Chapter 25

Time passes, and in the blink of an eye, the present day has arrived. Under the guidance of My Spirit, all people live amid My light, and no longer does anyone think of the past or pay any attention to yesterday. Who has not ever lived and existed in the present day? Who has not spent wonderful days and months in the kingdom? Who has not lived beneath the sun? Though the kingdom has descended among man, no one has truly experienced its warmth; man only regards it from the outside, uncomprehending of its essence. During the time that My kingdom is formed, who does not rejoice because of it? Can the countries on earth really escape? Is the great red dragon really able to escape with its cunning? My administrative decrees are announced throughout the universe, they institute My authority among all people, and they come into effect across the cosmos; nevertheless, man has never truly known this. When My administrative decrees are revealed to the universe, that is also the time when My work on earth is about to be completed. When I rule and wield power among all men and when I am recognized as the one God Himself, My kingdom will fully descend to earth. Today, all people have a new beginning upon a new path. They have begun a new life, yet no one has ever truly experienced a life on earth akin to heaven. Do you truly live amid My light? Do you truly live among My words? Who does not give thought to their own prospects? Who is not distressed by their own fate? Who does not struggle amid a sea of affliction? Who does not wish to free themselves? Are the blessings of the kingdom given in exchange for man’s hard work on earth? Could all of man’s desires be fulfilled just as he wishes? I once presented the beautiful sight of the kingdom before man, yet he merely stared at it with greedy eyes, and there were none who truly aspired to enter it. I once “reported” the true situation on earth to man, but he did no more than listen, and did not face the words that came from My mouth with his heart; I once told man of the circumstances in heaven, yet he treated My words as wonderful tales, and did not truly accept that which My mouth described. Today, scenes of the kingdom flash among man, but has anyone ever “crossed peak and vale” in search of it? Without My urging, man would still not have awoken from his dreams. Is he really so enthralled by his life on earth? Are there really no high standards in his heart?

Those whom I predestined as My people are able to dedicate themselves to Me and live in harmony with Me. They are precious in My sight, and shine with love for Me in My kingdom. Among the people of today, who fulfills such conditions? Who is able to make the grade as per My requirements? Do My requirements really cause difficulties for man? Do I deliberately cause him to make mistakes? I am lenient toward all people, and give them preferential treatment. However, this is only toward My people in China. It is not that I underestimate you, nor that I look at you askance, but that I am practical and realistic toward you. People inevitably encounter setbacks in their lives, whether in regard to their families or the wider world. Yet whose hardship has been arranged by their own hand? Man is incapable of knowing Me. He has some understanding of My external appearance, yet he is ignorant of My essence; he does not know the ingredients of the food he eats. Who is able to carefully perceive My heart? Who is able to truly understand My will in My presence? When I come down to earth, it is cloaked in darkness and man is “fast asleep.” I walk among all places, and all that I see is torn and tattered and unbearable to look at. It is as if man is only willing to enjoy, and has no desire to heed “things from the outside world.” Unbeknownst to all people, I survey the entire earth, yet I see nowhere that is filled with life. Straight away, I blaze forth light and heat and look upon the earth from the third heaven. Although the light falls upon the land and the heat spreads over it, only the light and heat seem to be rejoicing; they arouse nothing in man, who is reveling in comfort. Seeing this, I immediately bestow among man the “rod” that I have prepared. As the rod falls, the light and the heat are gradually dispersed and the earth immediately becomes desolate and dark—and because of the darkness, man seizes the opportunity to carry on enjoying himself. Man has some, dim awareness of the arrival of My rod, but he does not react, and carries on enjoying his “blessings on earth.” Next, My mouth proclaims the chastisement of all men, and people throughout the universe are nailed to the cross upside down. When My chastisement comes, man is shaken by the noise of the mountains toppling and the earth tearing apart, after which he is startled awake. Shocked and terrified, he wishes to run away, but it is too late. As My chastisement falls, My kingdom descends upon earth and all countries are smashed to pieces, disappearing without trace and leaving nothing behind.

Each day I look upon the face of the universe, and each day I do My new work among man. Yet people all lose themselves in their work, and no one pays attention to the dynamics of My work or takes notice of the state of things beyond themselves. It is as if people live in a new heaven and a new earth of their own making, and want no one else to disturb. They all are engaged in the work of enjoying themselves, and admiring themselves as they do their “physical training exercises.” Is there really no place at all for Me in man’s heart? Am I really incapable of being the Sovereign within man’s heart? Has man’s spirit really left him? Who has ever carefully pondered the words from My mouth? Who has ever perceived the desire of My heart? Has man’s heart really been taken over by some other thing? Many are the times that I have cried out to man, yet has anyone ever felt compassion? Has anyone ever lived in humanity? Man may live in the flesh, but he is without humanity. Was he born in the animal kingdom? Or was he born in heaven, and is possessed of divinity? I make My requirements of man, yet it is as if he does not understand My words, as if I am an unapproachable monster that is alien to him. So many times have I been disappointed by man, so many times have I become enraged by his poor performance, and so many times have I been aggrieved by his weakness. Why am I unable to arouse the spiritual feeling in man’s heart? Why am I unable to inspire love in man’s heart? Why is man unwilling to treat Me as the apple of his eye? Is man’s heart not his own? Has some other thing taken up residence in his spirit? Why does man wail without cease? Why is he miserable? Why, when he is sorrowful, does he ignore My existence? Could it be that I have pricked him? Could it be that I have intentionally abandoned him?

In My eyes, man is the ruler of all things. I have given him no small amount of authority, allowing him to manage all things on earth—the grass upon the mountains, the animals among the forests, and the fish in the water. Yet instead of being happy because of this, man is beset by anxiety. His entire life is one of anguish and rushing about, of fun added to emptiness; in his whole life there are no new inventions and creations. No one is able to extricate themselves from this hollow life, no one has ever discovered a life of meaning, and no one has ever experienced a real life. Although the people of today all live beneath My shining light, they know nothing of life in heaven. If I am not merciful toward man and do not save mankind, then all people have come in vain, their lives on earth are without meaning, and they will depart in vain, with nothing to be proud of. The people of every religion, every sector of society, every nation, and every denomination all know the emptiness on earth, and they all seek Me and await My return—yet who is capable of knowing Me when I arrive? I made all things, I created mankind, and today I have descended among man. Man, however, hits back at Me, and takes revenge on Me. Is the work I do upon man of no benefit to him? Am I really incapable of satisfying man? Why does man reject Me? Why is man so cold and indifferent toward Me? Why is earth covered with corpses? Is this really the state of the world I made for man? Why is it that I have given man incomparable riches, yet he offers Me two empty hands in return? Why does man not truly love Me? Why does he never come before Me? Have all My words really been for nothing? Have My words vanished like heat from water? Why is man unwilling to cooperate with Me? Is the arrival of My day really the moment of man’s death? Could I really destroy man at the time when My kingdom is formed? Why, during My entire management plan, has no one ever grasped My intentions? Why, instead of cherishing the utterances from My mouth, does man spurn them? I condemn no one, but merely cause all people to return to calmness and carry out the work of self-reflection.

March 27, 1992

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