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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 37

You truly lack faith in My presence and often rely on yourselves to do things. “You can’t do anything without Me!” But you corrupt people are always taking My words into one ear and out the other. Life nowadays is a life of words; without words there is no life, there is no experience, not to mention that there is no faith. Faith is in words; only by throwing yourselves more into God’s words can you have everything. Don’t worry about not growing up; life comes through growth, not through worrying.

You are always apt to become anxious and don’t listen to My instructions. You always want to exceed My pace. What is that about? It is people’s wild ambitions. You should clearly distinguish what comes from God and what comes from yourselves. Enthusiasm will never be praised in My presence. I want you to be able to devoutly follow Me to the end from the beginning. But you believe that acting in this way is devotion to God. Blind men! Why don’t you come to My presence more and seek? Why are you just acting blindly? You must see clearly! It is certainly not a person who is working now, but rather it is the Ruler of all, the one true God—the Almighty! You must not neglect, but rather always hold on to everything you have, because My day is near. Do you still not awaken at this time? Do you still not see clearly? You are still consorting with the world and can’t break off from it. Why? Do you truly love Me? Are you able to lay bare your hearts for Me to see? Are you able to offer your whole beings to Me?

Think about My words more, and always have a clear understanding of them. Don’t be muddled and confused or be half-hearted. Spend more time in My presence, receive My pure words more, and don’t misunderstand My intentions. What more can I say to you? People’s hearts are hard and people’s notions are too serious. They always think it is enough to just get by, and they always make a joke of their lives. Foolish children! The time is not early, it is not time to just play. You should open your eyes and look at the time. The sun is about to cross the horizon and illuminate the earth. Open your eyes and look diligently, don’t be careless.

You take such a great matter lightly and treat it like this! My heart is anxious, but there are few who are considerate of My heart and are able to hear My good exhortations and listen to My counsel! The mission is arduous, but there are few among you who can share the load for Me; you still have this attitude. Though you have made some progress compared to the past, you should not remain in this condition! My footsteps are rapidly moving forward, but you are still at this kind of pace. How can you keep up with the light of today and keep up with My steps? Don’t hesitate again. I have emphasized to you over and over again, My day will no longer be delayed!

The light of today is today’s after all. It can’t be compared to yesterday’s light and it can’t be compared with tomorrow’s light. New revelation, new light is stronger each day and brighter each day. Snap out of your daze, don’t be foolish anymore, don’t be conservative anymore, don’t delay My time anymore or waste My time in vain.

Watch! Watch! Pray to Me more, spend more time in My presence, and you will certainly obtain everything! Believe that in this way you will certainly obtain everything!

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