Question 2: You say Paul’s words are not the truth. Then why are his words in the Bible? Paul’s words are written in the Bible. Therefore, they were inspired by God; they represent God’s words. We should pursue them!

Answer: Although Paul’s words are written in the Bible, that does not mean they’re God’s words. This is because the Bible was compiled by man; it was not compiled by Jehovah God, not compiled by the Lord Jesus, and it was definitely not compiled by the Holy Spirit. Can something compiled by men be free of errors? Jehovah God’s words in the Bible, Jehovah’s words in the Bible, the words Jehovah God instructed to the prophets, and the Lord Jesus’ words, those are the words of God. God never testified that the apostles’ words represented His words, nor did He ever testify that the apostles’ words were inspired by Him. “All scripture is given by inspiration of God.” Paul said this. The Holy Spirit never testified to that effect, nor did the Lord Jesus. Only Paul said that. Therefore, his words hold no weight! In the age of the apostles, when their letters were distributed to churches, the people only said those were Brother Paul’s words or Brother Peter’s words. They all knew the apostles’ letters were man’s words. No one treated those letters as the words of God. That is a historical fact that no one can deny! In the Age of Grace, only the Lord Jesus was the incarnate God. Only the Lord Jesus expressed the words of God. The apostles were merely people being used by the Lord; their words are the words of men and only represent their personal interpretations and experiences of God’s words. Even if their words contain the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, you cannot say they’re the words of God. Paul himself didn’t dare say his words were the words of God or inspired by God. He didn’t dare say he talked on behalf of the Lord Jesus. Therefore, if we say Paul’s words are God’s words and follow and pursue them as if they were God’s requirement, just because they are written in the Bible, that is wrong!

Why do people always exalt and place blind faith in the Bible? Because they do not know that the Bible was compiled by men and did not originate from God's will. Therefore, people place blind faith in and worship the Bible; they claim all the words in the Bible are the words of God. This is a betrayal of historical facts. This is caused by men's ignorance. Let's read a passage from the words of Almighty God: “The Pauline epistles of the New Testament are epistles that Paul wrote for the churches, and not inspirations from the Holy Spirit, nor are they the direct utterances of the Holy Spirit. They are merely words of exhortation, comfort, and encouragement that he wrote for the churches during the course of his work. So, too, are they a record of much of Paul’s work at the time. … All he said that was edifying and positive to people was right, but it did not represent the utterances of the Holy Spirit, and it could not represent God. It is an egregious understanding, and a tremendous blasphemy, for people to treat the records of a man’s experiences and a man’s epistles as the words spoken by the Holy Spirit to the churches! … His identity was merely that of a working apostle, and he was merely an apostle who was sent by God; he was not a prophet, nor a foreteller. To him, his own work and the lives of the brothers and sisters were of the utmost importance. Thus, he could not speak on behalf of the Holy Spirit. His words were not the words of the Holy Spirit, much less could they be said to be the words of God, for Paul was nothing more than a creature of God, and was certainly not the incarnation of God. His identity was not the same as that of Jesus. The words of Jesus were the words of the Holy Spirit, they were the words of God, for His identity was that of Christ—the Son of God. How could Paul be His equal? If people see the epistles or words like Paul’s as the utterances of the Holy Spirit, and worship them as God, then it can only be said that they are too indiscriminating. To speak more harshly, is this not simply blasphemy? How could a man talk on behalf of God? And how could people bow down before the records of his epistles and of the words he spoke as if they were a holy book, or a heavenly book? Could the words of God be casually uttered by a man? How could a man talk on behalf of God?(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Concerning the Bible (3)). Brothers and sisters, now I believe we can tell the difference between God’s words and the words of men, right? In the past, we put too much blind faith in the Bible and worshiped it too much. We thought that the Bible was inspired by God and contained only God’s words. We thought that the Bible was compiled by God. This was a huge mistake! People without the truth are liable to be deceived. They even cannot distinguish between God’s words and the words of men. They treat the words of men as if they were God’s words. This is the height of foolishness! Paul is just one of the apostles sent by God; he is not the incarnate God. He can never express the words of God. If we make Paul’s words on par with God’s words, we are offending God’s disposition gravely!

—The movie script of Stinging Memories

Previous: Question 1: The apostle Paul once said, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: From now on there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness …” (2Ti 4:7–8). Therefore, acting in accordance with Paul’s words means we are doing God’s will. In that case, we will definitely be able to enter the kingdom of heaven and gain rewards.

Next: Question 3: Even if Paul’s words are not God’s words, yet after being called by God, he spread the gospel and endured suffering for the Lord for the rest of his life. He traveled so far and worked so hard to establish the churches. He paid such a heavy price. His contributions to the church are as plain as the eye can see. His faith in the Lord and the way he suffered for the Lord are an example for all Christians. Do you not accept these facts?

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