Chapter 17

The church is under construction, and Satan is trying its utmost to demolish it. It wants to demolish My construction by any means possible; for this reason, the church must be purified quickly. Not the slightest dregs of evil must remain; the church must be purified such that it becomes flawless and continues to be as pure as in the past. You must be awake and waiting at all times, and you must pray before Me more. You must recognize the various plots and cunning schemes of Satan, recognize the spirits, know people, and be able to discern all kinds of people, events, and things; you must also eat and drink more of My words and, more importantly, you must be able to eat and drink of them by yourselves. Equip yourselves with all of the truth, and come before Me so that I may open your spiritual eyes and allow you to see all the mysteries that lie within the spirit…. When the church enters its construction phase, the saints march to battle. Satan’s various hideous features are set before you: Do you stop and edge backward, or do you stand up and, relying upon Me, continue to move forward? Thoroughly expose Satan’s corrupt and ugly features, spare no feelings, and show no mercy! Fight Satan to the death! I am your backup, and you must have the spirit of the male child! Satan is lashing out in its final death throes, but it will still be unable to escape My judgment. Satan is beneath My feet and it is also being trodden under your own feet—this is a fact!

All those religious disruptors, and those who tear down the church’s construction, cannot be shown the smallest bit of tolerance but will be judged immediately; Satan will be exposed, trampled, destroyed utterly, and left with nowhere to hide. All manner of demons and ghosts will surely reveal their true forms before Me, and I will cast them all into the bottomless pit from which they will never be free; they will all be beneath our feet. If you want to fight the good fight for the truth, then first of all, you must not give Satan any chance to work—to this end, you will need to be of one mind and able to serve in coordination, relinquish all your own notions, opinions, views, and ways of doing things, quiet your heart within Me, focus on the voice of the Holy Spirit, be attentive to the work of the Holy Spirit, and experience God’s words in detail. You must have only one intention, which is to follow My will. You should have no other intention apart from this. You must look to Me with all your heart, watch closely My actions and the way I do things, and not be negligent at all. Your spirit must be sharp, your eyes open. Ordinarily, when it comes to those whose intentions and objectives are not right, as well as those who love to be seen by others, who are eager to do things, who are prone to causing disruptions, who are good at spouting religious doctrine, who are Satan’s lackeys, and so on—when these people stand up, they become difficulties for the church, and this causes their brothers’ and sisters’ eating and drinking of God’s words to come to nothing. When you encounter such people play-acting, ban them immediately. If, despite repeated admonitions, they do not change, then they will suffer loss. If those who stubbornly persist in their ways attempt to defend themselves and try to cover up their sins, the church should cut them out immediately and leave them no room to maneuver. Do not lose a lot by trying to save a little; keep your eye on the big picture.

Your spiritual eyes must now be opened, and able to recognize several kinds of people in the church:

What kind of people have spiritual understanding and know the spirit?

What kind of people do not have spiritual understanding?

What kind of people have an evil spirit?

What kind of people have the work of Satan in them?

What kind of people are prone to causing disruptions?

What kind of people have the work of the Holy Spirit in them?

What kind of people show consideration for God’s burden?

What kind of people can follow My will?

Who are My loyal witnesses?

Know that the highest vision of today is the enlightenment that the Holy Spirit brings to the churches. Do not be muddleheaded about these things; rather, take the time to figure them out thoroughly—this is extremely crucial for your life progression! If you do not understand these things that are before your very eyes, then you will be unable to walk the path ahead; you will constantly be in danger of falling to temptation and into captivity, and you may be devoured. The main things to do now are to focus on becoming capable of drawing close to Me in your heart and communicate with Me more. Anything you lack or seek will be made whole in you by such closeness and communication. Your life will surely be provided for, and you will have new enlightenment. I never look at how ignorant you were in the past, nor do I linger in My mind over your past transgressions. I look at how you love Me: Can you love Me more than you love anything else? I look to see whether or not you can turn back and rely on Me to cast off your ignorance. Some people oppose Me, defy Me openly, and judge others; they do not know My words, and are even less likely to find My countenance. All those before Me who sincerely search for Me, who have hearts that hunger and thirst for righteousness—I will enlighten you, reveal to you, allow you to see Me with your own eyes and grasp My intentions in person; My heart will surely be revealed to you, that you may understand. You must practice that which I enlighten within you according to My words; otherwise, you will be judged. Follow My intentions, and you will not lose your way.

To all those who seek to enter My words, grace and blessings will be doubled upon them, they will gain new enlightenment and insights every day, and they will feel fresher in eating and drinking of My words on a daily basis. They will taste it with their own mouths: How sweet it is! … You must be cautious, and not be satisfied when you have gained some insight and a taste of the sweetness; the key is to continue seeking onward! Some people think that the work of the Holy Spirit is truly wondrous and real—this is indeed the person of Almighty God being revealed openly, and greater signs and wonders lie ahead. Be careful and awake at all times, keep your eyes fixed on the source, be quiet before Me, take heed and listen carefully, and be certain about My words. There can be no ambiguity; if you doubt at all, then I fear you will be discarded outside of the gate. Have clear visions, stand on solid ground, follow this stream of life, and follow closely wherever it may flow; you absolutely must not internalize any human hesitation. Just eat, drink, and give praise; seek with a pure heart, and never give up. Bring whatever you do not understand before Me often, and be sure not to harbor any doubts, so that you may avoid suffering great losses. Keep up! Keep up! Stay close! Rid yourself of your hindrances, and do not be dissolute. Go forth and pursue wholeheartedly, and do not recoil. You must offer up your heart at all times and never miss a single moment. The Holy Spirit constantly has new work to do, does new things every day, and has new enlightenments every day, too; the transfiguration on the mountain, God’s holy spiritual body has appeared! The Sun of righteousness gives forth light and shines forth; all nations and all peoples have seen Your glorious countenance. My light will shine upon all those who come before Me. My words are light, leading you forward. You will not veer left or right as you walk, but will walk within My light, and your running will not be in vain. You must see the work of the Holy Spirit clearly; My intentions are there within it. All mysteries are concealed, but they will gradually be revealed to you. Keep My words in mind at all times, and come before Me to communicate more with Me. The work of the Holy Spirit advances. Walk in My footsteps; great wonders are ahead, and these will be revealed to you one by one. Only those who take care, who wait, and who are awake will see them. Be sure not to slack off. God’s management plan is approaching its final stage; the construction of the church will succeed, the number of the victorious is already set, the victorious male child will be made, and they will enter the kingdom with Me, take up the kingship with Me, rule all nations with the iron rod, and be in glory together!

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