Chapter 46

I do not know how well people are doing in making My words the basis of their existence. I have always felt anxious for man’s fate, yet people do not seem to have any sense of this—as a result, they have never paid any heed to My doings, and have never developed any adoration for Me resulting from My attitude toward man. It is as if they had shed their feelings long ago to satisfy My heart. Faced with such circumstances, I once more fall silent. Why are My words not worthy of people’s consideration, of further entry? Is it because I have no reality and I am trying to find something I can use against people? Why do people always give Me “special treatment”? Am I an invalid who is in his own special ward? Why, when things have reached the point they have today, do people still look at Me differently? Is there a fault in My attitude toward man? Today, I have begun new work above the universes. I have given the people on earth a new beginning, and I have asked them all to move out from My house. And because people always like to indulge themselves, I advise them to be self-aware, and to not always disturb My work. In the “guesthouse” that I have opened, nothing inspires My loathing more than man, because people always cause trouble for Me and disappoint Me. Their behavior brings shame upon Me and I have never been able to hold My head high. Thus, I calmly speak with them, asking that they leave My house as soon as possible and stop eating My food for free. If they wish to remain, then they must undergo suffering and endure My chastening. In their minds, I am totally unaware and ignorant of their doings, and thus they have always stood tall before Me, without any sign of falling, merely pretending to be human in order to make up the numbers. When I make demands of people, they are astonished: They had never thought that God, who has been good-natured and kind for so many years, could say such words, words that are heartless and unjustified, and so they are speechless. At such times, I see that the hate for Me in people’s hearts has grown once more, because they have again begun the work of complaining. They always rail against earth and imprecate Heaven. Yet I find nothing in their words that curses themselves, because their love of themselves is so great. Thus, I sum up the meaning of human life: Because people love themselves too much, their whole lives are anguished and empty, and they bring ruin upon their own heads because of their hate for Me.

Though there is untold “love” for Me in the words of man, when I take these words to the “laboratory” for testing and observe them under the microscope, all that is contained within them is revealed with utter clarity. At this moment, I come among man once more to let them look at their “medical records,” so as to render them sincerely convinced. When people see them, their faces are filled with sadness, they feel regret in their hearts, and they are even so anxious that they itch to forsake their evil ways immediately and return to the right path in order to make Me happy. Seeing their resolution, I am extremely delighted; I am overcome with joy: “On earth, who but man could share joy, sorrow, and hardship with Me? Is man not the only one?” Yet when I leave, people rip up their medical records and throw them to the floor before strutting off. In the days since then, I have seen little in people’s actions that is in line with My will. Yet their resolutions before Me have accumulated considerably, and, looking upon their resolutions I feel disgusted, for in them there is nothing that can be held up for My enjoyment; they are too tainted. Seeing My disregard for their resolution, people grow cold. Afterward, only rarely do they submit an “application” because man’s heart has never been praised before Me, and has only ever met with My rejection—no longer is there any spiritual support in people’s lives, and so their zeal disappears, and no more do I feel that the weather is “scorching hot.” People suffer much throughout their lives, to the extent that, with the arrival of the situation today, they are so “tormented” by Me that they hover between life and death. As a result, the light in their faces dims and they lose their “liveliness,” for they have all “grown up.” I cannot bear to see people’s piteous state when they are refined during chastisement—yet who can redeem the miserable defeat of mankind? Who can save man from the miserable human life? Why have people never been able to extricate themselves from the abyss of the sea of affliction? Do I entrap people deliberately? People have never understood My mood, and so I lament to the universe that among all things in heaven and on earth, nothing has ever perceived My heart, and nothing truly loves Me. Even today, I still do not know why people are incapable of loving Me. They can give their hearts to Me, they are able to sacrifice their destiny for Me, but why can they not give their love to Me? Do they not possess what I ask for? People are able to love everything apart from Me—so why can they not love Me? Why is their love always hidden? Why, as they have stood before Me up until today, have I never seen their love? Is this something they lack? Am I deliberately making things difficult for people? Do they still have scruples in their hearts? Are they afraid of loving the wrong person, and being unable to remedy themselves? In people there are countless unfathomable mysteries, and thus I am always “timid and afraid” before man.

Today, at the time of advancing toward the gate of the kingdom, all people start forging ahead—but when they arrive before the gate, I close the gate, I shut people outside, and demand that they show their entry passes. Such an odd move is completely counter to people’s expectations, and they are all astonished. Why has the gate—which has always been wide open—suddenly been shut tight today? People stamp their feet and pace about. They imagine that they can worm their way in, but when they hand Me their false entry passes, I cast them into the pit of fire there and then, and seeing their own “painstaking efforts” in flames, they lose hope. They clutch their heads, crying, watching the beautiful scenes within the kingdom but unable to enter. Yet I do not let them in because of their piteous state—who may upset My plan as they please? Are the blessings of the future given in exchange for people’s zeal? Does the meaning of human existence lie in entering My kingdom as one pleases? Am I so lowly? If not for My harsh words, would people not have entered the kingdom long ago? Thus, people always hate Me because of all the bother My existence causes them. If I did not exist, they would be able to enjoy the blessings of the kingdom during the present day—what need would there then be to endure this suffering? And so I tell people they would be better off leaving, that they should take advantage of how well things are going in the present to find a way out for themselves; they should take advantage of the present, while they are still young, to learn some skills. If they do not, then in the future it will be too late. In My house, no one has ever received blessings. I tell people to hurry up and leave, to not stick to living in “poverty”; in the future it will be too late for regrets. Do not be too hard on yourself; why make things difficult for yourself? Yet I also tell people that when they fail to gain blessings, no one may complain about Me. I have no time to waste My words on man. I hope that this remains in people’s minds, that they do not forget it—these words are the uncomfortable truth, which I give. I have long since lost faith in man and I have long since lost hope in people, for they lack ambition, they have never been able to give Me a God-loving heart, and always give Me their motivations instead. I have said much to man, and since people still ignore My advice today, I tell them of My view in order to prevent them misunderstanding My heart in the future; whether they live or die in the times to come is their business; I have no control over this. I hope they find their own path to survival. I am powerless in this. Since man does not truly love Me, we simply part ways; in future, no longer will there be any words between us, no longer will we have anything to talk about, we will not interfere with each other, we will each go our own way, people must not come looking for Me, and never again will I ask for man’s “help.” This is something that is between us, and we have spoken without equivocation to prevent there being any issues in the future. Does this not make things easier? We each go our own way and have nothing to do with each other—what is wrong with that? I hope people give this some consideration.

May 28, 1992

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