936 God Rules the Laws by Which All Things Exist


Though humanity does not admit that God exists

nor accept the fact that the Creator

made and holds sovereignty over everything,

and moreover does not recognize the existence of the Creator’s authority,

human scientists, astronomers, and physicists

are nonetheless finding more and more

that the existence of all things,

and the principles and patterns that dictate their movements,

are all governed and controlled by a vast and invisible dark energy.

This fact compels man to confront and acknowledge

that there is a Mighty One in the midst of these patterns of movement,

orchestrating everything.

His power is extraordinary, His power is extraordinary,

and though no one can see His true face, no one can see His true face,

He holds sovereignty over and controls everything at every moment.

No man or force can reach beyond His sovereignty.


Faced with this fact, man must recognize that

the laws governing the existence of all things

cannot be controlled by humans,

cannot be changed by anyone, cannot be changed by anyone;

he must also admit that human beings cannot fully understand these laws,

and they are not naturally occurring, but are dictated by a Sovereign.

They are not naturally occurring, but are dictated by a Sovereign.

Under God’s sovereignty and control,

all things come into being or all things disappear

in accordance with His thoughts;

laws arise that govern their existence,

and they grow and multiply in keeping with them.

No human being or thing is above these laws.

No human being or thing is above these laws.

It’s the authority of God and the mind of God

that give rise to these laws, give rise to these laws,

which shift and change according to His thoughts,

and these shifts and changes all occur or fade away for the sake of His plan.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique III

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