Chapter 4

From moment to moment, we shall be watching and waiting, quiet in spirit and seeking with a pure heart. Whatever befalls us, we must not blindly engage in fellowship. We only need to be quiet before God and stay in constant fellowship with Him, and then His intentions will surely be revealed to us. Within the spirit, we must be ready to differentiate at all times, and we must have a spirit that is keen and unyielding. We must draw from the living water before God, the water that nourishes and replenishes our parched spirit. We must be ready at any time to cleanse ourselves of our satanic disposition, which is self-righteous, arrogant, conceited, and self-satisfied. We must open our hearts to receive the word of God, and take action based on His word. We must experience and be certain about His word and achieve an understanding of His word, allowing His word to become our life. This is our heaven-sent calling! Only when we live by God’s word can we be victorious!

Now our notions are too ponderous, and we speak glibly and act rashly, unable to act in accordance with the Spirit. Today is not as it used to be in the past. The work of the Holy Spirit moves forward at great speed. We must experience in detail God’s word; every idea and thought, every movement and reaction, we must be able to distinguish clearly in our hearts. Nothing we do to someone’s face or behind their backs can escape judgment before the seat of Christ. The Holy Spirit is in the process of guiding us into the realm of deeper experience, where we will come closer to being certain about the Almighty.

The God of the universe has opened our spiritual eyes, and the mysteries in the spirit are continually being revealed to us. Seek with a pure heart! Be willing to pay the price, move forward in unity, be ready to deny yourselves, be covetous no longer, follow the Holy Spirit and enjoy the word of God, and then the whole universal new man shall appear. The moment is at hand, when Satan shall meet its end, God’s will shall be completed, all nations of the world shall become the kingdom of Christ, and Christ shall reign as King on earth, forever and ever!

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