Is “the New” “Fake”?

When we evangelize the gospel of the last days, we often hear people say: “We know about God’s new work of the last days that you are spreading. ‘The new’ is ‘fake’ and we do not accept it….” Here we can see: Not only do they reject God’s new work, but they also peg God’s new work as “fake.” From this we can see that people do not know God’s work at all and that they do not know the principles of God’s work, and so they make an extremely absurd mistake.

People who understand the Bible all know that all the work God does, from start to finish, is new, that it has never been done before. The creation of heaven and earth is new work, epoch-making work; God had never dropped fire from heaven before burning Sodom, so burning Sodom is new work; when God led the Israelites out of Egypt, none of the ten plagues that Jehovah God brought down among the Egyptians were repeated, and they were all new; when the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, the miracles that God carried out were new and when the Israelites crossed Jordan, God did not let man stretch out his hand toward the sea again like leading them across the Red Sea, but it was the priests who carried the ark into the water and when they stepped into the water, the water receded. When Jesus came to work, He did not repeat the work of the laws of the Old Testament, but brought new work of the Age of Grace. These are all universally recognized facts. If the “new work” that God does is “fake” as people say, then does that not condemn all of the work that God has done since the creation of the world? Does that not condemn the work of the Lord Jesus whom people have believed in for two thousand years too? Isn’t this such a ridiculous, absurd thing!

All that which God does that is mentioned in the Bible is new work: “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert” (Isa 43:19). “How long will you go about, O you backsliding daughter? for Jehovah has created a new thing in the earth…” (Jer 31:22). “I have showed you new things from this time, even hidden things, and you did not know them” (Isa 48:6). “And I will do in you that which I have not done, and whereunto I will not do any more the like, because of all your abominations” (Eze 5:9). God is always new and never old and does not do repeated work. Is people saying “the new” is “fake” not condemning God? The prophecies in the Book of Revelation are all new: “new heaven new earth,” “new groom,” “new bride,” “new Jerusalem” and the overcomers sing “new songs” too, and they even have “new names”. ... As God says: “Behold, I make all things new. And he said to me!” (Rev 21:5). Everyone knows that the Book of Revelation prophesizes God’s work of the last days, so how can God’s last days’ “new work” be “fake”? Only God can do new work and only God can establish a new age. Yet we condemn God’s new work and say that “the new” is “fake”. Does this not directly oppose God and offend God’s disposition?

In people’s minds, they think: God cannot change His work. After one stage of work has been finished, it should continue forever. How can people change if God does so? How can people have a new understanding of God? As God’s words reveal: “All men wish to gain God yet are unable to tolerate any changes in God’s work. Those who do not accept the new work of God believe that the work of God is changeless, and that the work of God forever remains at a standstill. In their belief, all that is needed to gain eternal salvation from God is to keep the law, and as long as they repent and confess their sins, the heart of God will be forever satisfied. They are of the opinion that God can only be the God under the law and the God who was nailed on the cross for man; it is their opinion too that God should not and cannot exceed the Bible. It is precisely these opinions that have shackled them firmly to the law of old and kept them fettered by rigid regulations. …

At that time, Jesus stated that the work of Jehovah had fallen behind in the Age of Grace, much as I say today that the work of Jesus has fallen behind. If there had been only the Age of Law and not the Age of Grace, Jesus could not have been crucified and could not have redeemed all mankind; if there had only been the Age of Law, could mankind possibly have developed until this day? History advances forward; is not history the natural law of God’s work? Is this not a depiction of His management of man within the entire universe? History progresses forward, so does the work of God, and the will of God continuously changes. It would be impractical for God to maintain a single stage of work for six thousand years, for all of man knows that He is always new and never old. He could not possibly continue to sustain work akin to the crucifixion, and once, twice, three times … be nailed to the cross. This is the perception of an absurd man. God does not sustain the same work, and His work is ever-changing and always new, much as how I daily speak to you new words and do new work. This is the work I do, the key of which lies in the words ‘new’ and ‘wondrous.’ ‘God is changeless, and God will always be God’; this saying is true indeed. The essence of God does not change, God is always God, and He could never become Satan, but these do not prove that His work is as constant and invariable as His essence. You declare that God is thus, but how then can you explain that God is always new and never old? The work of God continuously spreads and constantly changes, and the will of God is continuously manifested and made known to man. As man experiences the work of God, his disposition continuously changes, and his knowledge continuously changes. From where, then, does this change arise? Is it not from the ever-changing work of God? If the disposition of man can change, why cannot man allow My work and My words to also continuously change? Must I be subject to the restrictions of man? Are you not now simply resorting to sophistry?” (“How Can Man Who Has Defined God in His Conceptions Receive the Revelations of God?” In The Word Appears in the Flesh). “If in the last days a ‘God’ the same as Jesus appeared, one who healed the sick, cast out demons, and was crucified for man, that ‘God,’ though identical to the description of God in the Bible and easy for man to accept, would not, in its essence, be the flesh worn by the Spirit of God, but by an evil spirit. For it is the principle of God’s work never to repeat what He has already completed. And so the work of God’s second incarnation is different from the work of the first” (The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Essence of the Flesh Inhabited by God).

The words “new wine cannot be put into old bottles” are true. Whenever people hold onto old things and condemn God’s new work, they will be detested and rejected by God. For it is not false Christ who is doing new work, but the one everlasting true God!

Wang Xuguang

Xiangcheng County, Henan Province

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