Chapter 7

All of the western branches should listen to My voice:

Today, however, in My keeping, you have at last overcome all difficulties, and I rejoice along with you; this is the crystallization of My wisdom. Nevertheless, remember this well! Who has fallen, while you yourselves remained strong? Who has been strong, without ever having moments of weakness? Among humans, who has enjoyed any blessing that did not come from Me? Who has experienced any misfortune that did not come from Me? Could it be that all those who love Me receive only benediction? Could it be that misfortunes befell Job because he failed to love Me, choosing to resist Me instead? Could it be that Paul managed to serve Me with loyalty in My presence because he was genuinely able to love Me? Though you may hold fast to My testimony, can there be any among you whose testimony is as unadulterated by impurities as pure gold? Are humans capable of true loyalty? That your testimony brings Me enjoyment does not conflict with your “loyalty,” because I have never demanded much from anyone. Going by the original intention behind My plan, you would all be “defective goods”—not up to par. Is this not an example of what I told you about “casting grains of mercy”? Is what you see My salvation?

You should all think back and recall: Since returning to My house, have any of you come to know Me in the way that Peter did, without giving any consideration to your gains or losses? You have gotten the superficial parts of the Bible down pat, but have you imbibed its essence? As such, you are still holding onto your “capital,” refusing to truly let go of yourselves. When I make an utterance, when I speak to you face to face, who among you has ever put down your closed scroll to receive the words of life that I disclose? You have no regard for My words, nor do you cherish them. Rather, you use them to fire upon your enemies like a machine gun in order to maintain your own position; not in the slightest degree do you attempt to accept My judgment in order to know Me. Every one of you points a weapon at someone else; you are all “unselfish” and you “think for the sake of others” in every situation. Is this not precisely what you were doing yesterday? And today? Your “loyalty” has gone up by a few points, and you are all a bit more seasoned and a bit more mature; because of this, your “fear” of Me has increased somewhat, and no one “acts lightly.” Why do you exist in this state of perpetual passivity? Why is it that the positive aspects are never anywhere to be found in you? Oh, My people! The past is long gone; you must not cling to it any longer. Having stood fast yesterday, today you should give Me your sincere loyalty; moreover, you should bear good testimony for Me tomorrow, and you will inherit My benediction in the future. This is what you should understand.

Though I am not present before you, My Spirit will surely confer grace upon you. I hope that you will treasure My blessings and, relying on them, be able to know yourselves. Do not take them to be your capital; rather, you should use My words to fill what is lacking in you, and from this derive your positive elements. This is the message I bequeath to you!

February 28, 1992

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