Chapter 9

Since you are among the people of My household, and since you are faithful in My kingdom, you must adhere to the standards of My requirements in all that you do. I do not ask that you be nothing more than a drifting cloud, but that you be gleaming snow, and possessed of its essence and, even more, its value. Because I come from the holy land, I am not like the lotus, which has only a name and no essence, for it comes from the mire and not the holy land. The time that a new heaven descends upon the earth and a new earth spreads over the skies is also precisely the time that I am formally at work among humans. Who among humanity knows Me? Who beheld the moment of My arrival? Who has seen that I not only have a name, but, moreover, am also possessed of essence? I sweep away the white clouds with My hand and closely observe the skies; nothing in space is not arranged by My hand, and beneath it, no one does not contribute his or her own tiny effort toward the accomplishment of My mighty enterprise. I do not make onerous demands of the people on earth, for I have always been the practical God and because I am the Almighty that created humans and knows them well. All people are before the eyes of the Almighty. How could even those in the remotest corners of the earth avoid the scrutiny of My Spirit? Although people “know” My Spirit, they still offend My Spirit. My words lay bare the ugly faces of all people, as well as their innermost thoughts, and cause all upon earth to be made plain by My light and fall down in the midst of My scrutiny. However, despite falling down, their hearts do not dare to stray far from Me. Among created beings, who does not come to love Me as a result of My deeds? Who does not yearn for Me as a result of My words? In whom are not born feelings of attachment as a result of My love? It is only due to the corruption of Satan that humans have been unable to reach the state that I require. Even the lowest standards that I require produce misgivings in people, to say nothing of today—this era in which Satan runs riot and is madly despotic—or the time when humans have been so trampled by Satan that their bodies are entirely caked in filth. When has the failure of humans to care for My heart as a result of their depravity not caused Me grief? Could it be that I pity Satan? Could it be that I am mistaken in My love? When people rebel against Me, My heart secretly weeps; when they resist Me, I chastise them; when they are saved by Me and resurrected from the dead, I nourish them with the utmost care; when they submit to Me, My heart rests easy and I immediately sense great changes in heaven and earth and all things. When humans praise Me, how could I not enjoy it? When they witness Me and are gained by Me, how could I not gain glory? Could it be that however humans act and behave is not governed and supplied by Me? When I do not provide direction, people are idle and quiescent; furthermore, behind My back, they engage in those “laudable” dirty dealings. Do you think the flesh, with which I clothe Myself, knows nothing of your actions, your behavior, and your words? Many years have I endured the wind and rain, and so too have I experienced the bitterness of the human world; however, upon closer reflection, no amount of suffering can make fleshly humanity lose hope in Me, much less can any sweetness cause humans of flesh to grow cold, downhearted, or dismissive toward Me. Is their love for Me really limited to either a lack of suffering or a lack of sweetness?

Today, I inhabit the flesh, and have officially begun to carry out the work that I must do. Though humans fear the voice of My Spirit, they rebel against the essence of My Spirit. I need not elaborate upon how difficult it is for humanity to know the Me of the flesh in My words. As I have said before, I am not exacting in My requirements, and it is not necessary for you to achieve a full knowledge of Me (for humans are lacking; this is an inherent condition, and no acquired condition can make up for it). You need only know all that is done and said by the Me in fleshly form. Since My requirements are not exacting, it is My hope that you can all come to know these deeds and words, and achieve attainment. You must rid yourselves of your impurities in this filthy world, you must strive to make progress in this backward “family of emperors,” and you must never cut yourselves any slack. You should not be the slightest bit lenient with yourselves. You would need to devote great time and effort in order to know that which I utter in a single day, and it would take an entire lifetime to experience and gain knowledge from even a single sentence spoken by Me. The words I speak are not vague and abstract; they are not empty talk. Many people hope to gain My words, but I pay them no heed; many people thirst for My fatness, but I do not give them even a bit; many people wish to see My face, yet I have ever hidden it; many people listen intently to My voice, but I close My eyes and tilt back My head, unmoved by their “yearning”; many people fear the sound of My voice, but My words are always on the offensive; many people are terrified of seeing My visage, but I deliberately appear so as to strike them down. Humans have never truly seen My face, nor have they ever truly heard My voice; this is because they do not truly know Me. Though they might be struck down by Me, though they might leave Me, and though they might be chastised by My hand, they still do not know whether all that they do is truly after My own heart, and are still ignorant of to whom it is exactly that I reveal My heart. Ever since the world’s creation, no one has ever truly known Me or truly seen Me, and though I have become flesh today, you still do not know Me. Is this not a fact? Have you ever beheld even a little of My actions and disposition in the flesh?

In heaven is where I recline, and beneath heaven is where I find rest. I have somewhere to dwell, and I have a time for when I display My powers. If I were not on earth, if I did not conceal Myself within flesh, and if I were not humble and hidden, would heaven and earth not have already been changed long ago? Would you, My people, not have already been used by Me? However, there is wisdom to My actions, and although I am fully aware of the deceitfulness of humans, I do not follow their example, but instead give them something in exchange. My wisdom in the spiritual realm is inexhaustible, and My wisdom in the flesh is everlasting. Is this not the very moment at which My deeds are made plain? I have forgiven and pardoned humans many times, right up to this day, in the Age of Kingdom. Could I really delay My time any longer? Although I have been somewhat more merciful toward fragile humans, once My work is complete, could I still bring trouble upon Myself by doing old work? Would I wittingly allow Satan to accuse Me? I do not need humans to do anything but accept the reality of My words and their original meaning. Though My words are simple, in essence they are complex, for you are too small and have grown too numb. When I reveal My mysteries directly and make plain My will in the flesh, you take no notice; you listen to the sounds, but do not understand their meaning. I am overcome with sadness. Although I am in the flesh, I am unable to do the work of the ministry of the flesh.

Who has come to know My deeds in the flesh from My words and actions? When I reveal My mysteries in writing, or speak them aloud, people are all dumbstruck; they close their eyes in silence. Why is what I say incomprehensible to humans? Why are My words so unfathomable to them? Why are they so blind to My deeds? Who is able to see Me and never forget? Who among them are able to hear My voice and not allow it to pass them by? Who is able to sense My will and please My heart? I live and move among people; I have come to experience their lives—and though I felt that everything was good after I created them for humanity, I take no joy from life among humans, and am not gladdened by any happiness among them. I do not spurn them, but neither am I sentimental toward them—for humans do not know Me, they find it hard to see My face in the darkness; amidst all the clamor, they have a hard time hearing My voice and are unable to discern what I say. Thus, superficially, all that you do is in submission to Me, but in your hearts, you still rebel against Me. It can be said that this is what the entirety of humankind’s old nature is like. Who is an exception? Who is not an object of My chastisement? However, who does not live under My tolerance? If humanity were all destroyed by My wrath, what would be the significance of My creation of the heavens and earth? I once warned many people, exhorted many people, and openly judged many people—is this not much better than directly destroying humanity? My aim is not to put people to death, but to cause them to know all My deeds amid My judgment. When you ascend from the bottomless pit—which is to say, when you free yourselves from My judgment—your personal considerations and plans will all disappear, and everyone will aspire to satisfy Me. In this, will I not have achieved My goal?

March 1, 1992

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