Chapter 37

You truly lack faith in My presence and you often rely on yourselves to act. “You cannot do anything without Me!” Yet you corrupt people always let My words blow into one ear and out of the other. Life nowadays is a life of words; without words, there is no life and there is no experience, and less does it bear mentioning that there is no faith. Faith is in words; only by pouring more of yourselves into God’s words can you have everything. Do not worry that you will not grow up: Life does grow, and not from people’s worries.

You are always apt to become anxious, and you do not listen to My instructions. You always want to exceed My pace. What is this? It is human ambition. You should distinguish clearly what comes from God and what comes from yourselves. Enthusiasm will never be praised in My presence. I want you to be able to follow Me until the end, with unchanging loyalty all the while. You believe that acting in this way is devotion to God. You blind people! Why do you not come more often before Me to seek, but muddle about on your own? You must see clearly! The one who is working now is certainly no human, but rather the Sovereign of all, the one true God—the Almighty! You must not be neglectful, but constantly hold on to all you have, for My day is near. Would you truly still not awaken at such a time? Have you not yet seen clearly? You are still consorting with the world; you cannot break away from it. Why? Do you truly love Me? Are you able to lay bare your hearts for Me to see? Are you able to offer your whole beings to Me?

Think more of My words, and always have a clear understanding of them. Do not be confused or half-hearted. Spend more time in My presence, comprehend more of My pure words, and do not misunderstand My intentions. What more would you have Me say to you? People’s hearts are hard; people are laden too heavily with notions. They always think it is enough merely to get by, and they always make a joke of their lives. Foolish children! The hour is late; it is no time to seek amusement. You should open your eyes and see what time it is. The sun is about to cross the horizon and illuminate the earth. Open your eyes wide and look; do not be careless.

This is a great matter, yet you make light of it in such a way and treat it in such a way! I am anxious, but there are few who are considerate of My heart, who are able to hear My good exhortations and listen to My counsel! The mission is arduous, but there are few among you who can share the load for My sake. You still maintain such an attitude. Though, compared with the past, you have made some progress, you cannot remain always at this stage! My footsteps are rapidly moving forward, yet your speed remains as it is. How can you keep pace with the light of today and My steps? Hesitate no longer. I have emphasized to you once and again: My day will be delayed no longer!

The light of today, belonging to today, as it does, cannot be compared to yesterday’s light, nor can it be compared to tomorrow’s light. With each passing day, new revelations and new light grow stronger and brighter. Be dazed no longer; be foolish no longer; cling no longer to the old ways; and no longer delay or waste My time.

Be watchful! Be watchful! Pray more to Me and spend more time in My presence, and you will certainly obtain everything! Believe that by doing so, you are sure to obtain everything!

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