The Significance of Saving the Descendants of Moab

In these two to three years of work, what should have been achieved in the work of judgment upon you has basically been achieved. Most people have let go of some of their future prospects and destiny. However, when it is mentioned that you are the descendants of Moab, many of you cannot stand it—your features distort, your mouths twist, and your eyes are fixed. You simply cannot believe that you are the descendants of Moab. Moab was banished to this land after being cursed. His progeny have passed down his lineage until today, and you all are his descendants. There is nothing I can do—who told you to be born in the house of Moab? I pity you and do not wish such upon you, but no one can change this fact. You are a descendant of Moab, and I cannot say that you are a descendant of David. No matter whose descendant you are, you are still a created being, though you are a being of low position, a creature of lowly birth. All created beings must experience all of God’s work; they are all objects of His conquering, and all of them must see His righteous disposition and experience His wisdom and omnipotence. Today, you are a descendant of Moab, and you must accept this judgment and chastisement; were you not a descendant of Moab, would you not also need to accept this judgment and chastisement? Recognize this! In truth, working today on the descendants of Moab is most valuable and most significant. Since the work is done on you, it has enormous significance. If the work were done on the descendants of Ham, it would not be significant, because, unlike Moab, they are not of lowly birth. The descendants of Noah’s second son Ham are only cursed—they did not come from fornication. They are merely of low position, because Noah cursed them to be the servants of servants. They have a low position, but their original worth was not low. Speaking of Moab, people know that his original position was low because he was born of fornication. Though Lot’s position was very high, Moab came from Lot and his daughter. Lot was called righteous, but Moab was still cursed. Moab was of low worth and had a low position, and even were he not cursed, he would still be of filth, and so he was different from Ham. He did not acknowledge Jehovah, but instead resisted and rebelled against Jehovah—and so he fell into the darkest of places. To work now on the descendants of Moab is to save those who have fallen into the greatest darkness. Although they were cursed, God is willing to gain glory from them, for they were at first all people whose hearts lacked God; only making those without God in their hearts submit to and love Him is true conquest, and the fruit of such work is the most valuable and the most convincing. Only this is gaining glory—this is the glory that God wants to gain in the last days. Although these people are of low position, that they are now able to gain such great salvation is truly an elevation by God. This work is very meaningful, and it is through judgment that He gains these people. It is not His intention to punish these people, but to save them. If, during the last days, He were still doing the work of conquest in Israel, it would be worthless; even if it bore fruit, it would not have value or any great significance, and He would not be able to gain all glory. He is working on you, those who have fallen into the darkest of places, those who are the most backward. These people do not acknowledge that there is a God and have never known that there is a God. These created beings have been so corrupted by Satan that they have forgotten God. They have been blinded by Satan and do not know at all that there is a God in heaven. In your hearts, you all worship idols and worship Satan—are you not the lowliest, the most backward of people? You are the lowliest of the flesh, without any personal freedom, and you suffer hardships as well. You are also the people at the lowest level of this society, without even freedom of belief. Herein lies the significance of working on you. Working today on you, the descendants of Moab, is not meant to humiliate you, but to reveal the significance of the work. For you, it is a great elevation. If a person has reason and insight, they will say: “I am a descendant of Moab, truly unworthy of receiving today such great elevation by God, or such great blessings. In all I do and say, and according to my status and worth, I am not at all worthy of such great blessings from God. The Israelites have great love for God, and the grace they enjoy is bestowed on them by Him, but their status is much higher than ours. Abraham was very devoted to Jehovah, and Peter was very devoted to Jesus—their devotion was a hundred times greater than ours. Based on our actions, we are absolutely unworthy of enjoying God’s grace.” The service of these people in China simply cannot be brought before God. It is a complete shambles; that you now enjoy so much of God’s grace is purely God’s elevation! When have you sought God’s work? When have you sacrificed your life for God? When have you readily given up your family, your parents, and your children? None of you has paid a great price! Had the Holy Spirit not brought you out, how many of you would have been able to sacrifice everything? You have followed until today only under force and duress. Where is your devotion? Where is your submission? Based on your actions, you should have been destroyed long ago—all of you swept clean. What qualifies you to enjoy such great blessings? You are not worthy in the least! Who among you has forged their own path? Who among you has found the true way themselves? You are all lazy, gluttonous, comfort-seeking wretches! Do you think you are great? What do you have to brag about? Even ignoring that you are the descendants of Moab, is your nature or your birthplace of the highest sort? Even ignoring that you are his descendants, are not all of you descendants of Moab, through and through? Can the truth of facts be changed? Does exposing your nature now misrepresent the truth of facts? Look at your servility, your lives, and your characters—do you not know that you are the lowliest of the low among mankind? What do you have to brag about? Look at your position in society. Are you not at its lowest level? Do you think I have misspoken? Abraham offered up Isaac—what have you offered up? Job offered up everything—what have you offered up? So many people have given their lives, laid down their heads, shed their blood in order to seek the true way. Have you paid that price? By comparison, you are not at all qualified to enjoy such great grace. Does it wrong you to say today that you are the descendants of Moab? Do not regard yourselves too highly. You have nothing to brag about. Such great salvation, such great grace is given to you freely. You have sacrificed nothing, yet you enjoy grace freely. Do you not feel ashamed? Is this true way something you sought out and found by yourselves? Was it not the Holy Spirit that compelled you to accept it? You have never had hearts of seeking, much less hearts that seek and long for the truth. You have just been sitting back and enjoying it; you have gained this truth without expending the least effort. What right do you have to complain? Do you think you are of the greatest worth? Compared to those who sacrificed their lives and spilled their blood, what do you have to complain about? Destroying you now would be right and natural! You have no option other than to submit and follow. You simply are not worthy! Most of those among you were called out, but had your environment not compelled you or had you not been called, you would have been entirely unwilling to come out. Who is willing to take on such renunciation? Who is willing to give up the pleasures of the flesh? You are all people who greedily revel in comfort and seek a luxurious life! You have gained such great blessings—what else do you have to say? What complaints do you have? You have been allowed to enjoy the greatest blessings and the greatest grace in heaven, and work that has never been done before on earth is today revealed to you. Is this not a blessing? You are chastised so today because you have resisted God and rebelled against Him. Because of this chastisement, you have seen God’s mercy and love, and more still you have seen His righteousness and holiness. Because of this chastisement and because of mankind’s filthiness, you have seen God’s great power, and you have seen His holiness and greatness. Is this not the rarest of truths? Is this not a life with meaning? The work that God does is full of meaning! Thus, the lower your position, the more it proves that you are elevated by God, and the more it proves the great value of His work on you today. It is simply a priceless treasure, which cannot be gotten anywhere else! Through the ages, no one has enjoyed such great salvation. The fact that your position is low shows how great God’s salvation is, and it shows that God is faithful to mankind—He saves, He does not destroy.

Chinese people have never believed in God; they have never served Jehovah, and have never served Jesus. They just kowtow, burn incense, burn joss paper, and worship Buddha. They just worship idols—they are all rebellious to the extreme. So, the lower people’s position is, the more it shows that what God gains from you is glory all the more. Some may say, from their point of view: “God, what is the work that You do? Such a lofty God, such a holy God as You comes to a filthy land? Do You think so little of Yourself? We are so filthy, but You are willing to be with us? You are willing to live among us? We are of such low position, but You are willing to make us complete? And You would use us as models and specimens?” I say: You do not understand My will. You do not understand the work that I want to do nor do you understand My disposition. The significance of the work I am going to do is beyond your capacity to attain. Can My work conform to your human notions? According to human notions, I would have to be born in a nice country to show that I am of high status, to show that I am of great worth, to show My honor, holiness, and greatness. If I had been born in a place that recognizes Me, in an elite family, and if I were of high position and status, then I would be treated very well. That would not benefit My work, and could such great salvation still be revealed then? All those who see Me would submit to Me, and they would not be polluted with filth. I should have been born in this kind of place. That is what you believe. But think about it: Did God come to the earth for enjoyment, or for work? If I worked in that kind of easy, comfortable place, could I gain My full glory? Would I be able to conquer all of the created beings? When God came to the earth, He was not of the world, and He did not become flesh in order to enjoy the world. The place where working would reveal His disposition and be most meaningful is the place where He was born. Whether it is a holy or a filthy land, and no matter where He works, He is holy. Everything in the world was created by Him, though it has all been corrupted by Satan. However, all things still belong to Him; they are all in His hands. He comes to a filthy land and works there in order to reveal His holiness; He only does this for the sake of His work, which means He endures great humiliation to do such work in order to save the people of this filthy land. This is done so as to bear witness, for the sake of all of mankind. What such work shows people is God’s righteousness, and it is better able to display God’s supremacy. His greatness and uprightness are manifested in the salvation of a group of lowly people whom others scorn. Being born in a filthy land does not at all prove that He is lowly; it simply allows all of the created beings to see His greatness and His true love for mankind. The more He does so, the more it reveals His pure love, His flawless love for man. God is holy and righteous. Even though He was born in a filthy land, and even though He lives with those people who are full of filthiness, just as Jesus lived with sinners in the Age of Grace, is every bit of His work not done for the sake of all mankind’s survival? Is it all not so that mankind can gain great salvation? Two thousand years ago, He lived with sinners for a number of years. That was for the sake of redemption. Today, He is living with a group of filthy, lowly people. This is for the sake of salvation. Is all His work not for the sake of you humans? If not to save mankind, why would He have lived and suffered with sinners for so many years after being born in a manger? And if not to save mankind, why would He return to the flesh a second time, born in this land where demons congregate, and live with these people who have been deeply corrupted by Satan? Is God not faithful? What part of His work has not been for mankind? What part has not been for your destiny? God is holy—this is immutable! He is unpolluted by filth, though He has come to a filthy land; all of this can only mean that God’s love for mankind is extremely selfless and the suffering and humiliation He endures is extremely great! Do you not know how great the humiliation He suffers is, for all of you and for your destiny? Rather than saving great people or the sons of rich and powerful families, He makes a point of saving those who are lowly and looked down on. Is all of this not His holiness? Is all of this not His righteousness? For the sake of all mankind’s survival, He would rather be born in a filthy land and suffer every humiliation. God is very real—He does no false work. Is not every stage of work done in such a practical way? Though people all malign Him and say He sits at the table with sinners, though people all mock Him and say He lives with the sons of filth, that He lives with the lowliest of people, He still gives selflessly of Himself, and He is still thus rejected among mankind. Is the suffering He endures not greater than yours? Is the work He does not more than the price you have paid? You were born in a land of filth, yet you have gained God’s holiness. You were born in a land where demons congregate, yet you have received great protection. What choice do you have? What complaints do you have? Is the suffering He has endured not greater than the suffering you have endured? He has come to the earth and never enjoyed the delights of the human world. He detests such things. God did not come to the earth to have man treat Him to material things, nor did He come to enjoy the food, clothes, and ornaments of man. He pays no mind to these things. He came to earth to suffer for man, not to enjoy earthly fortune. He came to suffer, to work, and to complete His management plan. He did not select a nice place, to live in an embassy or a fancy hotel, nor does He have a number of servants to wait on Him. Based on what you have seen, do you not know if He came to work or for enjoyment? Do your eyes not see? How much has He given you? If He had been born in a comfortable place, would He be able to gain glory? Would He be able to work? Would His doing so have any significance? Would He be able to conquer mankind completely? Would He be able to rescue people from the land of filth? People ask, according to their notions: “Since God is holy, why was He born in this filthy place of ours? You hate and detest us filthy humans; You detest our resistance and our rebelliousness, so why do You live with us? You are a supreme God. You could have been born anywhere, so why did You have to be born in this filthy land? You chastise and judge us every day, and You know clearly that we are the descendants of Moab, so why do You still live among us? Why were You born into a family of the descendants of Moab? Why did You do that?” Such thoughts of yours are entirely lacking in reason! Only such work allows people to see His greatness, His humility and hiddenness. He is willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of His work, and He has endured all suffering for the sake of His work. He acts for the sake of mankind, and, more than that, to conquer Satan, that all of the created beings may submit under His dominion. Only this is meaningful, valuable work. If the descendants of Jacob had been born in China, on this piece of land, and they were all of you, then what would be the significance of work done in you? What would Satan say? Satan would say: “They feared You before, they have submitted to You from the beginning, and they have no history of betraying You. They are not the darkest, lowliest, or most backward of mankind.” If the work were indeed done in this way, who would be convinced by it? In the entire universe, the Chinese are the most backward of people. They are born lowly, with low integrity; they are dull-witted and numb, and they are vulgar and decadent. They are soaked through with satanic dispositions, filthy and licentious. You possess all of these satanic dispositions. Once this work is completed, people will cast off these corrupt dispositions and be able to submit completely and be made complete. Only such fruits of work are testimony among the created beings! Do you understand what testimony is? How should testimony actually be borne? This kind of work has made you into foils as well as objects that render service; even more, it has made you into objects of salvation. Today, you are God’s people; later you will be models and specimens. In this work, you play various sorts of roles, and, in the end, you will be the objects of salvation. Many people are negative because of this; are they not utterly blind? You see nothing clearly! Just calling you such overwhelms you? Do you understand what God’s righteous disposition is? Do you understand what God’s salvation is? Do you understand what God’s love is? You have no integrity! When referred to nicely, you are happy. When referred to badly, you are unwilling and retreat. What are you? You are not pursuing the true way! Stop seeking right away—it is shameful! Is it not a sign of shame, that something so trivial overwhelms you?

You had better learn to know yourself a bit. Do not regard yourself too highly, and do not dream of going to heaven—simply seek dutifully to be conquered on earth. Do not think of those unrealistic dreams that do not exist! If someone says something like the following, these are the words of a person with resolve and backbone: “Although I am a descendant of Moab, I am willing to strive for God. I will rebel against my old ancestor! He birthed me and trampled on me, and I have been living in darkness until now. Today, God has released me, and I have finally seen the heavensun. Through being exposed by God, I have finally seen that I am a descendant of Moab. Before, I had blinders on, and I did not know that God has done so much work, for I had been blinded by that old Satan. I will rebel against it and thoroughly humiliate it!” So, do you have such resolve? Despite the fact that each of you looks like a human, you fall apart faster than anyone, and you are most sensitive to this matter. As soon as it is mentioned that you are the descendants of Moab, your mouths twist into a pout. Is this not the disposition of a pig? You are worthless. You would sacrifice your lives for the sake of fame and fortune! You may wish not to be a descendant of Moab, but is that not what you are? I am saying today that you are, and you must acknowledge it. I do not speak in opposition to fact. Some people are negative because of this, but what is there to be negative about? Are you not also a child of the great red dragon? Is it unjust to say that you are a descendant of Moab? Take a look at what you are living out, inside and out. From your head to your feet, there is nothing praiseworthy. Licentiousness, filth, blindness, resistance, rebelliousness—are these not all parts of your disposition? You live always in a land of licentiousness, and you leave no evil undone. You think you are wonderfully holy. Look at the things you have done, and still you are so pleased with yourself. What have you done that is worthy of praise? You are like beasts. You have no humanity! You consort with animals and live amid wicked, licentious ideas. How much do you people lack? You agree that you are the children of the great red dragon, and you are willing to do service, but later, when it is said that you are the descendants of Moab, you become negative. Is this not the truth? It is just as you were born of your mother and father—no matter how terrible they are, you are still born of them. Even if you find an adoptive mother and leave your home, are you not still the child of your original parents? Can that fact be changed? Have I labeled you a descendant of Moab without reason? Some people say: “Couldn’t You call me something else?” I say: “What if I call you a foil?” They are not willing to be foils, either. So, what are you willing to be? Foils, service-doers—is this not what you are? What else would you choose? Are you not a person born in the country of the great red dragon? No matter how you say you are a child of David, it does not accord with the facts. Is this something you choose for yourself? Can you pick any pretty name you like for yourself? Are the children of the great red dragon that were mentioned not you corrupted people? As for service-doers—are they not also you corrupted people? The specimens and models of having been conquered that were mentioned—are they not also you people? Is the path of being perfected not spoken of for you? Those who are chastised and judged are you people; will those who are later perfected not be some among you? Does this title still matter? You are so senseless; can you not even see such a trivial thing clearly? You do not know who is descended from whom, but it is clear to Me, and I am telling you. Being able to recognize it today is fine. Do not always feel so inferior. The more you are negative and retreat, the more it proves that you are the progeny of Satan. There are some who say, when you have them listen to hymns: “Can descendants of Moab listen to hymns? I won’t; I’m not qualified!” If you have them sing, they say: “If the descendants of Moab sing, is God willing to listen? God detests me. I’m too ashamed to go before God and I cannot bear witness for Him. I simply will not sing, lest God be irritated when He hears it.” Is this not a negative way to deal with it? As a created being, you were born in a land of licentiousness, and you are a child of the great red dragon, a descendant of Moab; you should rebel against your old ancestor and rebel against old Satan. Only one who does so is someone who truly wants God.

In the beginning, when I gave you the position of God’s people, you jumped up and down, with greater joy than any others. Yet as soon as I said you are the descendants of Moab, how were you? You all fell apart! Where is your stature? Your concept of position is too strong! Most people cannot raise themselves up. Some go to do business, and some go to work. As soon as I say you are the descendants of Moab, you all want to run away. Is this the witness you bear for God, which you shout about all the day long? Will Satan be convinced in this way? Is this not a mark of shame? What use is it to have you? You are all garbage! What kind of suffering have you endured that you feel so wronged? You think once God has tortured you to a certain degree, He will be happy, as if He came intending to condemn you, and after condemning and destroying you, His work will be done. Is that what I have said? Do you not think so because of your blindness? Is it that you yourselves do not strive to do well, or that I condemn you by design? I have never done that—that is something you thought up yourselves. That has never at all been how I work, nor do I have that intention. If I truly wanted to destroy you, would I need to undergo such hardship? If I truly wanted to destroy you, would I need to speak with you so earnestly? My will is this: When I have saved you, that will be when I can rest. The lowlier a person is, the more they are the object of My salvation. The more proactively you are able to enter in, the happier I will be. The more you fall apart, the more upset I am. You want always to strut up and assume the throne—I tell you, that is not the path of saving you from filth. A fantasy of sitting on the throne cannot perfect you; that is not realistic. I say you are a descendant of Moab, and you are unhappy. You say: “If You have me go into the bottomless pit, I will not bear witness for You or suffer for You.” Would your doing so not be in opposition to Me? Would it benefit you to do this? I have given you so much grace—have you forgotten? You have spurned and humiliated the heart of God, which is like that of a loving mother; what will the consequences be for you? I will not force you if you do not bear witness for Me—but you should know that you will be a target of destruction in the end. If I cannot gain testimony in you, I will gain it in other people. That does not matter to Me, but in the end, you will regret it, and at that time, you will have long since fallen into darkness. Then who will be able to save you? Do not think that the work cannot be done without you—having you is not to have much, and lacking you is not to lack much. Do not regard yourself with too much honor. If you are unwilling to follow Me, it goes to show that you are rebellious, and there is nothing desirable in you. If you are a good talker, is that not simply because you have equipped yourself with words I have brought through My work? What in you is praiseworthy? Do not let your imagination run away with you! If I cannot gain glory from you descendants of Moab, I will select a second and a third group of Moab’s descendants for My work until I do gain glory. If you are unwilling to bear witness for Me, then get out! I will not force you! Do not think I will be unable to move a step without you. Finding suitable objects for My work in this land of China is effortless. Nothing else can be found in this land—filthy, corrupt people are absolutely everywhere, and My work can be done anywhere. Do not be so proud! No matter how proud you are, are you not still a child born of fornication? Look at your worth—what other choice do you have? Merely allowing you to live is an enormous elevation, so what could you still be arrogant about? Were it not for My work to end the age, would you not long ago have fallen into the midst of natural and man-made disasters? Can you still live so comfortably? You still argue constantly over this matter. Since I said you are a descendant of Moab, you have been pouting all the time. You do not educate yourselves, you do not read God’s words, and you cannot stand the sight of this or that person. When you see other people becoming educated, you disturb them and say discouraging things. You have some nerve! You say: “What education could the descendants of Moab have? I won’t bother.” Is this not something a beast would say? Do you even count as a human? I have said so much, but it has achieved nothing in you. Have I done all this work in vain? Have I said all these words in vain? Even a dog would wag its tail; such a person is not even as good as a dog! Are you worthy of being called human? When I speak of the descendants of Moab, some people deliberately debase themselves. They dress differently than before and are so unkempt that they do not look like humans, and they mutter: “I am a descendant of Moab. I’m no good. It is daydreaming to think of gaining any blessings. Can the descendants of Moab be perfected?” As soon as I have spoken of the descendants of Moab, most people no longer have hope; they say: “God says we are the descendants of Moab—what does that signify? Look at the tone He has adopted—it is irrevocable! There’s no love in His words. Aren’t we targets of destruction?” Have you forgotten what was said before? The term “descendants of Moab” is the only thing you now remember? In truth, many words are meant to achieve an effect, but they also reveal the truth of facts. Most people do not believe it. You are not willing to suffer so for Me. You are afraid of death and want always to escape. If you want to go, I will not compel you to stay, but I must tell you this clearly: Do not live an entire lifetime in vain, and do not forget the things I have told you in the past. As a created being, you should perform the duty of a created being. Do not act against your conscience; what you should do is dedicate yourself to the Lord of creation. The descendants of Moab are also created beings, it is just that they are foils, and they are cursed. No matter what, you are still a created being. You are not far off if you say this: “Even though I am a descendant of Moab, I have enjoyed so much of God’s grace that I must have some conscience. I’ll simply acknowledge it but not dwell on it. Even if I suffer within this stream, I will suffer until the end, and if I’m a descendant of Moab, then so be it. I will still follow until the end!” You must follow until the end. If you run away, you will truly have no prospects—you will have stepped onto the road of destruction.

There is good in having you understand your origin, and having you understand the factual truth benefits the work. Without doing so, the desired outcome would not be achieved. This is a part of the work of conquest, and it is a necessary step in the work. That is a fact. This work is meant to awaken people’s spirits, to awaken their sense of conscience and allow them to gain this great salvation. If one has a conscience, they must thank God all the more when they see they are of low position. They must hold His words in their hands, hold tightly to the grace He has given them, and even weep bitterly and say: “Our position is low and we have gained nothing in the world. No one looks up to us lowly people. We are persecuted in our home environment, our husbands reject us, our wives revile us, our children look down on us, and when we are old, our daughters-in-law also mistreat us. We have truly suffered no small amount, and that we now enjoy God’s great love is such good fortune! Had God not saved us, how could we see human suffering clearly? Would we not still be degenerating in this sin? Is this not God’s elevation of us? I am one of the lowliest of people, and God has lifted me up so high. Even if I am destroyed, I must still repay His love. God thinks highly of us and He speaks with us, such lowly people, face-to-face. He takes my hand to teach me. With His mouth, He feeds me. He lives with me and suffers with me. Even if He chastises me—what can I say? Is being chastised not also being elevated by God? I am chastised yet I can see His righteousness. I cannot be without a conscience—I must repay God’s love. I cannot rebel against God anymore.” God’s status and His identity are not the same as people’s—His suffering is the same, and His food and clothes are the same, but all people respect Him, and this is the only difference. Is all else He enjoys not the same as man? So, what entitles you to ask God to treat you in a certain way? God has endured such great suffering and done such great work, and you—lower than ants, lower than bugs—have been elevated so high today. If you cannot repay God’s love, where is your conscience? Some people say from their hearts: “Every time I think of leaving God, my eyes fill with tears and my conscience is pricked. I am indebted to God. I cannot do this. I cannot treat Him so. If I were to die and by dying give glory to His work, I would be beyond content. Otherwise, even if I live, I will feel no peace.” Listen to these words—they describe the duty that a created being should fulfill. If a person always has this vision within them, they will be clear and at ease inside; they will be certain of these things. You will say: “God is not harming me, and He’s not deliberately laughing at me or humiliating me. Although He speaks somewhat harshly and it strikes to the heart, it is for my own sake. Although He speaks so harshly, He is still saving me, and He is still considerate of my weaknesses. He is not using facts to punish me. I believe that God is salvation.” If you truly have this vision, you will be unlikely to flee. Your conscience will not let you go, and its condemnation will tell you that you should not treat God that way. You think of all the grace you have gained. You have heard so many of My words—could you have listened to them in vain? No matter who runs away, you cannot. Other people do not believe, but you must. Other people abandon God, but you must uphold God and bear witness to Him. Others slander God, but you cannot. No matter how unkind God is to you, you must still do right by Him. You should repay His love, and you must have a conscience, because God is innocent. He has already suffered great humiliation by coming to earth from heaven to work amongst mankind. He is holy without the slightest filth. In coming to a land of filth, how much humiliation has He endured? He works on you for your sake. If you treat Him without a conscience, it would be better to die an early death!

At present, most people are lacking in this aspect of vision; they absolutely cannot fathom this work and do not know what God means to finally achieve with it. Especially those addled ones—it is as if they have entered a labyrinth and lost their way after a few turns. If you thoroughly explain the aim of God’s management plan to them, they will not become addled. Many people cannot fathom it, and believe that God’s work is to torture people. They do not understand the wisdom and wondrousness of His work, and they do not understand that His work is to reveal His great power, and, more than that, to save mankind. They do not see all of that; they merely see whether they have any prospects, whether they will be able to enter heaven. They say: “God’s work is always so roundabout; it would do to let us see Your wisdom directly. You shouldn’t torture us this way. We are too lacking in caliber, and we don’t understand Your will. It would be great if You spoke and acted directly. You want us to guess, but we can’t. It would be great if You would hurry up and allow us to see Your glory. What’s the need to do things in such a roundabout way?” What you now lack most is conscience. Have more of a conscience. Open your eyes wide, to see who really is doing the steps of this work. Do not jump to conclusions. Now, at best, you have understood something of the superficial aspect of the way of life you should experience. There is still a great deal of truth for you to experience, and when the day comes that you can understand it fully, you will no longer speak in such a way, nor will you complain. Neither will you be so quick to define things. You will say: “God is so wise, God is so holy, God is so powerful!”

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