1027 When Mankind Has Entered Into Rest


Once mankind has entered into rest,

the evildoers will have been destroyed

and all of humanity will be on the right track;

all the types of people will be with their own kind

in accordance with the functions they should carry out.

Only this will be mankind’s day of rest,

it will be the inevitable trend for mankind’s development,

and only when mankind enters into rest

will God’s great work be finally accomplished;

this will be the final part of His work.

This work will end all of humanity’s decadent life of the flesh;

this work will end the life of corrupt humanity.

Humans shall thenceforth enter into a new realm.


Though all humans will live in the flesh,

there will be significant differences

between the essence of this life and the life of corrupt humanity.

The significance of this existence

and that of corrupt man’s existence also differ.

Although this will not be the life of a new kind of person,

it can be said to be the life of a mankind that has received salvation,

as well as a life in which humanity and reason have been regained.

These are people who once were rebellious against God,

who have been conquered by God and then saved by Him;

these are people who dishonored God and later bore witness to Him.

After they have undergone and survived His test,

their existence will be the most meaningful existence;

they’re those who bore witness to God before Satan,

and are humans who are fit to live.


After Satan has completely failed, it will never disturb humanity again,

and humans will no longer have corrupt satanic dispositions,

no longer have corrupt satanic dispositions.

Those rebellious people will already have been destroyed,

and only the people who submit will remain.

As such, very few families will survive intact;

how is it possible that physical relationships continue to exist?

Humanity’s previous life of the flesh will be utterly banned.


Without corrupt satanic dispositions,

human life will no longer be the old life of the past,

but rather a new life, but rather a new life.

Physical relationships currently exist between people,

but they will exist no longer once everyone has entered into rest.

Only this sort of humanity will possess righteousness and holiness;

only this sort of humanity can worship God.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God and Man Will Enter Into Rest Together

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