’s directly in front of them,

within their field of vision.


Even if humans know the law that dictates the four seasons,

or the laws of how all things grow,

they are still unable to manage or hold sovereignty over all things.

Yet the way God sees all of creation

is just as He would see a machine that He built Himself.

He is deeply familiar with every component and connection,

what their principles are, what their patterns are,

and what their purposes are—

God knows all of this with the highest degree of clarity.

Hence God is God, and man is man!

God is God, and man is man!

Though man may go deep in his research

of science and the laws that govern all things,

that research is limited in scope,

whereas God controls everything, God controls everything,

which, to man, is an infinite control.

A man could spend his entire life researching God’s smallest deed

without achieving any true results,

without achieving any true results.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique VIII

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