Chapter 47

Almighty God of righteousness—the Almighty! In You absolutely nothing is hidden. Each and every mystery from time immemorial to eternity, never uncovered by humans, in You is manifest and altogether clear. We need no longer seek and grope, for today Your person is openly manifest to us, You are the mystery that has been revealed, You are the practical God Himself; for today You have come face to face with us, and as we see Your person, we see every mystery of the spiritual realm. Truly this is something no one could imagine! You are among us today, even within us, so very close to us; it defies description! Incomparable is the mystery within!

Almighty God has completed His management plan. He is the victorious King of the universe. All things and all matters are controlled in His hands. All people kneel in worship, calling out the name of the true God—the Almighty. By the words from His mouth, all things are done. Why are you so slack, unable earnestly to make yourselves work with Him, join closely with Him, and go with Him into glory? Can it be that you are willing to suffer? Willing to be cast out? Do you think I do not know who is sincerely devoted to Me and who has sincerely expended themselves for Me? Ignorance! Muddleheaded people! You cannot make out My intentions, and still less can you show consideration for My burdens, always making Me worry about you, toil for you. When will it end?

To live Me out in all things, to witness Me in all things—is doing so simply a matter of opening your mouths and stringing a few words together? You do not know the difference between good and evil! You are without Me in what you do, and less still am I present in your daily lives. I know you do not consider believing in God a serious matter, so these are the fruits you bear! You still are not awake, and if you go on so, you will disgrace My name.

Ask yourself, when you speak, am I there with you? When you eat or put on your clothes, is My promise there? Truly, you are thoughtless! Whenever your problems are not called out directly, then you show your true colors, and none of you is amenable. If it were not so, you would think yourselves great and think you are in possession of many things inside you. Do you not know that inside you, filling you, is the ugly visage of Satan? Work with Me to pour out all of these things. Let what I am and have occupy you inside completely; only so can you live Me out, witness Me with more reality, and be the reason more people surrender before My throne. You must know how heavy is the burden on your shoulders: exalting Christ, manifesting Christ, witnessing Christ, so that myriads of people obtain salvation, that My kingdom may remain firm and unshaken. I point all this out so that you do not simply muddle along, without understanding the importance of today’s work.

Helpless when confronted with problems, like ants in a hot frying pan, running around in circles: this is your disposition. Outwardly, you look like adults, but your inner lives are that of a child; all you know how to do is make trouble and add to My burden. If there is the least thing that I do not concern Myself with, you make trouble. Is that not so? Do not be self-righteous. What I say is the truth. Do not always think that I am constantly lecturing you, as though I were just using high-sounding words; this is your real condition.

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