Chapter 69

When My will issues forth, whosoever dares to resist and whosoever dares to judge or doubt, I shall immediately purge. Today, whosoever does not act in accordance with My will, or whosoever mistakes My will, must be cast out and discarded from My kingdom. In My kingdom there is no one else; all are My sons—the people whom I love and who are considerate toward Me. Furthermore, they are the ones who act according to My word and are able to reign in power to judge all nations and all peoples on My behalf. Moreover, they are a group of firstborn sons who are innocent and lively, simple and open, and both honest and wise. My will is satisfied in you, and that which I wish to do is fulfilled in you, free of error, entirely open and revealed. Those who have the wrong intents and purposes, I have begun to abandon, and I will cause them to fall, one by one. I will destroy them one at a time to the point where they cannot survive—and all this refers to their spirits, their souls, and their bodies.

Understand that the actions of My hand—supporting the poor, caring for and protecting those who love Me, saving the ignorant and zealous who do not disrupt My management, punishing those who resist Me and those who do not actively cooperate with Me—all these things shall be confirmed one by one, in accordance with My utterances. Are you one who truly loves Me? Are you one who faithfully expends yourself for Me? Are you one who listens to My word and acts accordingly? Are you one who is against Me, or are you one who is compatible with Me? Deep down, do you have a clear idea of these things? Can you answer each of the things I have said? If you cannot, then you are someone who seeks with enthusiasm but does not understand My will. Such people will most easily disrupt My management and mistake My will. If they have the wrong intention even for a moment, they will be subjected to My purging and destruction.

In Me, there are endless mysteries, which are unfathomable. I will reveal them to the people one by one, in accordance with My plan. That is, I will reveal them to My firstborn sons. Those who are unbelievers and who resist Me, I will simply allow to go with the flow; in the end, however, I must make them understand that I am majesty and judgment. The unbelievers of today only have knowledge of what happens in front of their eyes, yet they do not know My will. Only My sons—the people whom I love—know and understand My will. To My sons, I am openly revealed; to Satan, I am majesty and judgment, and not hidden at all. These days, only My firstborn sons are worthy of knowing My will; no one else qualifies—and all of this I had prearranged prior to creation. Early on, I properly arranged who would be blessed and who would be scourged; I was clear about this, and today it has already been fully manifested: Those who are blessed have begun to enjoy their blessings, while those who are scourged have begun to suffer disaster. Those who do not wish to be scourged will be nevertheless, for this is what I ordained and what My hands of administrative decrees have arranged. Precisely what kind of person is blessed, and what kind of person is scourged? I have already revealed these things; this is not a mystery to you, instead it is out in the open: Those who accept Me but who have the wrong intentions; those who accept Me but do not seek Me; those who know Me but do not submit to Me; those who engage in crookedness and deceit to deceive Me; those who read My words but spew negativity, and those who do not know themselves, who do not know what they are, who think themselves as great, and who assume that they have reached maturity (the example of Satan)—all such people are objects of scourging. Those who accept Me and whose intentions are for My sake (and, if they cause disruptions, I will not remember their transgressions—but their intentions must be right, and they must always be cautious, careful, and not dissolute; and they must always harbor the will to listen to Me and submit to Me); those who are pure; those who are open; those who are honest; those who are not constrained by any person, event, or thing; and those who are childlike in appearance despite being mature in life—these ones are My beloved, the objects of My blessings. Now, each of you shall take your proper place according to your condition. Moreover, you will know whether you are blessed or scourged; there is no need for Me to say it plainly. Those who are blessed should rejoice and be happy, while those who are to suffer scourging should not be distressed. Both have been arranged by My hand, though I am not to blame: It is your own lack of active cooperation with Me, as well as your failure to understand that I am the God who searches the innermost heart of man. This is what I have determined in advance, and you have harmed yourself through your own petty trickery; you brought this upon yourself! That you should fall into Hades is not mistreatment of you! This is your end; this is your outcome!

Blessed firstborn sons! Rise up quickly and cheer! Rise up quickly and give praise! From now on, there will be no more bitterness and no more suffering; everything is in our hands. Anyone whose thoughts are completely attuned with Mine is a person whom I love, and will not have to suffer disaster. Whatever is your heart’s desire, I will fulfill it (though it cannot be arbitrary); this is My work.

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