Typical Cases of People from Christian Denominations and Sects and Catholic Churches in Jiangsu Province Who Were Punished for Resisting Almighty God

131. Wang X, male, aged 42, from Donghai County, a vice-chairman of the Three-Self sect. In December 1995, Wang accepted God’s end-time gospel. But later because he could not give up his position in his sect, he denied God’s work. He also tore and burned the book of God’s word in his hands, and he said to others, “I would rather die on the platform of the Three-Self sect than accept Almighty God.” In March 1996, when two sisters preached Almighty God’s end-time work at the meetinghouse, he forcibly drove them out and said, “Even if I have to die, I will not allow you to preach here.” On December 3, 1997, while Wang was preaching in the Bible study class in Donghai, his tongue suddenly stiffened, and his voice died down. After he said “I have offended God,” he could say nothing more. He was sent to the hospital, but the rescue measures failed, and around eight o’clock that evening, he went to the netherworld. God fulfilled his oath!

132. Liu XX, female, aged 57, from Chamiao Town in Lianshui County, a believer of the Hua Xuehe sect. In February 1999, after she learned that several brothers and sisters and her son and daughter-in-law had accepted God’s end-time gospel, she always disturbed and resisted. Later, her son was cleared away by the Church of Almighty God for some reason. Then she ganged up with him to desperately disturb her daughter-in-law and the other brothers and sisters. Finally, her daughter-in-law was dragged back. Moreover, Liu and her son asked about or watched the meeting places of the brothers and sisters who believed in Almighty God every day, intending to call the police station, so that the brothers and sisters could not have meetings or perform their duties normally. One day, when Liu discovered that there was a meeting in a sister’s home, she went to disturb it, stamping her foot and swearing at the brothers and sisters. Right in the evening, Liu began to have pains in her leg. She went to the hospital for a check and was found to have hyperosteogeny. In October 1999, while undergoing an operation, Liu was also found to have osteomyelitis, which could not be treated in the local hospital. And finally, her whole body was racked with unbearable pain. At the end of March 2000, she died in agony. Before she died, Liu said remorsefully, “I’ve offended God, and I’m punished by God.”

133. Han XX, male, aged 66, from Yanghe Town in Siyang County, a believer of the Hua Xuehe sect. In July 1999, the brothers and sisters preached God’s end-time work to Han and his wife, but Han refused to accept, and he condemned God’s work, saying, “This is false, cheating, and deceiving.” He also tried to hinder his wife from accepting it. His wife said, “You have evil intentions.” “If I have evil intentions, may my tongue rot,” he said. On January 20, 2000, Han’s tongue began to rot. And then he also got lung cancer and tuberculosis, even unable to eat. On January 14, 2001, he left this world. On his deathbed, he said remorsefully, “I’ve taken the wrong way.”

134. Jiang XX, male, aged 65, from Binhai County, a village representative of the Three-Self sect. In February 1999, Jiang heard the testimony about Almighty God’s end-time work with other people. Yet he not only refused to accept it himself but disturbed the other listeners, and condemned and slandered God’s work. He also reported this to the leader of the Three-Self sect. Then, taking the opportunity when those brothers and sisters who had accepted Almighty God were having a meeting, that leader raided their gathering and forcibly took away the books of God’s word. After that, they sealed their meeting place more tightly. In April 1999, Jiang got cardiac cancer. He suffered excruciating torments from it. Then he told a brother, “I want to believe in Almighty God too.” But it was too late to repent. On September 21, 2000, Jiang drew his last breath in agony.

135. Zhu XX, female, aged 74, from Tongshan County, a junior leader of the Three-Self sect. Before March 1999, Zhu had heard the testimony about God’s end-time work four times, but every time she blasphemed God and condemned God’s work. She also distributed leaflets resisting God’s end-time work to disturb and deceive people, and this caused difficulty to the spread of the local gospel work. At the end of March 1999, Zhu suddenly had a heart attack, and she also bled from her nose. In August of the same year, another sister went to preach God’s end-time work to her, but she said disdainfully, “I’ve heard it several times. It is a cult, and it cannot be believed. They gave me some books and I’ve thrown away them all!” She also spoke many words condemning and blaspheming God. Within three days after this, she developed hemiplegia and was confined to bed, and she also became mute. In mid-September, when some sisters of her sect went to see her, with tears in her eyes, she repeatedly held up three fingers to them. Zhu’s condition worsened day by day, and finally her mouth and eyes were all distorted. Zhu suffered greatly from the disease for more than one year, and on October 6, 2000, she went to Hades regretfully with her mouth open.

136. Lan XX, male, aged 43, from Wanshi Town in Yixing City, a believer of the Way of Life Church. In February 1999, Lan and his wife accepted the end-time work of Almighty God together. Later, Lan listened to some rumors and had notions about God’s work, and he passed judgment on it, saying, “This word isn’t like God’s word.” He also hindered his wife from having meetings or performing her duty. In July 2000, Lan’s 14-year-old youngest son drowned. Lan not only did not wake up but resisted more fiercely. He even burned the books of God’s word and the tapes, and he said, “My son has died anyway. I will see what God can do to me for burning these books!” One night, Lan went out to the toilet, but suddenly, he saw his wet son crying and running toward him. He was so frightened that he turned and darted back, trembling all over. A few days later, in a dream, he saw his son again, who was dripping wet and standing at the door. From then on, Lan became distracted. He dared neither to open the door at night nor to turn off the light while sleeping, living in desperate fear. We wonder if this man has repented after he saw that God could do “this” to him as the result of challenging God?

137. Wang XX, male, aged 58, from Siyang County, a senior leader of the Hua Xuehe sect. In 1995, someone preached to him God’s end-time work, but he did not accept and even said, “Hua Xuehe is the greatest prophet and I am the second. Don’t I know what God is coming to do? You get out of here!” In August 1998, Wang got vasculitis. His left arm and hand became numb, unable to hold anything. Later, his left hand began to turn purple, and then ulcerated and oozed pus. The treatment was ineffective, and on August 22, 1998, he had his hand amputated. At the end of 1998, someone else preached the gospel to him many times, but every time he refused to accept, and he viciously insulted the gospel preacher and denied and condemned God’s work. He also went everywhere to disturb and seal the meeting places. At that time, most core members of all the meeting places of his sect had accepted Almighty God, but were all dragged back by him. Because of his disturbance and resistance, a total of more than 1,000 people could not accept the true way. In March 1999, another two sisters went to preach the gospel to him, but he denied God’s work more arrogantly, saying, “It was I and Hua Xuehe who founded ‘the Saturday’ (referring to the Hua Xuehe sect). I myself am the greatest prophet of God. If God had come, would I not know that? It is through me that God lets others know. If not through me, how can they know?” In July 1999, Wang’s left foot began to go numb. The skin of his foot peeled off in layers, and he lost sensation in it. So Wang asked his wife to bathe his foot in hot water, but which burned a big blister on it, and then it festered and oozed pus. In October 2000, his left leg was also amputated. However, he still did not wake up and continued resisting God’s work even in his wheelchair. Later, the amputated stump of his left leg grew bones. The pain was unbearable and he had to have another operation. Unable to endure the torments of the disease, Wang attempted to hang himself, but did not succeed. In May 2001, Wang also got alcoholic liver disease. Overwhelmed by all this suffering, he poured kerosene on his quilt and lit it to kill himself, but still did not succeed. Wang wanted to die, yet death stayed away from him. From April 2002, Wang has had to drink a bottle of liquor every night to numb himself, living in torment all day long. Now Wang’s right hand and foot begin to go numb too and they turn dark purple, and his right foot begins to blister. He is left totally helpless. His sins are so great; he may not know even if his flesh dies, his soul will be punished more severely. At that time, it will be more excruciating for him to suffer!

138. Wu XX, male, aged 67, from Shuyang County, a core member of the Three-Self sect. In March 1999, someone preached the end-time work of Almighty God to him, but he drove the gospel preacher away in a rage. He also went everywhere spreading these words, “You all are not allowed to accept that way. That way is false and deceiving. I am God.” In July 1999, Wu suffered a cerebral thrombosis, and then his whole body rotted with bones exposed. Having groaned in agony for several months, he died on November 18, 1999. When he died, he looked horrible and awful. Condemning the true way and proclaiming himself to be God, he was finally cursed to death!

139. Liu XX, male, aged 34, from Dapeng Town in Tongshan County, a leader of the Justification by Faith Church. On March 18, 1999, after Liu learned that one of his co-workers had accepted God’s end-time work, he took some people to disturb him. He also sealed all the meeting places and said, “No one is allowed to receive XX (referring to that co-worker).” In October 2000, when he learned that a sister had accepted God’s end-time work, he again went to seal the meeting places and said, “That way is deceiving. Don’t believe in it.” He also said, “I’ve heard it several times. It’s not true at all. You mustn’t hear it. I’m not only saying this to you here, but I will say this wherever I go.” Liu spoke all the blasphemous words he could find. In February 2001, Liu took a bus to Donghai County to preach. On the way, the bus overturned, and he was injured but felt nothing serious. However, while he was preaching in Donghai, he suddenly spat blood. Upon examination, he was found to have rupture of capillaries. Not long after he got home, he vomited and passed blood. In mid-March, he went to the hospital for examination and was found to have terminal cirrhosis. He stayed in the hospital for one month and spent twenty or thirty thousand yuan, but the treatment was ineffective, and in mid-April 2001, he left the world miserably.

140. Li XX, male, aged 63, from Xuyi County, a Spiritual Church leader in charge of the Longwangshan church, which hung the signboard of the Three-Self sect. In April 1999, when someone preached God’s end-time work to him, he acknowledged that it is the true way. But for fear that he would lose his position if all the brothers and sisters accepted it, he then denied it. Afterward, someone else fellowshipped with him many times, but he still refused to accept. Moreover, whenever he found that any brother or sister had accepted God’s end-time work, he would go to disturb them, and seal the meeting places and condemn God’s work. On January 28, 2000, Li suddenly got sick. He became paralyzed and was confined at home with his whole body swollen, unable to take care of himself. On May 2, 2000, he went to Hades. He resisted God for his position and thus was punished!

141. Xiao XX, male, aged 53, from Taixing City, a core member of the Three-Self sect. In March 2000, Xiao accepted God’s end-time work. But two months later, because his desire for position was not satisfied, he had notions. He first formed his own faction, and then resisted God openly, condemning God’s work and blaspheming God in a meeting of more than one hundred people. Moreover, he dragged twelve of his people who had accepted Almighty God back into the Three-Self sect. On the night of June 4, 2000, Xiao suddenly had a stroke, and on June 18, he kicked the bucket. It was his strong desire for position that ruined his life!

142. Jiang XX, female, aged 39, from Huangtu Town in Jiangyin City, a junior leader of the Pentecostal Church. In April 1999, someone preached God’s end-time gospel to her, but halfway through listening, she condemned it as a heresy and a cult, and she declared, “I would rather die than accept it.” She also spoke some words of resistance and blasphemy against God. Afterward, she reported this to her leader and also tried hard to prevent others from hearing the preaching, and this caused a hindrance to the local gospel work. In October 1999, Jiang got a strange disease. All her bones became so weak that she was completely paralyzed, with one of her arms thick and the other thin, and all her hair was lost. Her doctor said that there had never been such a case in Chinese medical history. In September 2000, Jiang died. At her death, this once fat woman had become a mere bag of bones.

143. Chen XX, male, aged 56, from Guanyun County, a leader of the Way of Life Church. In January 2000, someone preached God’s end-time work to him, but he did not accept. He even went everywhere to seal the meeting places and intimidated his people, saying, “Now there are people preaching that God has come. It is false and deceiving. Be sure not to listen. If you do, you will be deceived. None of you is allowed to accept; whoever does will be expelled!” Later, he dragged back two sisters who had accepted God’s end-time work. In October 2000, after he cheated the sisters of their books of God’s word, he burned them before several of his co-workers, saying, “I will see what punishment I will receive for burning these books!” His evil deeds caused a great hindrance to the gospel work in that area. On January 5, 2001, Chen suddenly had an abdominal pain. He was sent to the hospital, but the doctor could not find out what was wrong with him. After all rescue attempts failed, he went to Hades.

144. Song XX, male, aged 51, from Fengxian County, a leader of the Three-Self sect. In October 1998, when Song heard that there were people preaching the end-time work of Almighty God, he organized a leading group to seal all the meeting places. One day in February 1999, some people preached God’s end-time work to him. After listening, he did not accept but said, “You’ve simply followed others into an evil way, and you’re deceived by them. You should wake up and turn back….” In early May 1999, Song said in his sermon, “They’re preaching a deceiver and an evil way. Do not accept it.” He also said he could open up the book of Revelation. After the sermon was over, Song discussed with one of his co-workers, “We should do whatever we can to stop those people from preaching the end-time work of Almighty God. We can first get some typical ones and send them to the police station, and then we’ll see if they still dare to preach!” That night when Song got home, it was already past ten. But at mid-night, he died suddenly in bed. His plan went up in smoke.

145. Chen XX, male, aged 49, from Liheng Town in Shuyang County, a junior leader of the Hua Xuehe sect. In April 1999, one of his relatives preached God’s end-time work to him four times, but every time he refused to accept. He said, “You’re preaching an evil way. If you were not my relative, I would call the police to arrest you. These days I’ve met a lot of people who preach the little scroll. It is evil. Many people came to my home to preach, and I drove them all away.” A sister who had newly accepted God’s end-time work was dragged back by him. And Chen reported this to his leader and also joined with him to seal the meeting places. On April 5, 2000, Chen said in a meeting, “Today I will testify God. I had a fatal disease, but now I am fully recovered. It is God who gave me peace.” (In May 1998, Chen suffered a cerebral thrombosis and was cured after spending several thousand yuan on it.) However, no sooner had the meeting been over than his old disease suddenly recurred. He fell on the floor and could not speak. Later, the rescue measures failed, and he died on April 12, 2000. He believed in an evil spirit and resisted the true way, so how could he get peace?

146. Zhao XX, female, aged 24, from Tongshan County, a preacher of the Justification by Faith Church. In January 1998, when God’s end-time gospel was spread to that area, her whole family resisted it strongly. Zhao’s father-in-law even drove her by motorcycle to go around sealing the meeting places and frenziedly disturbing the brothers and sisters. In October 1998, Zhao dragged five sisters who had newly accepted Almighty God back into her church, and this caused a great hindrance to the local gospel work. She even said, “Even if your incarnated God dressed in white stands before me, I will not acknowledge him.” And she also spoke many words of blasphemy against God. In April 1999, Zhao, who was five months pregnant, suddenly felt an unbearable pain in her stomach. Upon examination, she was found to have terminal liver cancer. Later, she failed to respond to medical treatment, and went to Hades in early June of the same year.

147. Ding XX, female, aged 32, from Liangzhai Town in Fengxian County, a believer of the Local Church. In the spring of 1999, a gospel preacher preached the end-time work of Almighty God to her, but she condemned and said, “True God’s work? It’s all deceiving. No matter how true it is, I will not believe.” Then she drove the gospel preacher out. Later, when she learned that someone was preaching God’s end-time work to her younger brother, she immediately went to disturb him, hindering him from accepting it, and she also spoke some condemnations and blasphemies against God. In May 1999, Ding caught a cold and received some injections. Shortly afterward, the injection sites became inflamed and oozed pus, and her buttocks festered seriously. She had three successive operations and spent nearly 40,000 yuan, but was not cured. In September 2000, she left the world. She resisted the true way and blasphemed God, and thus was cursed to death!

148. Xia XX, female, aged 69, from Taixing City, a core member of the Three-Self sect. In December 1998, Xia accepted God’s end-time work. Later she had notions about it, and she saw that the brothers and sisters did not look up to her, so she said, “I am God, and I have been incarnated for fifty years.” Being ignored, she went to the Public Security Bureau and wrongly accused the brothers and sisters of practicing “Falun Gong.” The Public Security Bureau sent a large group of police to search for them, but they left empty-handed. Now Xia is insane, wandering about all day long and seldom staying at home. She really deserves this!

149. Huang XX, male, aged 60, from Luji Town in Siyang County, a core member of the Hua Xuehe sect. In mid-June 1999, someone preached God’s end-time work to him, and he acknowledged that it is the truth. But because he could not give up his position, he denied God’s work, and he slandered God’s word, saying, “This book comes from abroad. It is written by man.” He also wanted to hand in the book to the Three-Self sect. On the afternoon of November 25, 1999, Huang suddenly got sick. His eyes glazed over, and he could not speak, with his mouth dribbling thick saliva. On the way to the hospital, he kicked the bucket.

150. Yan XX, male, aged 45, from Jing’an Town in Peixian County, a deacon of the Justification by Faith Church. In April and July 1998, some people preached God’s end-time gospel to him twice, but he did not accept and even condemned and said, “I’m sure the way you preach is a false way and an evil way. I’m willing to go to hell and willing to die rather than accept it. Not only will I not believe in this evil way, but I will not let the brothers and sisters do. You needn’t preach it anymore. I will not allow any of them to receive you.” Then he went everywhere to seal the meeting places, and also blasphemed God. On July 18, 1999, failing to respond to medical treatment for his liver cancer, Yan really “went to hell willingly” as he swore!

151. Zhang XX, female, aged 52, from Binhuai Township in Binhai County, a believer of the True Jesus Church. In June 2000, Zhang accepted the end-time work of Almighty God, but she always had notions about it. In early August 2001, Zhang returned to her former church and said, “I’ve sinned, and I’m back now. They are all preachers of ‘the Eastern Lightning.’ It’s false, and it’s an evil cult.” She also betrayed some meeting places of the Church of Almighty God. One morning in September 2001, Zhang unexpectedly hanged herself on a tree. When she died, her abdomen was hugely swollen and her mouth flowed thin blood.

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