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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 49

To serve in coordination, one must join correctly, as well as be lively and vivid. Furthermore, one must have vitality, energy, and be brimming with confidence, so that others are provided for and they will be full. To serve Me you must serve as I intend, not only being after My heart, but moreover satisfying My intentions, so that I am satisfied by what I accomplish in you. Fill your life with My word, fill your speech with My power, this is what I request of you. Does following your own desires reveal My likeness? Will that satisfy My heart? Are you someone who has sincerely observed My intentions? Are you someone who has truly tried to understand My heart? Have you indeed offered up yourself for Me? Have you truly spent yourself for Me? Have you pondered over My words?

One must use wisdom in every aspect and use wisdom to walk My perfect way. Those who conduct themselves by My word are the wisest of all and those who conduct themselves in accordance with My word are the most obedient. What I say goes and you need not debate with Me or try to reason with Me. Everything I say I say with you in mind (no matter if I am strict or gentle), if you focus on being obedient that will be fine, and this is the way of true wisdom (and it’s the way[a] to avoid the judgment of God befalling you). Today in My house do not be polite to My face and say other things behind My back. I want you to be practical; you need not use flowery rhetoric. For those who are practical, there is everything. For those who are not, there is nothing. Even their body will return to nonexistence as well, because without practicality, there is only emptiness; there is no other explanation.

In your faith in God I want you to be earnest and not do things[b] for your own gains and losses or just for yourselves; you should seek only to place your feet on the true way, and do not waver for anyone or be controlled by anyone. This is what is known as being a pillar of the church, an overcomer of the kingdom, but to do otherwise means you are not worthy to live before Me.

Situations can differ, as can the ways to be close to Me. Some people love to say nice sounding words and act devout to My face. However, behind the scenes they are a complete mess and My words are completely absent in what they do. They are disgusting and annoying; it is out of the question that they could bring someone edification or have something to supply. You are not able to consider My heart and that is only because you cannot have more closeness or fellowship with Me, you let Me always worry and work hard on your behalf.


a. The original text does not contain the phrase “and it’s the way.”

b. The original text does not contain the phrase “do things.”

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