1. You testify that The Church of Almighty God has its origins in the appearance and work of Christ of the last days, Almighty God, but the atheistic CCP government and the leaders of the religious world condemn you as heretical and as a xie jiao. So how can we have discernment over what the CCP and religious world say?

Sermon and Fellowship Excerpts for Reference:

The CCP is an atheist political party. Do they believe in God? No. Whom do they believe in? They believe in Marx, the leader of Satanism. The CCP, then, is Satanist. Satanism, naturally, has the utmost loathing for the church of God, which it rabidly opposes and condemns. Let us look at the history of the CCP. From its founding, the CCP has worshiped and venerated Marx’s Communist Manifesto. The CCP are bona fide atheists. They do not acknowledge God, they worship Satan and Marx, the king of devils, they enshrine Marx’s words as truth, and so it is natural that they oppose God and condemn the work of God. The CCP has always condemned Christianity as a xie jiao and the Bible as xie jiao literature. What do you think of this? Just what kind of organization is the CCP, in your eyes? Is it positive or negative? If such matters are clear to you, you will naturally know how to approach the CCP’s heresies, fallacies and devilish words. Let us now look at the role that the world of religion has always played in the work of God. The religious world arose from the work of God, but each time God has done a new stage of work, the religious world has taken a role in opposition to God, and its leaders have gradually become those who oppose God. At the end of the Age of Law, for example, when the Lord Jesus appeared and performed His work, the heads of Judaism made every effort to oppose and condemn Him, and ultimately they had Him nailed to the cross. As the Lord Jesus’ redemption gospel spread, most followers of Judaism rejected the Lord Jesus; even today, they continue to oppose and condemn the Lord Jesus. Is this not fact? During the last days, Almighty God has appeared and is performing His work. He has expressed many truths and ushered in the Age of Kingdom. The entire religious community opposed and condemned Almighty God, just as Judaism opposed and condemned the Lord Jesus. Both could not wait to nail Christ, who expresses the truth, to the cross. These facts indicate that the religious world opposes God and is under the control of antichrists. So today, when you see the CCP and the religious world condemning The Church of Almighty God as heretical and as a xie jiao, can you see this for what it really is?

—The Fellowship From the Above

Just what is a “xie jiao”? Without doubt, it does not refer to a true religious belief. True religious belief is born of the work of God, whereas a xie jiao is diametrically opposed to the true way, it is a product of people’s deception by Satan and various evil spirits—of this there is no question. No state or group is qualified or entitled to define a religion as xie jiao or orthodox, for corrupt mankind is bereft of the truth. Only Christ is the truth, the way, and the life, and a xie jiao can only be determined based on the words of God. Without God’s words as the basis, even a qualitative determination is inaccurate. The CCP, especially, is of Satanism, a xie jiao—it is even more unqualified to condemn true religious belief. The CCP has always condemned Christianity as a xie jiao, and has condemned several Christian groups as xie jiao, which is absolutely absurd. The CCP essentially hates the truth and God, and so it condemns positive things and true religious beliefs as xie jiao. Just what is orthodox religion, and what is a xie jiao? Precisely speaking, all churches that believe in the true God are orthodox; all those that believe in false gods, evil spirits, Satan and demons are xie jiao; and all those who preach God-resisting heresies and fallacies such as atheism and evolution are xie jiao. As is universally known, the Communist Party was created by the German national Marx. Marx was an avowed Satanist who claimed to be the devil Satan. How could the Communist Party, created by this bona fide demon, be orthodox? The Communist Party has always advocated violent revolution. They are butchers of humankind and bona fide atheists. In the Communist Manifesto, Marx said, “A specter is haunting Europe—the specter of Communism.” Today, this specter is embodied in the CCP. The reactionary CCP is, clearly, a bred-in-the-bone xie jiao. The CCP is more cunning than its founding father Marx, who dared to publicly admit that he was the devil Satan; the CCP does not dare say this. The CCP is expert at distorting the facts and turning black into white, it is a master of disguise, deception and of being the devil that rebukes sin, it can turn right into wrong, into evil, and turn evil into right. The CCP itself is clearly wicked and reactionary, yet it masquerades as something positive and just, and does all it can to tout itself as great, glorious, and right. Such are the methods the CCP has always used. The CCP is a master of being the devil that rebukes sin. Nothing in the world is more adept at deceiving, tricking, toying with, corrupting, and slaughtering humankind than the CCP. Only the CCP could define an orthodox religion as a xie jiao—but in fact, the CCP is the real xie jiao, the bona fide Satanists of the last days, a dyed-in-the-wool bunch of demons, the world’s most evil and insidious reactionary and terrorist organization. These are recognized facts, and not in the least bit wrong!

Furthermore, whether a religion or a church is a xie jiao should be measured by everyone with faith and all the people of the world based on universal values—only this is fair. Determining which religions are xie jiao based solely on the constitution drawn up by the CCP is somewhat ridiculous. Because the CCP is inherently atheist, because it does not at all recognize the existence of God, much less does it know God, and because it opposes God, and is the enemy of God, it is therefore unqualified to comment on matters of the faith in God, much less is it qualified to criminalize any groups that believe in God or churches. In fact, the atheism and constitution of the CCP lead it to brand all groups that believe in God or churches as xie jiao, including Christianity and certain other religious groups. It has also openly labeled the Bible as xie jiao literature. These are recognized facts. Ever since taking power in mainland China, the CCP has employed a range of cruel techniques to curb, suppress, and persecute those who believe in God and deprive them of their religious freedom. It uses public opinion and political and legal means to put pressure on churches, intimidate those who believe in God, and stop people from worshiping and following God, so that they worship and obey the CCP and continue to accept its rule and serve it. It also proclaims that the happiness of the people is bestowed by the CCP, the CCP being the “parent” that provides the Chinese people’s food and clothing. It is truly shameless and beyond all reason! Clearly, the CCP is the evil party, the xie jiao. They are more fascist than the fascists. In today’s world, no other organization is more rabid or malevolent in its opposition to God than the wicked CCP; no other organization is more brutal in its exploitation, deception, and repression of its populace, and no other organization has killed and harmed more people. The CCP has long since earned the wrath of Heaven and the resentment of the people. Thus, this illegal ruling party that used lies, deceit and violence to seize power is not qualified to comment on which religion or church is orthodox and which is a xie jiao. The CCP may have signed some international conventions, but this is just a way in which it deceives the Chinese people and tricks the international community; in fact, it has never recognized or accepted—much less abided by—these conventions. China’s constitution is not a law in the true sense at all. It was created for the Chinese people and is a tool to restrict and shackle them. The CCP itself does not abide by the law at all. In a country under the dictatorship of the Communist Party, there is no law. It can be said that its power is above the law. CCP officials and police have publicly stated that they are the law, and that what they say is the law, which is what has led to the CCP utterly ignoring both the law and Heaven. Today, the CCP is being punished by God for resisting Him. God has wrought every manner of disaster to destroy the CCP. The Chinese people no longer believe what the CCP says, because what the CCP says is nothing but fallacy and heresy, the twisting of the facts, the turning of the truth on its head, the absence of all reason, nothing but devilish words that deceive, paralyze, and manipulate people.

—The Fellowship From the Above

The Man’s Fellowship for Reference:

The term “Eastern Lightning” comes from one of the prophecies of the Lord Jesus: “For as the lightning comes out of the east, and shines even to the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” (Mat 24:27). Those who hear God’s voice and accept Eastern Lightning have been raised up before His throne, while those who reject Eastern Lightning do their utmost to condemn it as heretical. This is not surprising; there is a long history of religious leaders resisting and condemning God’s work. In the Age of Grace, when the Lord Jesus came to work, the chief priests, scribes, and Pharisees of the Jewish faith condemned the Lord Jesus’ appearance and work as heretical, resisting and persecuting Him. No enmity existed between them and the Lord Jesus, so why did they so madly resist and condemn Him? Everyone familiar with the Bible knows that by doing work, preaching, and performing many signs and wonders, the Lord Jesus caused a sensation throughout all of Judea, and many Jewish people began following Him; this caused great vexation for the top Jewish leaders. They knew full well that if they allowed the Lord Jesus to continue working and preaching, the Jewish believers would all follow Him and Judaism would collapse. No one would worship or follow those leaders anymore; their status and livelihoods would be gone. In an effort to preserve these things, they used everything they could against the Lord Jesus, and nailed Him to the cross. When the Lord Jesus’ apostles spread His gospel, those leaders went on to arrest and persecute them, saying that the Lord Jesus’ work was heretical. From this we can see that the true way will inevitably lead to rejection and condemnation from leaders in religious circles.

In the last days, Almighty God incarnate has expressed all the truths to purify and save mankind, and has also done the work of judgment beginning at the house of God. He has, likewise, been subjected to resistance and condemnation from religious leaders. This fulfills what the Lord Jesus said in the Bible: “For as the lightning, that lightens out of the one part under heaven, shines to the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of man be in His day. But first must He suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation(Luk 17:24–25). Here, [b]ut first must He suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation” refers to the Lord’s returning and, once again, suffering humans’ condemnation and rejection. These words truly reflect the imperious condemnation of Almighty God by the religious world’s pastors and elders, do they not? All of Almighty God’s utterances are the truth, and they have revealed all of the mysteries of His management plan. This includes all truths—such as His six thousand years of management plan, the purpose of His three stages of work, the mystery and significance of His becoming flesh, how mankind has developed so far, and humanity’s future destination. Many people who have longed for His appearance have seen that Almighty God’s words have authority and power; they have seen that they are all the truth, recognized that Almighty God is the Lord Jesus returned, and turned toward Him one after another. So, why do the pastors and elders of the religious world, who have served God for many years, not accept the return of the Lord Jesus in the last days, but instead madly resist and condemn Him? In fact, many of them have read Almighty God’s words and heard sermons by members of The Church of Almighty God. Most of them acknowledge that His words have authority and power and are all expressions of the truth, yet they still go against their own consciences to condemn the Church as heretical. This is because they see how powerful His words are—powerful enough to conquer the entire religious world—and that if they do not stop those people of genuine faith from accepting Almighty God’s work in the last days, then the entire religious world will crumble. After that, no one will worship or follow those pastors and elders anymore. In order to hold on to their status and their livelihoods, they madly judge and condemn Almighty God’s appearance and work, and denounce the Church as heretical; their goal is to use this to cover up the fact that the Lord Jesus has returned, appeared, and done work, and to stop believers from investigating the true way and coming before God. They instead want believers to worship and follow them forever so that these elders and pastors can achieve their despicable goal of having eternal control over the religious world. It is clear that the root of their condemnation of and resistance against Almighty God is the same as that of the Jewish Pharisees against the Lord Jesus. It is entirely governed by their satanic natures of disgust, hatred for the truth, and resistance against God. The facts sufficiently prove that while these pastors and elders in religious circles believe in and serve God, they do not revere Him. They are true Pharisees; all of them are antichrists who are being exposed by God’s work of the last days.

Even though the Lord Jesus’ work was condemned as heretical by all of the Jewish leadership at the time, His gospel still spread to every corner of the earth and was accepted by more and more people. Now, the entire religious world acknowledges Him as the true God and His work as the true way. In the last days, the religious pastors and elders are likewise condemning Almighty God’s work as heretical. It has been just over two decades since He appeared and began to do work in China, and by now the gospel of the kingdom has spread throughout all of mainland China, bringing millions of people before Almighty God. It is now expanding throughout the entire world at the speed of lightning, with branches of The Church of Almighty God now established in multiple countries. From this, it is evident that the true way will always be the true way; even if it is condemned as heresy by all the leaders in religious circles, it will ultimately be acknowledged and accepted by all of humanity. No one can refute the facts of God’s appearance and work, nor can they hinder His work. This is God’s unique authority!

Previous: 3. In the Bible, Paul said, “Let every soul be subject to the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whoever therefore resists the power, resists the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation” (Rom 13:1–2). Practicing according to the words of Paul, we should submit to the ruling powers in all things. And yet, the atheistic CCP government has persecuted religious belief throughout its history. It is hostile to God, and not only does it not permit us to believe in the Lord, but it also arrests and persecutes those who spread the gospel and testify to God. If we bow to the Chinese Communist government, cease to believe in the Lord, and stop spreading the gospel and testifying to God, will we not be standing on the side of Satan by opposing and turning our backs on the Lord? I really can’t figure this out: Just what must I do to conform with the Lord’s will in matters of the ruling powers?

Next: 2. The CCP has disseminated information online saying that in order to spread the gospel and testify to God, people who believe in Almighty God give up their families and jobs. Some people even remain unmarried their whole lives. The CCP says that your beliefs destroy families. Is what the CCP says true?

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