Chapter 3

Since you are called My people, things are not as they used to be; you should heed and submit to the utterances of My Spirit, and closely follow My work; you may not separate My Spirit and My flesh, for We are inherently one, and by nature undivided. Whosoever would divide the Spirit and the person and focus either on the person or the Spirit shall suffer loss, and shall only be able to drink from their own bitter cup, without any alternative. Only those who are able to look upon the Spirit and the person as an inseparable whole have a sufficient knowledge of Me; the life within them will undergo gradual change. In order that the next step of My work may proceed smoothly and without hindrance, I employ the refinement of words to test all those in My house, and use methods of work to test those who follow Me. Under these circumstances, it may be said they all lose hope; as people, there is not one among them whose conditions are not negative and passive, as if the entire space had changed. Some people rail against Heaven and earth; some, in their despair, steel themselves and accept the test of My words; some look to the skies and sigh deeply, eyes filled with tears, as if distraught by the untimely demise of a newborn infant; some even feel there is shame in living thus, and pray for God to take them away soon; some spend all day in a daze, as if they had just fallen gravely ill and had yet to come to their senses; some, after complaining, quietly leave; and some yet praise Me from their own place, though they remain somewhat negative. Today, when all is revealed, I need speak no more of the past; of greater importance is that you should still be capable of the utmost loyalty from the station I give you today, so that all you do meets My approval, and all you say is the product of My enlightenment and illumination, that what you live out may ultimately be My image, and entirely My manifestation.

My words are released and expressed at any time or place, and so, too, should you know yourselves before Me at all times. For today, after all, is unlike what came before, and you can no longer accomplish whatever you wish. Instead, under the guidance of My words, you must be capable of subduing your body; you must use My words as your mainstay, and you may not act recklessly. All the paths to real practice for the church can be found in My words. Those who do not act by My words give direct offense to My Spirit, and I shall destroy them. Since things have come to such a situation as today’s, you need not feel too aggrieved and regretful about your deeds and actions of the past. My magnanimity is as boundless as the seas and the sky—how could man’s capabilities and knowledge of Me not be as familiar to Me as the back of My own hand? Who among man is not in My hands? Do you think I know nothing of how great your stature is, that I am entirely ignorant of this? That is impossible! Thus, when all people are at their most despairing, when they can wait no longer and wish to start anew, when they want to ask Me what is happening, when some indulge in dissipation and it occurs to some to revolt, when some are yet doing loyal service, I begin the second part of the era of judgment: purifying and judging My people. This is also to say that I begin officially to train My people, allowing you to not only bear beautiful testimony to Me, but, more than that, to achieve beautiful victory in battle for Me from the seat of My people.

At all times, My people should be on guard against the cunning schemes of Satan, guarding the gate of My house for Me; they should be able to support each other and provide for each other, so as to avoid falling into Satan’s trap, at which time it would be too late for regrets. Why am I training you with such urgency? Why do I tell you the facts of the spiritual realm? Why do I remind and exhort you time and again? Have you ever given this any thought? Has your pondering ever yielded clarity? So, you must not only be able to season yourselves by building on the foundation of the past, but, more than that, to expel the impurities within you under the guidance of the words of today, allowing each of My words to take root and blossom within your spirits, and, more importantly, to bear more fruit. This is because what I ask for is not bright, lush flowers, but bounteous fruit, fruit that does not lose its ripeness. Do you understand the true meaning of My words? Although the flowers in a greenhouse are as innumerable as the stars, and draw all the admiring crowd, once they have wilted, they become as tattered as the deceitful schemes of Satan, and no one shows any interest in them. Yet all those buffeted by the winds and scorched by the sun who bear testimony to Me, though not beautiful of bloom, will bear fruit once the flowers have withered, for I require that they be so. When I speak these words, how much do you understand? Once the flowers have wilted and borne fruit, and once all of this fruit can be provided for My enjoyment, I shall conclude all of My work on earth, and shall begin enjoying the crystallization of My wisdom!

February 22, 1992

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