9. You testify that “Eastern Lightning” is the appearance and work of Christ of the last days, Almighty God, but I’ve read many articles on well-known websites like Baidu and Wikipedia that condemn, attack, and vilify The Church of Almighty God. I know that the information on Baidu is monitored and controlled by the CCP, and that it isn’t necessarily trustworthy. But foreign websites such as Wikipedia have also followed the CCP and religious world in condemning you. I can’t work it out—are the statements made on these websites true or false?


At present, the evil forces of the great red dragon and the religious community’s forces of antichrists have concocted numerous lies about The Church of Almighty God—lies that have even been published by the world-famous website Wikipedia. When investigating the true way, some people head straight to Wikipedia: “I trust Wikipedia. If it says this is the true way, I’ll believe it; if it says it isn’t, I won’t.” These people measure whether something is the true way based on Wikipedia. Does this accord with the truth? Can the truth be found on Wikipedia? Can God’s words be found on Wikipedia? Do the people who edit Wikipedia believe in God? They do not. Wikipedia, then, is a website of the unbelievers. It is written and edited from the perspective of unbelievers using various materials collected by them. Are the unbelievers possessed of the truth? Are the words spoken by the unbelievers fact, and in conformity with the truth? Are there no lies, no heresy, no falsehood on the websites of the unbelievers? The unbelievers are people who have been profoundly corrupted by Satan and have turned their back on God. They do not believe in God, they are not believers, their substance is of the devil Satan, and they merely parrot the words of others, which are a heap of lies, with not a single word that accords with the truth. Thus, the words of the unbelievers are nothing but fallacies. Can this be doubted? Wikipedia does not publish the true facts and testimonies about The Church of Almighty God. All it publishes are the lies and fallacies of the religious world and the atheistic CCP government. What kind of website is this? Does it not represent the evil forces of the world? The words expressed by Almighty God and the true experimental testimonies of the Christians of The Church of Almighty God have long been published online for all mankind to seek and investigate—so why is there no mention of this? The CCP government has always viciously oppressed and persecuted The Church of Almighty God, the facts of which have long since been published online by international human rights organizations. Why are they not on Wikipedia? Instead, Wikipedia publishes every lie and attempt to discredit The Church of Almighty God by the CCP government and the religious community. Is it not, then, an organization that deliberately spreads disinformation and untruths? Is it not a tool by which Satan deceives people? The trust in and dissemination of the words of the atheistic CCP government and the antichrists of the religious community by Wikipedia’s editors, without first investigating them, is ridiculous and absurd. It shows that they are bereft of the truth, that in essence, they are absurd, muddleheaded people, the ilk of devil Satan. Wikipedia follows the CCP and religious community in vilifying, judging, and condemning God’s work of the last days; it has blasphemed against Christ of the last days, blasphemed against the true way, and is cursed by God. So what problem is indicated by Wikipedia following the CCP and the religious community? It shows that the world is dark and evil, that mankind has been profoundly corrupted by Satan, and has become a force that is hostile to God! This also fulfills the words of the Bible: “The whole world lies in wickedness(1Jn 5:19), “This is an evil generation(Luk 11:29). Some people are blind to the dark and wicked essence of the world. When investigating the true way, they are still liable to trust Wikipedia, and to believe the devilish words and rumors it publishes. Are people like this those who believe in God? They are not. They do not believe in God, nor do they acknowledge that God is the truth, much less do they know the truth. When they investigate the true way, they do not seek the words of God or listen to the voice of God, but merely trust the words of the devil Satan and regard its words as the truth—is what they believe in not the devil Satan? Thus, such people are not truly those who investigate the true way. As soon as they hear the devilish words and rumors of Satan, they are deceived, and topple to the ground. Are such people wise? God’s sheep hear His voice, while those who belong to the devil listen to the words of the devil; they refuse to listen to the voice of God, and instead listen to the words of the devil Satan. To commit such a basic error surely makes them foolish and muddleheaded people who belong to the devil Satan!

When we investigate the true way, we must look into whether the words expressed by Almighty God are the truth and the voice of God. If these words are the truth, if they are the voice of God, and if this truly is the appearance and work of God during the last days, then regardless of what the devil Satan says, we must believe—for God is real, God’s words are the truth, and the work of God can never be wrong. Any human being can be wrong, but not God; any human being can lie and deceive others, but God tells no lies, He is holy and righteous, He is the truth. And so, those who truly believe in God and love the truth look at only whether these words are the voice of God, and the work of God, regardless of any commentary by unbelievers’ media and websites, and irrespective of oppression, persecution, condemnation, and opposition from the powers that be or the religious world. As soon as they determine that this is the voice of God, they then follow God, unbound by any person, matter, or thing. Only such people truly believe in God, and only they are the wise virgins, just as the Lord Jesus said: “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me(Jhn 10:27). Those who do not believe and those who have no love for the truth but who beg for bread only to eat their fill, meanwhile, do not seek the truth, but instead blindly listen to the devilish words and rumors of Satan, and even follow Satan’s lead in touting these rumors and rabidly passing judgment on and condemning God’s work of the last days. These people are the tares that are exposed, and when God’s work is over and when the great disasters rain down, they can but be eliminated and punished, gnashing their teeth and weeping as they are consigned to disaster. This entirely fulfills what is said in the Bible: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge(Hos 4:6) and “fools die for want of wisdom” (Pro 10:21).

Previous: 8. The Church of Almighty God testifies that the Lord Jesus has returned, and you spread the gospel to people of all religions and denominations. Many who truly believe in the Lord have left their churches and started believing in Almighty God—are you not stealing sheep from other churches?

Next: 1. Through reading the words of Almighty God and listening to the fellowships and testimonies of the brothers and sisters, I’ve become certain that Almighty God is the return of the Lord Jesus, and I now accept Almighty God’s work of the last days. But some displeasing and unsettling things have occurred in my family recently. Why do such things happen, and how should I experience them?

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