Chapter 72

If you discover any shortcoming or weakness in yourself, you must immediately rely on Me to rid you of it. Do not delay; otherwise, the work of the Holy Spirit will be too far away from you, and you will fall very far behind. The work that I have entrusted to you can be accomplished only by frequently drawing close, praying, and having fellowship in My presence. If you do not do these things, then no results will be achieved, and all will have been done in vain. My work today is not the same as in the past; the extent of life in the people I love is greatly different from what it was before. They all have a clear understanding of My words, as well as a penetrating insight into them. This is the most obvious aspect, which is most capable of reflecting the wonder of My work. My work’s pace has accelerated, and this work certainly is different from the past. It is difficult for people to imagine and, moreover, impossible for them to fathom. Nothing is a mystery to you anymore; instead, all has been made known and manifest. It is transparent, it is released, and, what is more, it is completely free. Those whom I love will definitely not be restricted by any person, event, or thing, nor by any space or geography; they will transcend the constraints imposed by all environments and emerge from the flesh. This is the completion of My great work. There will be nothing more to do afterward; it will be completely finished.

The completion of the great work is mentioned in reference to all of the firstborn sons and to all of the people whom I love. Hereafter, you will not be constrained by any person, event, or thing. You will travel throughout the various nations of the universe, traversing the entire cosmos and leaving your footprints everywhere. Do not consider this to be a long way off; it is something that will come true, very soon, right in front of your eyes. What I do will be entrusted to you, and the places I tread will have your footprints. Moreover, this is the true meaning of us—you and Me—reigning as kings together. Have you pondered why it is that the revelations I grant are growing ever clearer, and more and more obvious, without being hidden in the slightest? Why have I borne highest witness and told all these mysteries and all these words to you? The reason is none other than the aforementioned work. However, the progress of your work, at present, is too slow. You are not able to keep up with My strides, you cannot cooperate with Me very well, and, for now, you are still incapable of achieving My will. I must train you more intensely and speed up My completion of you, so that you can bring satisfaction to My heart as soon as possible.

Currently, the most obvious thing is that the group of firstborn sons has completely formed. All were approved by Me, and have even been predestined and chosen by Me since the creation of the world. Each one was promoted by My own hand. There is no room for any human consideration in this. It is beyond your control. Do not be proud; it is all My kindness and compassion. From My perspective, everything has already been accomplished. It is simply that your eyes are too blurred, and even now, you are unable to gain a clear view of the wonder of My deeds. None of you possesses a perfectly clear or true understanding of My omnipotence, My wisdom, My every action, or My every word and deed. For this reason, I speak clearly. For My sons, My beloved, I am willing to pay all costs, to toil, and to expend Myself. Do you know Me through My words? Do you need Me to voice them more clearly? Be not dissolute anymore; show consideration for My heart! Now that such a great mystery has been told to you, what do you have to say? Do you still have any complaints? If you do not pay the price and work hard, then can you be worthy of all the painstaking effort I have gone to?

People nowadays cannot control themselves. Love for Me cannot arise in those I do not favor even if they want it to. The people whom I have predestined and chosen, however, will not be able to escape, though they may want to; no matter where they go, they cannot evade My hand. Such is My majesty and, even more so, My judgment. All people must go about their affairs according to My plan and My will. From this day forth, absolutely everything comes back to My hand and is beyond their control. Everything is controlled and arranged by Me. If people participate in a small way, I will not let them go lightly. Starting today, I will let all people begin to know Me—the only true God, who created everything, who came among humans and was rejected and slandered by them, and who controls and arranges everything in its entirety; the King who is in charge of the kingdom; the God Himself who manages the cosmos; and, moreover, the God who controls the life and death of humans and who holds the key of Hades. I will let all humans (adults and children, whether they have spirits or not, and whether or not they are fools or have disabilities, etc.) know Me. I will not excuse anyone from this task; it is the most severe work, a task that I have well prepared and one that is being carried out, beginning right now. What I say shall be done. Open up your spiritual eyes, drop your individual notions, and recognize that I am the only true God who administers the universe! I am hidden from no one, and I carry out My administrative decrees upon everyone.

Put aside all of your own things. Are not the things that you gain from Me of greater value, and much more significant? Is there not a world of difference between them and that junk of yours? Hurry up and dump everything that is of no use! It is being decided right now whether you will gain blessings or meet with misfortune. This is a crucial moment; it is even a most critical moment. Are you truly able to see this?

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