Question 6: How do you explain the May 28 Zhaoyuan case of Shandong that has shocked the country and the world? This case was heard in open court after all! After the occurrence of the Zhaoyuan case of Shandong, the government has stepped up its crackdown on house churches, even using the armed police forces to crack down on The Church of Almighty God by conducting overwhelming carpet search-and-arrest of The Church of Almighty God members. Although people have raised numerous doubts about the Zhaoyuan case of Shandong, believing it was a false case fabricated by the CCP to generate public opinions to support its crackdown on The Church of Almighty God, the Chinese media have publicly reported the case regardless of whether the facts are true or false. This has generated some impacts in various countries in the world. No matter how you deny the Zhaoyuan case of Shandong, many people still believe the Communist Party. So I want to hear what you think of the Zhaoyuan case of Shandong.

Answer: How long can the CCP fool the world with this Zhaoyuan case of Shandong that it has singlehandedly concocted? Can it save the CCP’s inevitable fate of demise? The Zhaoyuan case of Shandong had considerable impacts domestically and internationally at that time. It also deceived a lot of ignorant people. But can dark clouds permanently block the sun? Can a crow’s wings block the sun’s glory? Concealment and deception are impermanent. Lies are always lies, they will never become the truth. For so many years, the CCP has become increasingly notorious, corrupt and evil for its deceits and frauds. The CCP is infamous at home and abroad. Can frauds and deceits alone save the CCP? More and more people in the world as a whole see through the essence of the CCP. No one believes in it anymore. Since the CCP is a notorious atheist party and satanic evil group that is most sinister and resistant to God in the world, the CCP’s courts are Satan’s courts. Can there be any fairness and justice in the cases adjudicated by these courts? The CCP is a one-party dictatorship and one-party tyranny. There is no independent judiciary in China. CCP judges have no autonomy. They all take orders from the Chinese government and handle cases according to the government's intentions. This is a well-established fact. The cases tried by the CCP courts are bound to be utterly absurd distortion of facts and inversion of black-and-white. During engaging in political struggles and political rule for so many years, the CCP has consistently relied on framing to generate public opinions. It is most adept in this art! When the Zhaoyuan case of Shandong was tried in the CCP court, the defendants clearly stated in court, “I never had contact with The Church of Almighty God.” “What the state cracks down on is the ‘Almighty God’ that Zhao Weishan believes in, not the ‘Almighty God’ that we believe in.” Even the defendants themselves did not admit that they belonged to The Church of Almighty God, and the Church did not know them. Why didn’t the CCP judge go by the facts? In the absence of evidence, why did the judge insist on attributing these suspects to The Church of Almighty God? Wasn’t this the plot of a frame-up? Wasn’t this falsification and deception? Now no one believes the reports of the CCP media and the CCP’s lies anymore. You have worked in the Communist system for so many years, you certainly see these things better than I do. Every time before violently suppressing religious beliefs, democratic rights movements, ethnic protests, etc., the CCP fabricates a false case and wantonly creates public opinions to incite the mass, followed by a bloody crackdown. Take the June Fourth student movement, that started out advocating integrity against corruption, democracy and freedom. Then the CCP instructed some unidentified people to act as students and infiltrate the group to fight, smash, burn, overturn military vehicles, and create chaos. This branded the student movement as “counter-revolutionary,” intent on inciting riots, and gave the CCP the excuse they needed to repress the group. The CCP then launched a bloody crackdown on these students. At least a few thousand students were shot and rolled over by tanks. This was how the CCP staged the bloody Tiananmen Incident that chilled the Chinese people and shocked the world! It’s also how the CCP suppressed the mass protests in Tibet. The CCP government inserted people in the protesting crowd to deliberately commit arson, killing, robbery and looting. It then mobilized the army to massacre the protesting crowds under the pretext of quelling the Tibetan insurrection. These facts are enough to prove that starting by making up lies, distorting facts and framing, followed by violent suppression are the CCP’s usual means to eradicate dissension. The Zhaoyuan case in Shandong formed the basis for the public sentiment that allowed the CCP’s brutal suppression and persecution of The Church of Almighty God. It is another major crime of religious persecution by the CCP. You are an official within the CCP system, you should know better than us about the modus operandi of the CCP!

—The movie script of Red Re-education at Home

Previous: Question 5: The Bible says, “Let every soul be subject to the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whoever therefore resists the power, resists the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation” (Rom 13:1–2). Having believed in the Lord for many years, you should understand the meaning of this statement. The Bible was inspired by God after all. I believe that we believers of the Lord should obey those in office and power. I don’t know how you receive it. It doesn’t work in China if you defy the authorities. The Communist Party is a revolutionary party. If you disobey, it will revoke your life. To believe in the Lord in China, one must accept the Communist Party’s United Front and join the Three-Self Church. There is no other way out! You see, there are many believers of the Lord in the Three-Self Church who are loving and pious also. Can you say that they do not truly believe in the Lord? Those of you who believe in Almighty God insist on spreading the gospel and witnessing for God regardless of how the Communist Party persecutes and arrests you. Even when you are kept in prison, you still stand up to witness for the Lord and refuse to be Judas. Honestly speaking, this is what I admire about you. Conversely, talking about what we seek in our belief in the Lord, isn’t it all about our desire for a harmonious family and a peaceful life? Look at how prudent we people of the Three-Self Church are. We are a patriotic and church-loving organization that glorifies God and benefits the people. We neither offend the ruling authorities nor betray the Bible. We can openly worship the Lord in church without having to hide in fear. Isn't this the best of both worlds?

Next: Question 7: The CCP is a revolutionary party. What it believes in is mendacity and violence, that is, seizing power with violence! Going by the CCP’s logic, “A lie will become the truth if it’s repeated ten thousand times.” No matter how many people doubt its word, deny and disbelieve it, the CCP doesn’t care a whit, and it continues to lie and deceive just the same. As long as the immediate effects and its goals can be achieved, it doesn’t care about the costs! If people rebel against it and march in protest, it will use tanks and machine guns to solve it all. When necessary, it will use the atomic bombs and missiles to counter hostile forces. The CCP can resort to any means to maintain its rule. As soon as the Zhaoyuan case of Shandong was publicly announced, the CCP started massive deployment of armed police units to suppress and arrest Christians at all costs. Who could stop it? Who dared to resist? Even when foreigners were able to see through the CCP’s fraud, what could they do? The CCP has many ways to counter the condemnation of Western democratic forces. It uses money to settle everything. As the saying goes, “Who receives a gift sells his liberty.” Fewer and fewer countries are condemning the CCP now. Hostile forces to the CCP are afraid to sound off. No matter how you put it, the CCP is still able to uphold its rule. As long as the Communist Party holds on to power, you believers of God can never expect to be free! God’s appearance and work in China will definitely be detested and banned by the CCP. Whether the CCP can achieve the goal of establishing an atheistic domain in China or not, it will never stop arresting and suppressing you! I saw this clearly long ago. That’s why I vigorously oppose your believing in Almighty God. It is all for your sake, don’t you understand?

Do you want to gain God’s blessings and live a peaceful and meaningful life? You are welcome to join our online fellowship to communicate with us.

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Question 5: Paul’s sacrifices and suffering were forced. We admit that as well. However, when you say that Paul in substance hated the truth and was the enemy of God, I don’t agree with that. What are you basing that on?

Almighty God says, “At the very mention of Paul, you may think of his history, and of some inaccurate and spurious stories about him. He was taught by his parents from childhood, and received My life, and because of My predestination, he was possessed of the qualities required by Me. … However, his flaw was that, because of his innate gifts, he often talked boastfully. And so, because of his disobedience, part of which directly represented the archangel, when I became flesh for the first time, he did his utmost to resist Me.”

Question 1: It is clearly written in the Bible: “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever” (Heb 13:8). So the name of the Lord does not change, but you say that the name of the Lord Jesus will change in the last days. How can you explain that?

Almighty God says, “There are those who say that God is immutable. That is correct, but it refers to the immutability of God’s disposition and substance. Changes in His name and work do not prove that His substance has altered; in other words, God will always be God, and this will never change. If you say that the work of God always stays the same, then would He be able to finish His six-thousand-year management plan? You merely know that God is forever unchanging, but do you know that God is always new and never old?"

Question 5: Paul said in 2 Timothy 3:16: “All scripture is given by inspiration of God….” This shows that everything in the Bible is the word of God. But there are actually people who say that not everything in the Bible is the word of God. Isn’t this denying the Bible and deceiving people?

Almighty God says, “In truth, with the exception of the books of prophecy, the Old Testament is mostly a historical record. Some of the New Testament epistles derive from human experiences, others from the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit; the letters of Paul, for instance, are from human work, and they were all enlightened by the Holy Spirit. These letters, which Paul sent to the churches, offer words of exhortation and encouragement to the brothers and sisters there; they are not the words of the Holy Spirit. Paul could not speak on behalf of the Holy Spirit. He was not a prophet, and moreover he did not see visions. These letters were written to the churches of that time in Ephesus, Philadelphia, Galatia, and other places.”


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