Question 4: When the incarnate Lord Jesus was resurrected after His crucifixion, He became the life-giving Spirit. And thereby the life-giving Spirit dwells within us, blends with our spirit, and the two spirits will become one. So how could we not become God in the end? How could I be wrong about this?

Answer: You said “When the Lord Jesus was resurrected after His crucifixion, He became the life-giving Spirit.” Is there any basis in God’s word for such an idea? Did the Lord Jesus say anything about this after His resurrection? Since the Lord Jesus has never said such a thing, on what basis do you make such claims? I never heard the Lord Jesus say anything about becoming the life-giving Spirit after His resurrection, and the Holy Spirit hasn’t borne testimony to this either. So what basis do you have for saying that the Lord Jesus became the life-giving Spirit after His resurrection? After His resurrection, the Lord Jesus said, “But you shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come on you: and you shall be witnesses to me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and to the uttermost part of the earth(Acts 1:8). The Lord Jesus never said that the “life-giving Spirit” would come on you. If it really was the life-giving Spirit who was supposed to come, then why didn’t the Lord Jesus Himself say so? Yet you insist on calling the Holy Spirit who comes to do His work the life-giving Spirit. This is merely a figment of your imagination. Even if a man undergoes the work of the Holy Spirit and gains life, he still can’t call the Holy Spirit the life-giving Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit. And regardless of how the Holy Spirit does His work, regardless of how He saves and perfects mankind, this is all the work of God. We humans must not make groundless explanations, speak without reason, or attempt to define the Holy Spirit or God as we please. God incarnate does His work for the sole purpose of redeeming and saving mankind. The Lord Jesus, whether it was before or after He was crucified, did the work of redeeming humanity, and remained essentially the same. If we don’t pursue the truth, but still study and attempt to define God, this is purely an expression of our satanic disposition. Let’s read two passages of Almighty God’s words. “The Spirit within Jesus, the Spirit in heaven, and the Spirit of Jehovah are all one. It can be called the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God, the sevenfold intensified Spirit, and the all-inclusive Spirit. The Spirit of God can carry out much work. He is able to create the world and destroy it by flooding the earth; He can redeem all mankind, and moreover, He can conquer and destroy all mankind. This work is all carried out by God Himself….(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Does the Trinity Exist?). “The essence of God Himself is the Spirit, which can be called the Holy Spirit or the sevenfold intensified Spirit. All in all, They are the Spirit of God, though the Spirit of God has been called different names in different eras. Their essence is still one. Therefore, the work of God Himself is the work of the Holy Spirit, while the work of the incarnate God is nothing less than the Holy Spirit at work(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God’s Work and Man’s Work). We can see from God’s word that in the two times God became flesh, He does the work of redeeming and saving mankind. It is the Holy Spirit doing God’s own work. The Holy Spirit is God, and God is the Holy Spirit. Every stage of God’s work, no matter whether it is through incarnation or by using man, it is the work of the Holy Spirit. which no man can interfere with. Therefore, we must not attempt to define the work of the Holy Spirit as we please, calling it the work of the Holy Spirit at one point in time, and calling it the work of the life-giving Spirit the next. This is completely unacceptable. This is a ludicrous misconception.

We all know that the Lord Jesus’ work is the work of the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit of Lord Jesus is the Holy Spirit, without a doubt. And so, the Lord Jesus’ work and expressions are those of the Holy Spirit, both before and after He was crucified. The Holy Spirit is always and forever the Holy Spirit. His substance will never, ever change. It is the Holy Spirit who does the work, no matter which level it has reached. It’s not that the work of the Holy Spirit is done by the Holy Spirit at certain times, and then at other times it is done by the life-giving Spirit or the Spirit of resurrection. This is preposterous. The Holy Spirit is all-powerful, and His work is comprehensive. Not only does He utter God's voice, He also performs signs and miracles. He provides for the churches, endows man with the truth and life, and what’s more, He can save and perfect man, and lead the entirety of mankind. The Holy Spirit is omnipotent, omnipresent, and fills all things. If we were to define God to be this Spirit or that Spirit according to His specific capabilities, wouldn’t this be ridiculous? Only false prophets, antichrists, and charlatans speak such nonsense. You said, “God’s Spirit dwells within man and mingles with our spirits to become as one.” On what grounds do you make such a statement? Does this have any basis in God’s word? Has the Holy Spirit confirmed this at all? What about evidence from experience and testimony? When the Lord Jesus did His work, He never said that His Spirit would mingle with man’s spirit and they would become as one. The Holy Spirit hasn’t said anything about this either. Nor are there any prophecies in the Bible about this. Furthermore, among all of the generations of saints in this world, has there ever been anyone whose spirit mingled with God’s Spirit and became as one? Is there anyone who can bear witness to such a thing? Not a single one! In fact, anyone who has life experience can testify to the fact that when the Holy Spirit works on God’s chosen people, He does this to enlighten and illuminate them to get them to understand the truth within God’s words, to lead and move them to experience God’s word so that they may come to know God. But the Holy Spirit will never, ever be man’s life. When we pray to Him, sometimes He will give us faith and strength, sometimes He will allow us to feel God’s presence, and sometimes He makes revelations about His word to us to make us understand His will. However, the Holy Spirit Himself will never be man’s life. This fact is widely acknowledged. So, no matter how often man prays to God and communes with Him, their spirits will never mingle with God’s to become as one. When the Holy Spirit works on man, He leads man to understand the truth, break free of Satan’s influence, return to God’s side, so that they are able to obey and worship God. Once they achieve this, God’s work of salvation will be complete, and the Holy Spirit will no longer need to work on them because they will have gained the truth as their life, and the Holy Spirit’s work will have fulfilled His purpose. Therefore, there is no basis to say that “Man’s spirit and God’s Spirit will mingle and become as one.” It comes purely from the notions and imaginations of men. Now we can see that people who spread such absurd misconceptions are truly interrupting God’s work. They spread these fallacies with the sole purpose of deceiving and disrupting people so that they won’t be able to understand God’s will and His work. Their motives are wicked and malicious! Satan longs to mislead and deceive man, and so it fabricates these lies and misconceptions in order to mislead men into striving to become God, thus paving the way for the fallacy that “God became man that man may become God.” Satan does this to make such fallacies become widely-accepted beliefs. We, God’s chosen people, must be careful to resist Satan’s schemes.

In actuality, the work that the Holy Spirit does on man is the work of salvation. We are all capable of experiencing this. The Holy Spirit often enlightens and illuminates man within and helps them understand the truth and know God. He admonishes man, disciplines them, comforts them, and guides them in order to help them to live before God. But the Holy Spirit will never be man’s life. Rather, He inspects man and reveals man to help them understand themselves. Everything that the Holy Spirit does, He does to save man. Anyone with eyes can see this. Whether it is in the Age of Grace or in the last days, the essence of the Holy Spirit’s work never changes. And so the idea that “The Holy Spirit dwells within us and the two spirits mingle to become one” does not accord with the actual reality of God's work. So far, we have never heard of anyone in the Age of Grace whose spirit became one with God’s Spirit, or who lived out God’s image. And in the last days, Almighty God has never said that “Man’s spirit will mingle with God’s Spirit and ultimately become as one, so that man will live to become God.” And so we can be sure that the idea that “The Holy Spirit dwells within us and the two spirits mingle to become as one” has absolutely no basis in God’s word, and is completely derived from man’s notions and imagination. This doesn’t accord with the reality of the Holy Spirit’s work at all. It is one of Satan’s fallacies meant to deceive us, and nothing more! We all know that God is the Lord of all creation, and that God is unique and unparalleled, and we humans are merely His creations. Even if we undergo the work of God until we attain the truth as our life, even if we are able to live out a small piece of the image of the truth, we will never be able to become God. Let’s read some more passages from the word of Almighty God so we can understand things better. Almighty God says, “Though the disposition of man is ordained by God—this is unquestionable and can be considered a positive thing—it has been processed by Satan, and so the whole of man’s disposition is Satan’s disposition. … Even if someone already loves God to the extent that they are able to enjoy a life of heaven on earth, are able to make such statements as: ‘Oh God! I cannot love You enough,’ and have reached the highest realm, still it cannot be said that they live out God or represent God, for the essence of man is unlike that of God, and man can never live out God, much less become God. What the Holy Spirit has directed man to live out is only in accordance with what God asks of man(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Corrupt Man Is Incapable of Representing God). “In short, people have to understand something: No matter how well you understand the truth, no matter your experience, no matter how fully obedient you are toward God’s orchestration, no matter how high or deep your life entry is, your life is still the life of man, and man can never become God; this is absolute, and people must understand it(The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. Do You Know What the Truth Really Is?). “If God Himself personally perfected a group of big Gods and small Gods, wouldn’t that be chaotic? Anyway, that is something impossible, it is something absurd, and it is an absurd concept from humans. God can only create people and create other things, God cannot create God; God can only incarnate as an image of flesh, but it doesn’t mean that He created God. God did not create Himself, He has His own substance, which will never change(The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. Do You Know What the Truth Really Is?). Almighty God makes everything so clear that as soon as we read His words, we understand. God created the heavens, the earth, all things, and mankind. This was established as fact a long time ago. God never said He would create a group of Gods both big and small. He merely said that He created man in His image. Even though we humans were made in God’s image, we are still men by virtue of the fact that God created man in His image. Why must some people misinterpret and twist God’s words? How could it be wrong for God to create man in His image? It’s clear that mankind’s corruption by Satan runs far too deep. Even after God redeemed them, their desire to become God hasn’t weakened in the slightest, and they flip through God’s word, desperately looking for anything that might be able to confirm this desire. Isn’t it the disposition of the archangel? Tell me, how did the archangel become Satan? Wasn’t it because it desired to be God and to stand equal to God? After God struck Satan into the air, Satan assumed dominion over the earth. Satan can corrupt, control, and deceive man, and make man into enemies of God, so that man follows Satan and worships it. This is the ultimate consequence of Satan’s corruption of mankind. This fallacy that “God became man that man may become God,” what repercussions does it bring to mankind? It leads man to desire to be God and stand equal to God. Anyone deceived and poisoned by this theory will become arrogant and self-conceited, and even start to demand that others obey him, obey him and worship him as if he were God, to satisfy his desire. This runs completely against God and God’s goal for saving mankind. So where on earth does this fallacious theory come from? Does it derive from man or from Satan? We must be able to discern. This theory clearly does not come from the Holy Spirit. It can only come from Satan. So we can say with confidence that this theory “God became man that man may become God” is nothing but a lie from Satan meant to deceive people. This is indisputable.

—The movie script of Rapture in Peril

Previous: Question 3: Man can never become God, even if he lives out a bit of God’s image. I can totally get behind that. But when we say man can become God so long as he can manage to live out God’s image, we are not referring to the God with His person, we are instead referring to the God with His life disposition but without His person. If we live out God’s image, then we will become God with the life of God, it’s just that we won’t have the person of God. So, I think the words “God became man that man may become God” are still perfectly valid.

Next: Question 5: I still don’t understand. Does Christ have the image of God? God has us emulate Christ, and in the end if we can live out Christ, wouldn’t we have the image of God? Then wouldn’t we become God?

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