Why Does the CCP So Frantically Suppress and Cruelly Persecute the Church of Almighty God?

On May 28, 2014, the CCP utilized a group of psychotic people to meticulously fabricate the “Shandong Zhaoyuan Murder Case,” and used every large media outlet to wantonly spread propaganda and gain influence, framing and placing the blame on the Church of Almighty God, and publicly declaring it as an “evil cult organization.” They went even as far as to shout wildly: “If the battle is not finished, the troops will not be withdrawn!” Immediately following, the CCP’s Central Leading Group on Dealing With Heretical Religions (The 610 Office) convened a video and phone conference call of the whole country on June 16 to launch the special operation of the “Hundred Days Battle” to quell the Church of Almighty God within the scope of the whole country, regarding the issue of the suppression of the Church of Almighty God as a political mission of “utmost urgency, arduous labor and great importance.” Soon after that, they labeled the Church of Almighty God as an “evil cult organization” and added it to the legal regulations, and sent down a document to every province and city, to attack the Church of Almighty God with a heavy fist. They adopted the tyrannical policies of “lock up one group, kill one group.” The central authorities also transferred tens of millions in funding to offer rewards to units and individuals of outstanding performance as well as the masses for informing on members. They mobilized the masses to inform on and expose Christians of the Church of Almighty God, and induced the populace to rise up in a “people’s war” to lay siege to the Church of Almighty God and religious churches. In August, the evil party of the CCP, with absolute audacity and complete lack of scruple, initiated large-scale mobilization of armed police and regular troops to carry out total seizure, encirclement, and annihilation of Christians of the Church of Almighty God and other household churches.

In the example of Zhejiang Province: On July 15, 2014, at the Great Hall of the People in Wenzhou City of Zhejiang Province, the CCP convened a special meeting on attacking the Church of Almighty God. Among the participants of the meeting were the Chief of Staff of Nanjing Military Region, the Director of the Nanjing Military Region Logistics Department, the Director of the Military Representative Office of Shanghai, the Deputy Mayor of Wenzhou City, the Secretary General of the Wenzhou government, and other high officials of the CCP. There were also personnel of the Garrison Headquarters of Wenzhou Military Sub-District, armed police, traffic police, reserve forces, representatives of the frontier troops, and many others. Altogether, more than three hundred people. The conference asserted that: The CCP has already legislated to formally classify the Church of Almighty God as an “evil cult organization” and decided to launch the special operation of attacking the Church of Almighty God, to completely outlaw and root out the Church of Almighty God. During the meeting, the Secretary General of the Wenzhou government also demanded of participants to sign a letter guaranteeing that they would not participate in the organization of the Church of Almighty God or any other religious activities. Those who did not sign would be expelled from party membership and had their posts revoked without exception. If the participants or the broad cadres had family members who believe in Almighty God, it was required that they instruct their families to leave the Church of Almighty God, and if not they would be punished strictly! If there are people among the populace who join the Church of Almighty God, then measures will be carried out, such as capturing, fining, and imprisoning them. In addition, all of their social security as well as the employment of their direct relatives will be cancelled. After the meeting ended, all levels of government departments in Zhejiang Province jointly mobilized to deploy in secret the special operation to capture Christians of the Church of Almighty God, and dispatched more than 3,000 reservists to aid in neighborhood committee inspections through methods of drop-in registrations, checking of registered residence, as well as local gossip, discreetly asking questions about people’s beliefs. At the same time, they dispatched the armed police and plainclothes policemen throughout every street. Some posed as pedestrians asking directions from suspicious targets, some posed as beggars who then followed suspicious persons. Additionally, the CCP also specially deployed two experts to Wenzhou from Beijing. From the bus surveillance videos, they investigated people who were preaching the gospel on buses in 2012. And they also thoroughly inspected those who were previously arrested and had their information recorded, those who are rather well known for their belief in Almighty God, and those who have left other religious sects to enter into belief in Almighty God and other personnel.

In August, the CCP successively deployed on standby several groups of the People’s Armed Police to every area of Wenzhou: On August 18, they mobilized 1,000 armed police to Longwan District in Wenzhou; on August 20, they deployed 800 armed police to Cangnan County of Wenzhou; on August 23, they deployed 500 men to the local army barracks in Rui’an in Wenzhou; on August 25, they deployed 1,100 men to Shatou Town in Yongjia County of Wenzhou; on August 26, they deployed 600 men to Yueqing in Wenzhou. In September, the CCP deployed large numbers of regular troops to different places in Zhejiang: First, they deployed more than 3,000 ground troops of the First Brigade of the First Division of China’s First Army to Cangnan County of Wenzhou. Second, they deployed more than 2,000 tank soldiers of the Third Division of Shenyang Military Region and more than 20 tanks to Pingyang County in Wenzhou. Third, they deployed one brigade of more than 2,000 men of the Shaanxi Second Artillery Corps and more than 10 rocket artillery vehicles to Cangnan County in Wenzhou. Fourth, the CCP also deployed 2,700 naval personnel to Nanji Island in Pingyang County of Wenzhou. Fifth, they deployed one division of more than 5,000 infantry of China’s Third Army to Qingtian County in Lishui. Sixth, the CCP also deployed 87 elite army troops and more than 10 vehicles to Wenzhou. The Zhejiang Province joint operation from September 28 began against Christians of the Church of Almighty God to execute for the period of one week a large-scale arrest operation. In coordination with this arrest operation, the CCP spared no expense in providing huge monetary resources, and built three large prisons in the vicinity of Quzhou, Jinhua, and Longhu Mountain. At present, the evil CCP is, nationwide, frantically launching an operation to eradicate the Church of Almighty God. They have deployed the populace, the media, armed police and military troops across the whole country to overwhelmingly increase their evil operation of totally hunting down, arresting, and eradicating Christians of the Church of Almighty God. They have made use of television, internet, and other forms of media to unrestrainedly attack, blaspheme, and disparage the Church of Almighty God. They have smeared Christians of the Church of Almighty God. In the locations of cities, villages, streets, and public squares, they have advanced negative broadcasts and propaganda, and mobilized all aspects of their might to launch “blanket” searches. They have dispatched people to investigate village by village, entering every house, and searching every person. Seemingly they are determined to let off no one even if thousands are wrongly arrested and killed. As a result, the entire country, from top to bottom, including every province, city, town, and village, and even every street and hamlet, has fallen into an extremely nervous state, and the people are seized with fear and panic. The Chinese populace is currently living in a wide-spread atmosphere of extreme terror.

The CCP government has plotted for a long time to suppress and massacre Christians of the Church of Almighty God without restraint, and to rouse the populace of the whole country to rise up in a standoff with God. And they have brought violence to bear through despicable methods which are cruel in the extreme. They seem to have determined to eliminate the chosen people of the Church of Almighty God in one fell swoop. You can see their bloodthirsty atrocities, and their evil condition has reached tremendous heights that cannot be surpassed! The sins of the evil CCP are piled up to heaven, and the CCP is unpardonably wicked. Their acts of sinful conduct are innumerable and make your hair stand on end. They have already become the most tyrannical and sinister organization in the modern world! They are even more evil than the Nazi system of Adolf Hitler, and even more tyrannical and savage. There is simply nothing worse than them!

In this regard, some people may be at a loss: Why would the CCP government use armed police and regular troops to suppress Christians who are completely defenseless? In reality, the answer is quite simple: It is because the incarnate Almighty God of the last days has come to do work in China. He has delivered utterances of millions of words, and has announced to the masses all the mysteries in the Bible and the plan that God has run for six thousand years, as well as how God saves people in the last days and how He brings the age to an end, and the final destination of humanity, and other things. This lets the Chinese living under the might of the CCP regime see the light, see the hope of receiving salvation, and one after another they have come into the presence of Almighty God. These facts have led the CCP into an extreme panic because the CCP has intense hatred for the truth and fears the true light. It does not recognize God’s existence, and even more so fears that all Chinese people will accept the true way and abandon the CCP. The CCP has seen the fact that the words delivered by Almighty God and the writings bearing witness to the persecution suffered by the chosen people of God at the hands of the CCP have been published in the major media outlets and papers of foreign countries, and all kinds of videos and films that bear witness to God’s work in the last days have also been quickly uploaded to different big foreign websites. The monstrous crimes of the CCP in persecuting and injuring the chosen people of God have been exposed to the whole world. Still more, the CCP is shocked and terrified out of the fear that the people will betray and abandon it once they see through the CCP’s wicked and reactionary essence of denying, resisting, and making an enemy of God. In this state of desperation, the CCP began to frantically counter-attack and has launched unprecedented arrests and persecutions of the Church of Almighty God. This is where the reason lies for the CCP mobilizing armed police and regular troops and frantically arresting and persecuting the chosen people of God.

Now, Almighty God has expressed all the truth for purifying and saving humanity. All of mankind who have conscience and sense of justice are studying and seeking it, and mankind is beginning to awaken. The CCP devil is greatly dismayed and so it has begun its frenzied counter-attack. It regards the Church of Almighty God as the enemy, and blatantly condemns the Church of Almighty God even so far as to enact laws to persecute them. This fact is sufficient to demonstrate the CCP is an evil cult organization to its very core. It is the world’s axis of darkness and evil! In the present world, there is no country which dares to openly and brazenly enact laws convicting any particular religion, or mobilize regular troops to carry out a full-scale attack and persecution. It is only the CCP which defies the world and risks global condemnation. In not even half a year, it has set off a surging tide, each wave higher than the last, of unbridled suppression of the Church of Almighty God. Their methods of repression are constantly escalating. First they intentionally fabricated the “May 28 Shandong Zhaoyuan Case” to frame and discredit the Church of Almighty God. After that, they launched the “Hundred Days Battle” to unleash a “people’s war” to attack the Church of Almighty God, and eagerly enacted laws to convict the Church of Almighty God as an “evil cult organization.” Afterward, they then in their hubris mobilized the armed police and regular troops to enact their bloody suppression of the Church of Almighty God, in a vain attempt to utterly root out the Church of Almighty God. The CCP would never have thought that they would bring shame upon themselves. With each act of force, repression, and cruel persecution of the Church of Almighty God, they allow the people of the world to see more clearly their evil nature and demonic essence of rebelling against Heaven and treating God as their enemy, and see clearly that in the whole world the CCP actually is the most dangerous and evil state organization of terrorism and violence! Two thousand years ago, when the ruler of Israel, King Herod, learned of the birth of Jesus—the King of Israel prophesied in the Scripture, in order to protect his regime, he ordered that all boys under two years of age within Bethlehem must all be killed. Two thousand years later, when the CCP learned of Almighty God incarnate working in China, not only did they frantically pursue Almighty God, they also tried to round up and eliminate all the Christians who follow Almighty God in their entirety. It can be seen that their malignant methods are even worse than those of Herod, the ruler of Israel in history! However, whatever comes from God must flourish and whatever comes from Satan will perish. Even though the CCP government is atrociously evil, and tried all sorts of ways to obstruct and to wildly persecute the Church of Almighty God, the kingdom gospel of Almighty God has still spread far and wide into every corner of the Chinese mainland, and has now spread to the US and Japan with lightning speed, as well as to Canada, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other areas. This fact is something God has already achieved. The unprecedented spectacle of the expansion of the kingdom gospel will appear throughout the world and no person alive will be able to prevent it. God’s righteous disposition does not tolerate offense. The CCP resists Heaven, considers God its enemy, and has long since provoked the wrath of God’s disposition. It will inevitably meet God’s destruction. Only people who accept the work of Almighty God, obey Almighty God, and worship Almighty God will be able to receive salvation and survive.

When the Lord Jesus came to work on earth, He said, “Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 4:17). Now, in the last days, Almighty God has come to earth in order to save mankind, after which the age will come to an end. Because of this, people must all see clearly the nature of the time in which we live. The work of Almighty God in the last days is the last chance for humanity to be saved. Afterward, the age will come to an end. Almighty God has explicitly warned mankind: “We trust that no country or power can stand in the way of what God wishes to achieve. Those that obstruct God’s work, resist the word of God, disturb and impair the plan of God shall ultimately be punished by God. He who defies the work of God shall be sent to hell; any country that defies the work of God shall be destroyed; any nation that rises up to oppose the work of God shall be wiped from this earth, and shall cease to exist. I urge the people of all nations, countries, and even industries to listen to the voice of God, to behold the work of God, to pay attention to the fate of mankind, thus making God the most holy, the most honorable, the highest, and the only object of worship among mankind, and allowing the whole of mankind to live under the blessing of God, just as the descendants of Abraham lived under the promise of Jehovah, and just as Adam and Eve, who were originally made by God, lived in the Garden of Eden.” (The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God Presides Over the Fate of All Mankind)

As the proverb says, “Good is repaid with good, evil with evil.” The evil, barbarity, fanaticism, and brutality of the CCP have already reached the condition of a great outbreak of hysteria! They act perversely and contrary to God, they publicly resist and oppose God. They have already incited the anger of Heaven and the people, while God and man are together in their resentment, and they have long since suffered the curse of God. In the Age of Grace, all those who had hatred for the Lord Jesus and who took the Lord Jesus as their enemy met with ruin. This is a fact. In the Age of Kingdom, everyone who has hatred for Almighty God and takes Almighty God as their enemy will meet with ruin just as before and suffer eternal damnation. As God destroyed the ancient Roman regime in the Age of Grace that took the Lord Jesus to be their enemy, He will certainly in the same way destroy the atheist regime of the CCP in the last days that takes Almighty God as their enemy. This has been long since decided upon by God! All who resist the last Christ, Almighty God, must suffer the punishment. It is certain beyond doubt. This suffices to prove that God’s disposition does not tolerate any offense, and this is a truth that is eternal and unchanging! When the CCP reaches its pinnacle of resistance to God, that is the day of its annihilation!

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