Typical Cases of People from Christian Denominations and Sects and Catholic Churches in Jilin Province Who Were Punished for Resisting Almighty God

166. Wang XX, male, aged 47, from Jiaohe City, a leader of the Head Covering sect. In mid-March 1999, God’s end-time work was preached to him, yet he not only refused to accept but spoke many blasphemous words against God, and he also disturbed those who had accepted Almighty God. Later, someone else preached God’s end-time work to him many times, but he still refused to accept and continued resisting it. Moreover, he sealed his sect and told the people under him, “If any stranger comes, beat him out with a stick.” On the evening of March 18, 2001, when Wang went to relieve himself during the meeting, he fell unconscious in the sheepfold. No one knew that then. After the meeting, his family found him in the sheepfold. He was sent to the hospital for an examination and was found to have a cerebral hemorrhage. Unable to be cured, he died the next day. This wicked servant was punished!

167. Liu X, male, aged 49, from Lishu County, a junior leader of the Justification by Faith Church. In February 1998, when someone preached Almighty God’s end-time work to him, he accepted it, and he also kept a book of God’s word for investigation. But later he was deceived by a wicked servant and was dragged back into his former church. Then together with that wicked servant, Liu blasphemed God, fabricated lies to attack God, and recklessly passed judgment on God’s work. After that, Liu was attacked by his rheumatic heart disease. In late December 1998, he got worse. He became paralyzed and was confined to bed. Whenever he was helped to sit up or lie down, he screamed with pain. His body swelled severely, his abdomen was swollen like a big drum, and his glans penis ulcerated so badly that he could only urinate in dribbles. He also felt cold all over and short of breath, and could neither lie down nor sit up. He was tortured so much that his face became livid and hideously swollen. He lived in agony every day, feeling worse than death. During the last over half month, he did not eat even a bite of food, and on April 7, 1999, Liu went to Hades.

168. Wang XX, female, aged 49, from Yongji County, a believer of the Three Grades of Servants Church. In August 1997, someone preached Almighty God’s end-time work to her, but she said, “I would rather die than accept it.” And she also disturbed others. On September 17, when Wang went to the meeting, she fell unconscious in the bathroom. She was sent to the hospital, but all rescue measures failed and she died that day. God fulfilled her oath.

169. Xiao XX, male, aged 38, from Huaide County in Gongzhuling City, a preacher of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. His wife was also a preacher. In July 1999, someone preached the end-time work of Almighty God to him. After he read the book of God’s word for three days, he said that it was not right and it was written by man. On April 4, 2001, Xiao’s wife accepted the work of Almighty God. Xiao beat his wife cruelly with a leather belt, and while beating her, he asked her, “You want God or me?” His wife said, “I want both!” “That won’t do!” he said. Thereafter, Xiao kept watch on his wife every day, not allowing her to go to the meetings. On December 3, 2001, his wife again went to a meeting, and Xiao went everywhere looking for her. On December 11, after he found out the name and address of the host family where his wife had the meeting, he stormed back home to sharpen the kitchen knife. While he was sharpening the knife, his wife came back, and he said to her, “If you contact the believers in Almighty God again, I’ll kill every one of them I see.” He also said with hatred that he would go into town to inform the United Front Work Department. Three days later, that is, on the evening of December 14, 2001, Xiao, riding his motorcycle, collided with a four-wheeled wood-laden vehicle, and was killed outright. This devil which resisted God was punished!

170. Feng XX, female, aged 55, from Fanjiatun Town in Gongzhuling City, a preacher of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Someone preached Almighty God’s end-time work to her, but she did not accept. In November 2001, when she learned that two sisters in her church had accepted Almighty God’s end-time work, she resisted it vehemently, and she spread rumors, saying, “‘the Eastern Lightning’ is a cult and a deceiver.…” She also tried every means to deceive her people and control them, saying, “Any of you who receive them will share in their wicked work. And any of you who accept it will be expelled.” Intimidated by her, one of the sisters went back to her former church. Even so, Feng still did not stop, and she continued her activity of resisting God. On January 19, 2002, Feng took six people with her and drove to seal a meeting place. When they were almost there, the vehicle hit a big tree and then a wire pole. The driver (a nominal believer) and his mother were unhurt, and four others were seriously injured. While Feng was smashed beyond recognition and died on the spot. She was punished by God! Fortunately she died, otherwise how many lives would be ruined in her hands!

171. Wang XX, female, aged 56, from Tuoyaoling Town in Liuhe County, a deaconess of the Justification by Faith Church. In the winter of 1999, when Wang heard that there were people preaching God’s end-time work in that area, she told her people, “If someone comes to preach ‘the Eastern Lightning,’ just come to me. If I don’t accept, neither will you.” In July 2001, a couple in Wang’s church accepted the work of Almighty God, and Wang went many times to disturb them until she dragged them back. Being greatly hindered and controlled by her, no one in the meeting places she was in charge of dared to accept the work of Almighty God. On October 6, 2001, while Wang and her eldest son were milling rice in a mill, she suddenly had a headache. When she sat down, her speech had slurred and her mouth dribbled saliva. She went to the hospital for examination and was found to have a cerebral hemorrhage. On October 11, after she got home, Wang opened her eyes and mouth wide and gasped for breath, which looked dreadful. At noon of October 12, Wang died.

172. Qu XX, female, aged 43, from Gujiazi Town in Lishu County, a preacher of the Justification by Faith Church. In March 1998, when someone preached God’s end-time work to her mother, Qu said scornfully, “You’re believing in a female God and a cult.” Her mother listened to her and repeated her condemnation. In April 1998, her mother began to get sick. After the diagnosis, she was found to have lymphoma. During twenty days before her death, she could not speak even a word, and on August 22, 1998, she died. In November 2000, when Qu heard that two sisters of her church had accepted God’s end-time work, she went to disturb them like a devil and dragged them back into her church. And she said to the sister who preached the gospel, “‘the Eastern Lightning’ is a cult and a heresy.” The gospel preacher said, “We human beings should not say such judgmental words.” “I will say!” Qu said. “See you before the judgment seat!” On the night of April 1, 2002, Qu’s house caught fire. Except for her unbelieving husband who was unharmed, her son and daughter (one was 18, and the other 16) were burned alive, and Qu herself was almost burned to a skeleton. Later, her body was autopsied by the coroner. This wicked servant who had done too much evil received her just punishment!

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