944 God Maintains Man’s Existence With His Righteous Disposition


When God sends forth His rage,

wicked forces are checked and wicked things are destroyed,

while just and positive things

come to enjoy God’s care and protection and are allowed to continue.

God sends forth His wrath, sends forth His wrath

because unjust, negative and wicked things

obstruct, disturb or destroy

the normal activity and development of just and positive things.

The goal of God’s anger is not to safeguard His own status and identity,

but to safeguard the existence of just, beautiful and good things,

to safeguard the laws and order of humanity’s normal survival.

This is the root cause of God’s wrath.

God’s rage is a very proper, natural and true revelation of His disposition.

There are no ulterior motives in His rage,

and nor is there deceit or plotting,

let alone the desires, craftiness, malice, violence, wickedness

or any of corrupt humanity’s other shared traits.


Before God sends forth His rage, sends forth His rage,

He has already perceived the essence of every matter quite clearly,

and He has already formulated accurate definitions and conclusions.

Thus, God’s objective in everything He does is crystal-clear.

His attitude is also crystal-clear. He is not muddle-headed,

He is not blind, impulsive, or careless,

and He is certainly not unprincipled.

This is the practical aspect of God’s wrath,

and it is because of this practical aspect of God’s wrath

that humanity has attained its normal existence.

Without God’s wrath,

humanity would descend into abnormal living conditions, living conditions.

Without God’s wrath,

all things just, beautiful and good would be destroyed and cease to exist,

be destroyed and cease to exist.

Without God’s wrath,

the laws and rules of existence for created beings

would be broken or even utterly subverted.


Since the creation of man,

God has continuously used His righteous disposition

to safeguard and sustain humanity’s normal existence.

Because His righteous disposition contains wrath and majesty,

all wicked people, events, and things,

and all things that disturb and damage humanity’s normal existence,

are punished, controlled and destroyed as a result of His wrath.

Over the past several millennia,

God has continuously used His righteous disposition

to strike down and destroy

all kinds of unclean and evil spirits which oppose God

and which act as Satan’s accomplices and lackeys

in God’s work of managing humanity.

God’s work of the salvation of man has always advanced according to His plan,

has always advanced according to His plan.

Because of the existence of God’s wrath,

the most just causes among mankind have never been destroyed.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique II

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