Question 3: Man can never become God, even if he lives out a bit of God’s image. I can totally get behind that. But when we say man can become God so long as he can manage to live out God’s image, we are not referring to the God with His person, we are instead referring to the God with His life disposition but without His person. If we live out God’s image, then we will become God with the life of God, it’s just that we won’t have the person of God. So, I think the words “God became man that man may become God” are still perfectly valid.

Answer: God is the Creator. There are not many Gods, there is only one God. God's disposition and the substance of His life are unique and unparalleled. It would be impossible for God to make other Gods, because what God created is man, and it is man that He will save and attain in the end. God never said anything about making man God. Almighty God says, “Since all people say that God is the only one true God, then there is a single God, divisible at will by none! God is only one Spirit, and only one person; and that is the Spirit of God” (“Does the Trinity Exist?” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). God is unique. He is the one true God, and He absolutely cannot be divided into separate persons. God’s incarnation means that God’s Spirit puts on a flesh to do His work and save mankind. “God’s person”, this kind of saying simply doesn’t exist. Just as the Lord Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” So, we can be certain that the idea that God has different persons is one of Satan’s deceptive fallacies. It is Satan, intending to disturb and interrupt God’s work. According to your own words, God can be divided into God with God’s person and God with God's life disposition but without God’s person. If this were true, then there would be many Gods, and God would not be unique and unparalleled. Therefore, what you are talking about is polytheism. This has no basis in the Bible and does not accord with God’s word. It’s totally wrong! In fact, the God with His life disposition but without His person doesn’t exist at all! True believers in God expect nothing but for God’s salvation so that they can break free from Satan’s influence and become men of truth and humanity. Satisfying God is their highest aspiration. However, those who wish to become God are Satan, the archangel. So, those who fabricated this absurd fallacy—God became man that man may become God— have certainly come from Satan to disturb God's work. They are antichrists who deceive man. No doubt about it.

Even if we experience God’s work all the way through to the end, and are able to live out God’s image after God perfects us, we still can’t become God. Because in the beginning, God created man in His image, and Adam and Eve both had the glory of God. Does this make Adam and Eve God? God never said they were God. God only said they were humans, humans who lacked the truth and were corrupted by Satan. The work of God’s two incarnations is to save and perfect man, and to make man become men of truth and humanity, so that they will all obey and worship God and become the holy people. It’s not to make man God. Let’s read a passage from Almighty God, “The first incarnation was to redeem man from sin, to redeem him by means of the fleshly body of Jesus, that is, He saved man from the cross, but the corrupt satanic disposition still remained within man. The second incarnation is no longer to serve as a sin offering but rather to save fully those who were redeemed from sin. This is done so that those who have been forgiven may be delivered from their sins and made fully clean, and by attaining a changed disposition, break free of Satan’s influence of darkness and return before the throne of God. Only in this way can man be fully sanctified. After the Age of Law had come to an end, and beginning with the Age of Grace, God began the work of salvation, which continues until the last days when, in judging and chastising the human race for their rebelliousness, He will completely purify mankind. Only then will God conclude His work of salvation and enter into rest” (“The Mystery of the Incarnation (4)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). Man is the object of God’s salvation in His 6,000 year management work. God began the work of salvation because after Satan corrupted mankind, mankind began to resist and betray God and fell into a life of sin. God’s purpose in saving mankind is to save them from Satan’s influence, to lead them to cast off their corrupt, satanic disposition and purify them, so that man can all obey and worship God, and live in accordance with God’s will. This has absolutely nothing to do with making men into God. God has never, ever said He would make man God. Humans have been deeply corrupted by Satan. We will be lucky enough if we can attain God’s salvation, gain the truth, become men possessed of truth and humanity, and become holy. So why do some people still have such greedy ambitions? Why can’t they be satisfied with just being saved? Why do they still want to become God? Isn’t it because of their satanic disposition? Isn’t this the greedy ambition of the archangel? Because the archangel aspired to be God and stand equal to God, God struck it down from heaven. From this, we see that anyone who desires to become God and spreads misconceptions about becoming God has seriously offended God’s disposition and committed a heinous crime. This is purely Satan disturbing God’s work. This is Satan continuing to corrupt and deceive mankind, inciting them to oppose God. God will surely curse these men.

Excerpted from the movie script of Rapture In Peril

Previous: Question 2: About God’s words in Genesis “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” (Gen 1:26), I don’t fully understand this. If God made man in His image, doesn’t it mean we have the image of God? If we were made in God’s image, are we man or are we God?

Next: Question 4: When the incarnate Lord Jesus was resurrected after His crucifixion, He became the life-giving Spirit. And thereby the life-giving Spirit dwells within us, blends with our spirit, and the two spirits will become one. So how could we not become God in the end? How could I be wrong about this?

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Question: Please share detailed fellowship on what is obeying and following God, and what is obeying and following man. Understanding this aspect of the truth is critical for us.

Almighty God says, “The most important thing in following God is to do everything according to God’s present word. Whether you pursue to enter into life or to satisfy God’s heart’s desire, you have to focus on God’s present word. If what you fellowship and what you pursue to enter into are not centered around God’s present word, you are one outside God’s word and absolutely do not have the work of the Holy Spirit. … Those who can keep up with the Holy Spirit’s present work, walk in God’s footsteps, and follow wherever God leads will have God’s blessing."

Question 3: No matter what, pastors and elders all preach based on the Bible. Isn’t explaining the Bible and making people hold on to the Bible exalting and bearing witness to the Lord? Is it wrong for pastors and elders to explain the Bible? How could you say they are hypocritical Pharisees?

Almighty God says, “Look at the leaders of every denomination and sect. They are all arrogant and self-right, and they interpret the Bible out of context and according to their own imagination. They all rely on gifts and erudition to do their work. If they were incapable of preaching anything, would those people follow them? They do, after all, possess some learning, and can speak a little of doctrine, or know how to win over others and how to use some artifices, through which they have brought people before themselves and have deceived them. ”

Question 2: The truths in the Bible are already complete. Having the Bible is enough for our belief in God. We don’t need any new words!

Almighty God tells us, “All that is recorded within the Bible is limited and unable to represent all the work of God. The Four Gospels have fewer than one hundred chapters altogether in which are written a finite number of happenings, such as Jesus cursing the fig tree, Peter’s three denials of the Lord, Jesus appearing to the disciples following His crucifixion and resurrection, teaching about fasting, teaching about prayer, teaching about divorce, the birth and genealogy of Jesus, Jesus’ appointment of the disciples, and so forth. ”

Question 2: What’s the difference between God’s work and man’s work? And what’s the essential difference between God incarnate and the people who God uses?

Almighty God says, “The work of God Himself involves the work of all of mankind, and it also represents the work of the entire era. That is to say, God’s own work represents the movement and trend of all of the work of the Holy Spirit, whereas the work of the apostles follows God’s own work and does not lead the era, nor does it represent the working trend of the Holy Spirit in the entire era. They only do the work man ought to do, which does not at all involve the management work. God’s own work is the project within the management work. Man’s work is only the duty of men being used and bears no relation to the management work”


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