The Essence and Identity of Man

In fact, the Israelites are not disappointed; they have watched the work being done by God over the past six thousand years, for I did not abandon them. Rather, because their ancestors ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which had been gifted to them by the evil one, they abandoned Me for sin. Good has always belonged to Me, whereas evil belongs to the evil one that wheedles Me for the sake of sin. I do not blame humans, nor do I annihilate them ruthlessly and subject them to merciless chastisement, for evil did not originally belong to mankind. Therefore, even though those Israelites nailed Me publicly to the cross, they, who have been waiting for the Messiah and Jehovah and yearning for the Savior Jesus, have never forgotten My promise: For I have not forsaken them. After all, I had taken blood as evidence for the covenant I established with humanity; this fact has become the “blood covenant” inscribed in the hearts of the young and innocent, like a brand and as eternally codependent as heaven and earth. Because I have never cheated those sorrowful souls whom I predestined, selected, and later redeemed and gained, and who have loved Me more than they have loved the evil one, they eagerly anticipate My return and ardently await meeting with Me. Since I have never erased the covenant that I established with them by blood, it is no surprise that they have been waiting in earnest. I will recapture these lambs which have been lost for years, for I have always loved humans; it is simply that elements of evil have been added to the good in them. I will gain the poor souls who love Me and whom I have loved for so long, but how can I bring into My house those evil ones who have never loved Me, and who have behaved like enemies? I will not bring into My kingdom those descendants of the devil and the viper that hate, oppose, resist, attack, and curse Me, despite the covenant I have established by blood with humanity. You ought to know exactly what the purpose of My work is, and for whom I carry it out. Does your love contain good or evil? Is or is not your knowledge of Me akin to that of David and Moses? Is or is not your service to Me similar to that of Abraham? You are indeed being perfected by Me, but you should know whom you will represent, as well as whose outcome you will share. Throughout your life, in your experience of My work, have you reaped a joyful and abundant harvest? Is it bountiful and fruitful? You should reflect upon yourself: For years you have toiled for My sake, but have you ever obtained anything? Have you undergone any transformation or acquired anything? In exchange for your arduous experiences, have you become like Peter who was crucified, or like Paul who was struck down and received a great light? You should have some sense of these things. I am not constantly talking about or dwelling on your life, which is more minuscule than a mustard seed and as tiny as a grain of sand. To put it plainly, it is mankind that I manage. However, I do not consider the life of man, whom I once hated but later picked up again, as an important part of My management. You should have a clear idea of the true nature of your former identity, as well as whom you belonged to as slaves. Thus, I do not use men’s faces, which are identical to Satan’s, as raw materials with which to manage people, for men never were valuable objects. You should recall My attitude toward you in the beginning, and remember the way I addressed you back then—an appellation that was not without practical significance. You should know that the labels you wear are not without their reasons. I presume that you all know that you did not belong to God, but were captured by Satan early on and served in its home as loyal servants; moreover, you forgot Me long ago, for you were long outside of My house and in the hands of the evil one. Those whom I save are humans whom I predestined long ago and have been redeemed by Me, whereas you are poor souls that have been placed amid humanity as exceptions to the rule. You ought to know that you do not belong to the house of David or Jacob, but to that of Moab, the members of which are of a tribe of Gentiles. For I did not establish a covenant with you, but only did work, spoke among you, and led you. My blood was not shed for you; I was merely carrying out My work in your midst for the sake of My testimony. Did you not know this? Is My work really akin to how Jesus bled to death on your behalf? It was not worth it in the first place, that I endured such great humiliation for you. God, who is absolutely without sin, came outright to an extremely loathsome and disgusting place, a world of pigs and dogs that was unfit for human residence, yet still I endured all these cruel humiliations for the glory of My Father and for eternal testimony. You ought to know what your conduct is, and see that you are not children born into “rich and powerful families,” but merely the destitute offspring of Satan. You also are not the patriarchs of humanity, nor do you have human rights or freedom. You originally had no share whatsoever of the blessings of humanity nor of the kingdom of heaven. This is because you are at the very bottom layer of humanity, and I have never given a thought to your future. Therefore, though it was a part of My plan that today I would have confidence to perfect you, this is an unprecedented job, because your status is so lowly and you originally had no share in humanity. Is this not precisely a blessing to men?

Those I save are souls that I released from purgatory long ago, as well as the chosen whom I visited long ago, for they have yearned for Me to reappear among them. They have loved Me, and have inscribed in their hearts My covenant, which I established with blood, because I have loved them. They are like lost lambs that have been searching for Me for many years, and they are good; therefore, I call them good Israelites and lovely little angels. I would not suffer such humiliation if I were among them. It is because they love Me more than they love their own lives, and I love them as the most beautiful among all things. It is because they were created by Me and belong to Me; they have never forgotten Me. Their love surpasses yours, and they love Me more than you love your own lives. They submit to Me just as little white doves submit to the sky, and in their hearts there is more obedience to Me than in yours. And it is because they are descendants of Jacob, offspring of Adam, and are among My chosen, because I have loved them for so long—and loved them even more than I love you; it is because you are too rebellious, you have such grave resistance, you look down on Me too much, you are too cold toward Me, you love Me too little, and you hate Me too much. You disdain My work and despise My actions too much. Unlike them, you have never treasured My deeds. Instead, you despise them, your eyes red with worry just like Satan’s. Where is your submission? Where is your character? Where is your love? When have you demonstrated the ingredients of love that are within you? When have you taken My work seriously? Pity be unto those lovely angels who anxiously look forward to My coming and suffer so greatly while waiting ardently for Me, for I love them so dearly. However, what I see today is such a non-human world that has nothing to do with them. Do you not think that your consciences became numb and unfeeling long ago? Do you not think you are the scum who are preventing My reunion with those lovely angels? When have they not been awaiting My return? When have they not been waiting to be reunited with Me? When have they not anticipated being able to spend beautiful days together with Me and dine with Me? Did you ever realize what you are doing today: rampaging through the world; scheming against each other; deceiving each other; behaving treacherously, secretively, and shamelessly; not knowing the truth; acting with crookedness and deceit; practicing flattery; considering yourselves always to be right and better than others; being arrogant; and acting savagely like wild animals in mountains and as crudely as the king of the beasts—are these behaviors befitting a human being? You are rude and unreasonable. You have never treasured My words, but instead have adopted a contemptuous attitude toward them. Where will achievements, a true human life, and beautiful hopes come from like this? Will your extravagant imagination truly rescue you from the tiger’s mouth? Will it really rescue you from the burning flames? Would you have fallen to this point if you had genuinely regarded My work as priceless treasure? Could it be that your fate actually cannot be changed? Are you willing to die with such regrets?

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