940 God’s Righteous Disposition Is Vivid and Vital


God’s disposition is vital and vividly apparent,

and He changes His thoughts and attitudes

according to the way things develop.

The transformation of His attitude toward the Ninevites

tells mankind that He has His own thoughts and ideas;

He’s not a robot or a clay figure,

but the living God Himself.

He could be angry with the people of Nineveh,

just as He could forgive their pasts because of their attitudes.

He could decide to bring misfortune upon the Ninevites,

and He could also change His decision because of their repentance.


God’s thoughts are in a state of constant transformation

according to changes in things and in environments.

While these thoughts are transforming,

different aspects of God’s essence are revealed.

During the transformation,

at the precise moment when God has a change of heart,

what He shows to mankind is the real existence of His life,

and that His righteous disposition is full of dynamic vitality.

At the same time, God uses His own true revelations

to prove to mankind the truth of the existence of His wrath, His mercy,

His lovingkindness, and His tolerance.


God’s essence will be revealed at any time and any place

in accordance with how things develop,

in accordance with how things develop.

He possesses a lion’s wrath,

He possesses a lion’s wrath

and a mother’s mercy and tolerance, mercy and tolerance.

His righteous disposition allows no questioning,

violation, change, or distortion by any person.

Among all matters and all things, God’s righteous disposition—

that is, God’s wrath and God’s mercy—can be revealed at any time and place.

He gives vital expression to these aspects in every corner of all creation,

and He implements them with vitality in every passing moment.


God’s righteous disposition is not limited by time or space;

in other words, God’s righteous disposition

isn’t mechanically expressed or revealed

according to the constraints of time or space,

but rather with perfect ease and in all times and places,

in all times and places.

When you see God have a change of heart and cease to express His wrath

and refrain from destroying the city of Nineveh,

can you say that God is only merciful, merciful and loving?

Can you say that the wrath of God just consists of empty words?

When God rages with fierce wrath and retracts His mercy,

can you say that He feels no true love toward mankind?

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique II

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