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I Have Found True Happiness (Audio Essay)

Thank You Almighty God for guiding me onto the correct path of life and for giving me a genuine family. Here, I have found true happiness! I am willing to follow God forever! Full Text


With the Grace of God I Found a True Home

And today, I very deeply feel that Christ's church is the only clean space within this evil world. Only by coming into Christ's home, and enjoying the sustenance and nurturing of God's words can I live within happiness, … Full Text


What Is the True Meaning of Life? Find the Answer Through a Comic Book Artist’s Experience

What Is the True Meaning of Life? When someone dies, no matter how famous they are, how much status they have, what good is it? Then my own 30 years on the path of creating comics occurred to me … Full Text

I Found a Life More Meaningful Than Making Money (Audio Essay)

To live a wealthy life, she struggled, strived, and tried everything to earn money. Finally, she lived the life of a moneyed individual, but that was also when she unexpectedly discovered cancer was detected in her body.… Full Text

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Christian Life: How to Educate One’s Child and Be a Happy Parent

“You don’t love me, and you’re not my mommy!” “Mommy does love you. Why don’t you understand that?” In the course of educating their children, parents will often have this kind of dialog with them. From this exchange, we… Full Text


Who Was It That Rescued Her Marriage? (Audio Essay)

Because she had been imbued with Satan’s ideas and her viewpoints on marriage were distorted, she didn’t know what kind of marriage she needed, ...It was for this reason that their marriage was going down a rocky path. I… Full Text


How Can One Find Happiness? A Retired Physician’s Experience Tells You (Audio Essay)

Careful people will sum up their experience in their own life, “How did I come pass through at every stage of my life? Does the life I lead now have any significance? Am I truly happy? What should I pursue to find real s… Full Text

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How a Christian Established a Good Work Relationship With Her Colleague

When our interests are at stake, it’s hard not to fight for them, and even harder to fight for them. Given two impossible options, which path should we take? The author of “How a Christian Established a Good Work Relatio… Full Text

God’s Grace Frees Her From Her Painful Marriage (Part 1)

By A’Jiao, Hong KongJiao sat by the window looking at the divorce certificate in her hands with a sense of relief. Because of God’s grace and salvation, Jiao was finally free from her painful marriage. She gazed at the s… Full Text

Know God’s Sovereignty and No Longer Be a Slave to Money

I have truly come to appreciate that having money is not real happiness. Money cannot solve the worry, pain and emptiness in our hearts, much less can it buy peace or joy. The most precious thing in life is not money or … Full Text


The Word of God Leads Me to Live Out a Little Like a Human

Looking back to the path, I saw God’s omnipotence and dominion and felt God’s good intentions. God arranged all this for me to change my arrogant disposition and let me live out the likeness of man. Full Text

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The Years I Put Myself Out on Behalf of My Daughter

When one does not comprehend fate, when one does not understand God’s sovereignty, when one gropes forward willfully, staggering and tottering, through the fog, the journey is too difficult, too heartbreaking. So when pe… Full Text

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The Aftermath of My Husband’s Affair (Audio Essay)

Lu Lu came to understand that romantic love wasn’t all she had to live for, that only by worshiping and praising God could her soul be truly at peace and steady, and that that is the greatest joy. Full Text


Through Prayer, God Helped Me Pass My Exams

In such a ferociously competitive society as we live in today, many students will feel anxious when it comes time to take their exams. So how can we rid ourselves of our pre-exam nerves and calmly face each exam? Let’s s… Full Text

Finding God Is True Happiness (Part 1)

Wang KaiMy father is just an ordinary elementary school teacher, and during my childhood I lived with him in the dormitory that the school provides for its staff. We lived a simple and frugal life, as most people did in … Full Text

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God's Protection | Returning to Life From the Brink of Death

People’s only hope of having a good destiny is to worship God. I thank God for saving me—a person who was deeply hoodwinked by Satan and was close to death—from Satan’s domain. Full Text

Christian Life: I May Not Be Rich, but I’m Very Fortunate

It was the timely arrival of God’s loving hand that saved Bong from this wrong path and, afterward, he no longer toiled to become wealthy, but instead focused on pursuing the truth to repay God’s love. Bong’s spirit then… Full Text

The Secret to Marital Harmony (Audio Essay)

When she was single, Wang Ran always held on to a beautiful dream—the hope that after getting married, she and her husband would get along harmoniously, show mutual tolerance, be by each other’s sides for life, and grow … Full Text


Christian Life: The Correct Way to Teach One’s Child and Be a Caring Mother

After experiencing God’s wonderful arrangements, I no longer wanted to change my daughter’s destiny through knowledge, but wished only to place her in God’s hands, let nature take its course and allow my daughter to grow… Full Text

Christian Testimony : God’s Guidance Allowed Me to Overcome Temptation in the Workplace (Audio Essay, Part 1)

It was God’s salvation that helped me escape temptation in the workplace and allowed me to avoid being confused, abused, or trampled upon by Satan in this hedonistic world. I understand better now that only God’s word ca… Full Text


God Helped Me Pass Through the Trial of Illness

Each time I became negative and weak and I lost my faith, God’s words led and guided me, giving me faith and strength. With God as my staunch backup, I would no longer be fainthearted and afraid. Full Text

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Testimony of a Christian: How She Overcame the Temptation to Have an Affair (Audio Essay, Part 1)

Christian Testimony: Extramarital affairs have become a common occurrence in modern society. How can we overcome the temptation of affairs and protect ourselves from going with the crowd? Read this article now, and you w… Full Text


Testimony of a Christian: How She Overcame the Temptation to Have an Affair (Audio Essay, Part 2)

Christian Testimony: Extramarital affairs have become a common occurrence in modern society. How can we overcome the temptation of affairs and protect ourselves from going with the crowd? Read this article now, and you w… Full Text


How to Completely Free Oneself From Gaming Addiction Is No Longer a Difficult Question

If I just relied on myself, I would simply be unable to quit my gaming addiction. I knew that I should come before God to worship Him, pursue the truth, practice according to God’s words and rely on God to free myself fr… Full Text

God Led Me Out of the Pain of a Failed Marriage After My Wife’s Affair (Audio Essay)

Zhuiqiu, TaiwanOutside the window, the sun was slowly rising and the brilliant sunshine flooded the earth. Everything was so bright. Birds hopped from branch to branch, happily chirping away—their songs were particularly… Full Text


I Now Know What the Meaning of Life Is

God says, “When one has no God, when one cannot see Him, when one cannot clearly recognize God’s sovereignty, every day is meaningless, worthless, miserable. Wherever one is, whatever one’s job is, one’s means of living … Full Text

Returning to Life From the Brink of Death

God is the only foundation of the survival of mankind, and is mankind’s only hope and redemption. People’s only hope of having a good destiny is to worship God. I thank God for saving me—a person who was deeply hoodwinke… Full Text

Relying on God: It is Possible to Get a Good Job Without Flattering People

Is it possible to get a good job without flattering other people? When the Christian Zhang Li goes to work, does she choose to go with the flow or does she follow God’s word and shun evil? Let’s read her experiences toge… Full Text

Christian Testimony | A Father and His Step-Daughter Surpass the Ties of Blood (Audio Essay)

Although Zixuan and her step-father weren’t real father and daughter, yet they became something better, and the love and consideration between them surpassed the ties of blood. This was all because of the change wrought … Full Text


How Should I Face It, After Testing Positive for Hepatitis B? (Audio Essay)

I was struck by an illness that came out of nowhere, and in the blink of an eye I had become mired in pain and despair, and I lost all hope for life. Nevertheless, through God’s wonderful salvation, I came to understand … Full Text

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Saved in a Different Way

I truly feel God’s great love for me; it’s just that I was so numb and I made God wait so long. I thank God for meticulously arranging various people and events to lead and guide me step by step back into God’s family, a… Full Text

I Have Found a True Home

In that moment I felt like a lost child who had finally found home, who had found their family, and I really felt truly blessed! Now every day I enjoy being watered and provided for by the word of Almighty God. Full Text

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God Is by My Side

I genuinely felt that God is by my side, observing my every little move, and He is setting up all the people, events, things and environments around me so that I may personally experience His true existence. God’s love f… Full Text

The Return of a Prodigal Son

I forsook God’s salvation. I truly was so blind and ignorant. I still believed in God according to my conceptions and imagination, Thanks be to God! It was God who led me each step of the way to where I am now, so in ord… Full Text

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A Different Kind of Love

How great and true God’s love is. He is the God who loves mankind! Through the desolation of the church, God compelled all those who believe in God with true hearts to search for the work of the Holy Spirit and to catch … Full Text

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I Found the True Light (Audio Essay)

Precisely because God has once again done new work, the Holy Spirit’s work has shifted. All the sects that do not have the Holy Spirit’s work become more and more dark and desolate. …Among people who genuinely follow God… Full Text

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If I Were Not Saved by God (Audio Essay)

When I went abroad to work, I would take on any filthy, tiring, or dangerous job, just to earn some more money, make people look highly upon me, and so I wouldn’t suffer the humiliation of poverty…I relied on myself to c… Full Text

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Fortune and Misfortune

If it was not for my sickness which stopped me from seeking fame and gain, I would still be a money-making machine in the world. I would be blind to this until Satan’s devastation kills me. …Contrarily, Almighty God used… Full Text

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