Chapter 46

Whoever sincerely expends and offers themselves up for Me, I will surely protect you until the very end; My hand will surely hold you so that you are always at peace and always joyful, and so that every day you will have My light and revelation. I will surely double My blessings upon you, so that you have what I have and possess what I am. That which is given within you is your life, and no one can take it from you. Do not bring trouble on yourself or fall into depression; within Me there is only peace and joy. I sincerely love you, child, you who sincerely heed and submit to Me. Those I hate most are the hypocrites; I will certainly wipe them out. I will eliminate any hint of the world from My house, and eliminate all those things that I cannot bear the sight of.

Within My heart I know exactly who sincerely wants Me and who does not. Though they may disguise themselves well and look the part, and it could even be said that they are the best actors in the world, I see clearly all that they hold within their hearts. Do not think I do not know what is in your heart; in reality there is none who understands more clearly than I. I know what is in your heart; you are willing to offer yourself up for God and expend for God, only you do not wish to use sweet talk to make others rejoice. See clearly! Today’s kingdom is not built by the strength of man, but will be successfully built entirely using My manifold wisdom and painstaking effort. Whosoever possesses wisdom and possesses what I am within them will have a share in the building of the kingdom. Worry no more; you are always worrying yourself sick, with no regard for the revelation or the illumination of My will within you. Do this no longer. Whatever is the matter, fellowship more with Me about it, so that you may avoid suffering from your own actions.

Perhaps on the surface it looks as though I am indifferent to everyone, but do you know what I think inside? I am always raising the humble up high, and always bringing down those who are the self-conceited and self-important. Those who do not understand My will will suffer great loss. You must know that this is what I am, and this is My disposition—no one can change it, and no one can understand it thoroughly. Only through My revelation can you understand, otherwise you will not understand it thoroughly either; be not arrogant. Though some people may speak well, their hearts are never loyal to Me, and always contradicting Me in secret; I will judge this kind of person.

Do not just focus on taking cues from others, you should pay attention to My bearing and My manner. Only in this way will you gradually come to grasp My will; your actions will then conform to My will, and you will make no mistakes. Do not weep or be sorrowful; I see clearly all that you do, all your behavior and all that you think, and I know your sincere desires and wishes; I will use you. Now is a crucial time; the time to test you has arrived. Have you still not seen? Have you not yet perceived? Why do I take such an attitude toward you? Do you know? I have revealed these things to you and you have a little insight. But do not stop—continue to press on with your entry, and I will continue to enlighten you. Have you realized that the more you submit to and heed Me, the brighter you are inside and the more revelation you have inside? Are you aware that the more you submit to and heed Me, the more knowledge you have of Me and the more experience you gain? Do not always cling fast to your own notions; doing this will clog the flow of My living water and obstruct the carrying out of My will. You must know that to completely gain one person is not an easy matter. Do not get carried away by complex thoughts. Simply follow, and ponder no more!

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