Lifting the Veil: The Truth About the Evil Chinese Communist Party’s Show Trial

On August 21, 2014, the public trial for the May 28 Zhaoyuan Murder Case was held in Yantai, Shandong. In an article published on the Internet about the case, “Zhaoyuan Murder Case Defendants Confess in Court: I am God,” presented a relatively objective, thorough, and detailed report of the defendants’ confessions. But in the CCTV News 1+1 report titled “Almighty God, How Is He ‘God’?”, they passed off fraudulent information as real information, insisting that the psychotic perpetrators from the Zhaoyuan Murder Case were members of the Church of Almighty God. Using this false information, the CCP fabricated a public scandal to justify their thorough suppression of the Church of Almighty God and other underground churches, while also diverting the people’s hatred toward the Church of Almighty God and away from their crisis of faith in the CCP. These sinister motives are truly horrifying. If the CCP can hold a public trial for the homicide case committed by psychotic people,then why won’t it conduct a fair public trial for the June 4 Incident in 1989, in which thousands of innocent students were slaughtered? Over the years, the CCP has conducted all kinds of campaigns, resulting in countless deaths. Why won’t the CCP hold fair public trials? The Chinese people are all waiting for the CCP to hold fair public trials for these stacks of homicide cases, to finally give all the victims and their families an explanation. Why does the CCP refuse to uphold justice and conduct a fair public trial? There are sufficient facts to prove that the CCP had a hidden agenda in holding a public trial for the psychotic perpetrators. It had an ulterior motive! And so this article seeks to uncover the CCP’s malicious intent behind the high-profile public trial of the Zhaoyuan homicide, to clear the names of all those who have been slandered, and give the public a chance to know the true nature of the CCP.

1. Pulling the Strings From Behind the Scenes

If you closely examine the video of the Zhaoyuan crime scene, you’ll find there is a tall man in green clothing wandering in and out of the crime scene throughout the duration of the video. Moreover, you can see that he is freely going in and out of the crime scene, which is being closely guarded by the police. If he’s not an undercover officer from the CCP, then how could he be entering and exiting a crime scene restricted by the police? In fact, the green-clothed man is an undercover officer. He is the mastermind behind the scenes of this homicide case! The Shandong Zhaoyuan Incident was completely fabricated by the CCP! But why would the CCP send some psychotic people to murder someone? If we analyze the facts the answer will become clear. Normal people are difficult to exploit. Because those who suffer from psychosis lack the ability to reason, they are easy to lead and exploit. This is the CCP’s elaborate scheme.

2. Shooting Itself in the Foot

But Heaven will not protect the wicked! When the CCP conducted a sensational show trial for the psychotic perpetrators, it ended up disgracing itself instead. It really shot itself in the foot. Because what the CCP tried were psychotic people who were difficult to train and collaborate with, we could tell from the statements they made in court that they were all genuinely suffering from psychosis.

Lu Yingchun said during the court trial: “It was December 1998 when I came to know ‘Almighty God.’ Ever since I was little, I knew that I myself am ‘God.’ In 1998, I read about ‘firstborn sons’ in a book by Almighty God, and from then on I knew for sure that I myself am a ‘firstborn son.’” One minute she says she “knows God,” and the next minute she says she is ‘God,’ and then next she says she is a “firstborn son.” This is nothing but the crazed, babbling, raving nonsense of someone who is mentally ill. She went on to say, “‘God’ is my root. I can’t live without Him. I’m willing to give up anything for ‘God.’ In the end I realized that I am ‘God Himself.’” One minute she says she can’t live without “God,” and the next she says she herself is “God.” Who could possibly understand this incoherent crazy talk! When they mention the victim Ms. Wu, she says, “We both realized that she was an ‘evil spirit,’ so we cursed her. She didn’t listen to us at all; on the contrary, she became more and more aggressive. We could see the aura surrounding her body, circling around her back and stomach. Her stomach began to bulge. As she sucked our spirits toward her, and her attack grew stronger and stronger, my body grew weaker and weaker.” This wild talk is truly ridiculous! It definitely proves that she’s a psychotic person. Truly absurd!

Zhang Fan said during the court trial, “Lu Yingchun and I hold the highest position in Almighty God’s organization. We are ‘God Himself.’ My father, sister, brother, and Zhang Qiaolian are the ‘chief priests.’” How incredibly arrogant Lu Yingchun and Zhang Fan are, calling themselves “God”! This is purely the delusional thinking of psychotic people. She goes on to say, “My mother is an evil spirit…. Once I see my mother I know I must kill her…. I will reveal her right before her eyes, but I will not confront her with force.” One minute she says that her own mother is an evil spirit and she wants to kill her, and the next she goes on to say that she won’t use force against her. She’s contradicting herself. This is true insanity! At the site of the trial, the perpetrators let the secret out. They are not members of the Church of Almighty God under attack by the CCP. This completely exposes before the public the CCP’s premeditated conspiracy to frame and blacken the name of the Church of Almighty God.

Let’s take a look at Zhang Lidong’s statement in court. Zhang Lidong said: “This year, May 28, in the Zhaoyuan McDonalds, Zhang Hang tried to get the woman’s phone number. The woman yelled at Zhang Hang, telling her to ‘Get out of my face!’ And then my daughter Zhang Fan, ‘the true person of God,’ told me that this woman was ‘a demon, an evil spirit.’ And so I beat her to death.” This guy thinks his mentally ill daughter is “God.” Anyone who sees this can tell instantly that he is not right in the head. Zhang Lidong said, “A few days before the murder, Zhang Fan and Lu Yingchun told me my wife Chen Xiujuan was always instigating problems in our relationship. They told me that she must be an ‘evil spirit.’ After recalling a few prior events where Chen had been picking fights, I believed that she was an ‘evil spirit.’” He’ll even believe the words of crazy people. This is no small amount of derangement.

Let’s take another look at their statements. Lu Yingchun says, “With the exception of Zhang Lidong, Zhang Hang, and Zhang Duo, who are the only true believers of Almighty God, I found all of the others to be liars and deceivers.” The perpetrators have plainly stated that the “Church of Almighty God” only consists of these six people, and the rest are all liars. These people are obviously not members of the Church of Almighty God under attack by the CCP. Lu Yingchun also says: “Zhang Fan and I are the only true spokespeople [sic] for ‘Almighty God’ …What the state cracks down on is the Almighty God of Zhao Weishan, not the ‘Almighty God’ of ours. Theirs is the false Almighty God, only we are the true ‘Almighty God.’” The perpetrators have emphasized once again that they are not members of the Church of Almighty God under attack by the CCP, yet the CCP has insisted that they are members of the Church of Almighty God. This is clearly a set up!

After seeing these confessions made above, it’s evident that Zhang Lidong and all the others are all typical psychotic people. They are not members of the Church of Almighty God, nor do they have any connection whatsoever with the Church! And so, the CCP, who worked hard to fabricate this show trial, has shot itself in its own foot. It was not at all what the CCP anticipated!

3. Trying to Conceal Things Makes the CCP More Conspicuous

By holding a sensational show trial for the Zhaoyuan Incident, the CCP shot itself in the foot. They ought to cover their face in shame, but those that are without shame have their own shameless ways to escape. Despite the fact that the perpetrators Lu Yingchun and Zhang Fan called themselves “God” and repeatedly emphasized that they have no connection with the Church of Almighty God suppressed by the CCP, the CCP, using the media as its mouthpiece, fabricated a public scandal to frame and blacken the name of the Church of Almighty God. Under the direction of the CCP, CCTV’s News 1+1 had a large role in fabricating the open conspiracy. Before the watchful eyes of the public, CCTV edited out all the speech that proved the perpetrators had no connection with the Church, and instead insisted that they were all related to the Church of Almighty God. Who on earth is more shameless than the CCP? It deceives itself, it deceives others, and the concealment of its deception only makes its deceit more obvious. The CCP’s deeds can only demonstrate how evil and ugly it is, can only make its murderous, demonic nature clearer for everyone to see.

4. Like a Thief Shouting “Thief!”

After the CCP used a group of psychotic people to commit homicide and shifted the blame onto the Church of Almighty God, it then used newspapers, television, and the Internet to create a public scandal. Throughout the entire country, the CCP quickly carried out the arrest and persecution of Christians from the Church of Almighty God and other underground churches with extreme cruelty. In June alone, the CCP captured nearly 1,000 Christians from the Church of Almighty God. We have to ask: Did the Christians they arrested kill anybody? No! Not only haven’t they killed anyone, they’ve never even harmed anyone at all! What right did the CCP have to arrest them? The CCP fabricated the homicide case. The CCP is the true murderer. But like a thief who calls “Thief!” to shift the blame onto innocent people, the CCP blamed the Church of Almighty God and arrested its members. Where is the law of Heaven? Where is justice? Worst of all, after the CCP committed homicide, it shamelessly disguised itself as a crusader for justice. Through the sensational show trial for the Zhaoyuan case, it tried to put on a proper, responsible face for the country and the people to alleviate the people’s dissatisfaction and to lessen the pressure posed by the international condemnation of the CCP’s cruel repression of Christians; moreover, the CCP attempted to take advantage of this opportunity to eliminate its major concerns—the Church of Almighty God and China’s other underground churches. To kill three birds with one stone, that was the CCP’s wishful thinking.

5. The Voice of the People

Today we have unmasked the true, sinister intentions behind why the CCP held a sensational show trial for the Zhaoyuan Incident. However, this case has initiated much more reflection. The Zhaoyuan Case happened because a psychotic person demanded a phone number. This led to a conflict which resulted in a person being beaten to death. This incident had a cause, regardless of how absurd it is. In March 2014, the Kunming Train Station Stabbing Incident occurred. Due to internal power struggles between high officials in the CCP, from behind the scenes, they orchestrated a group of armed police to attack a crowd of innocent people with knives. Over 100 people were killed or wounded. These high-power officials who were able to mobilize these armed police—aren’t they much more horrifying than the group of psychotic people who committed the Zhaoyuan Homicide? Why is it that the CCP still hasn’t made the real facts public? Why hasn’t it conducted a fair public trial for the real murderers? Why did it only pick on a few scapegoats to distract and deceive the public with? Several thousand innocent students died violent deaths during the June 4 Incident. Why won’t the CCP arrest and try the party leaders who ordered the massacre of these students? Why won’t it hold a fair public trial for the tank drivers who crushed the students and the machine gun shooters who fired on them? Could it be that the CCP’s logic is that if you kill one person you’re a murderer who deserves the death penalty, but if you kill 100 people you’re a hero who deserves a medal? And if you kill a million people you’re a king fit to be worshiped? Unless they begin to listen to the voice of the people: The CCP must conduct fair public trials for these critical cases that have upset law and order in society, these cases that have endangered the people’s personal safety, to comfort the innocent souls of the departed.

6. Remorseful Reflection

Looking back on history, you’ll find that the CCP has been walking down the road of no return for a long time, and has taken the people as its enemy. Due to the CCP’s evil nature and absurd rationale behind its governance, it is unable to obtain the approval of intellectuals and the support of the people. Its regime has always been swaying in the storm, tottering on the verge of collapse, but the CCP will not resign itself to retreat from the stage of history. In order to maintain its evil regime, the CCP has persisted in using “the gun and the pen” as tools to annihilate enemies and eradicate dissidents. The CCP uses the “pen” to weave lies and deceit, fabricating public scandals and excuses for violent suppression. The CCP uses the “gun” to carry out violent suppression of dissidents, providing ample space for lies and deception. The two complement one another. Indeed, it is the “brilliant” scheme by which the kings of devils and the demon leaders slaughter and devour people. The most pitiful are us, the cowardly, powerless, ordinary civilians: Some choose to grin and bear it, and some others get deceived yet follow the CCP loyally. But on the other hand, how else can the people get by under the intense oppression by the CCP? People aren’t like they used to be. Driven by a desire for power, fame and profit, money and material things, more and more people slowly sink down to become the worthy progeny of the CCP. Particularly guilty are people working at all levels of the media controlled by the CCP, such as CCTV. Striving for power and money, these people betray their own conscience and sense of morality, willingly pandering to the CCP’s schemes and conspiracies, framing the innocent and making false charges against its dissidents. The sinister, ruthless agents of National Security and Public Security’s armed police are the kept dogs of the CCP. For a long time they’ve carried out cold-blooded manhunts, arrests, violent suppressions and massacres of God’s followers. Under the evil CCP’s rule, China has become a lair of beasts where the Chinese people can be devoured at any time, and it is tottering on the verge of collapse. Having reached this point, I can’t help but feel enormous grief. China is the realm of the CCP. The rights of the Chinese people have all become the communal property of the evil CCP.

Our property has become communal,

our freedom of speech has become communal,

and even our lives have become communal…

And now, the CCP’s regime faces its impending doom, and it can collapse at any time. The CCP is becoming crazier and crazier, and every Chinese person’s life can become fodder to the CCP at any point in time. Here, I can’t help but tremble in fear. Who will be the next to die? As the CCP is on the verge of destruction, the death toll is rapidly rising. The CCP will not voluntarily retreat from the historical stage. It wants to behead and exterminate the people! Because of this, all of the people of China could meet their deaths beneath the Communist Party’s knife, becoming fodder for the CCP. However, God’s majesty cannot be violated and God’s will cannot be disobeyed. “Those who do injustice are doomed to destruction.” The CCP has done everything evil and vile and rebellious, it has gone against God, and has angered both God and man for a long time! We only have to wait for God’s righteous punishment to befall it!

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