6. What is an evil person? How can various evil people be identified?

Relevant Words of God:

Those among brothers and sisters who are always giving vent to their negativity are lackeys of Satan, and they disturb the church. Such people must one day be expelled and eliminated. In their belief in God, if people do not have a heart of reverence for God, if they do not have a heart of obedience toward God, then not only will they be unable to do any work for Him, but on the contrary will become those who disturb His work and who defy Him. Believing in God but not obeying or revering Him, and instead resisting Him, is the greatest disgrace for a believer. If believers are just as casual and unrestrained in their speech and conduct as unbelievers are, then they are even more evil than unbelievers; they are archetypal demons. Those who give vent to their poisonous, malicious talk within the church, who spread rumors, foment disharmony, and form cliques among the brothers and sisters—they should have been expelled from the church. Yet because now is a different era of God’s work, these people are restricted, for they face certain elimination. All who have been corrupted by Satan have corrupt dispositions. Some have nothing more than corrupt dispositions, while others are different: Not only do they have corrupt satanic dispositions, but their nature is also extremely malicious. Not only do their words and actions reveal their corrupt, satanic dispositions; these people are, moreover, the genuine devil Satan. Their behavior interrupts and disturbs God’s work, it impairs the brothers’ and sisters’ entry into life, and it damages the normal life of the church. Sooner or later, these wolves in sheep’s clothing must be cleared out; an unsparing attitude, an attitude of rejection, should be adopted toward these lackeys of Satan. Only this is standing on the side of God, and those who fail to do so are wallowing in the mire with Satan.

Excerpted from “A Warning to Those Who Do Not Practice the Truth” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Every church has people who cause trouble for the church or meddle in the work of God. They are all Satans who have infiltrated the house of God in disguise. Such people are good at acting: They come before Me with great reverence, bowing and scraping, living like mangy dogs, and devoting their “all” to achieve their own objectives—but in front of the brothers and sisters, they show their ugly side. When they see people who practice the truth, they strike out at them and shove them aside; when they see people more formidable than themselves, they flatter and fawn upon them. They run wild in the church. It can be said that such “local bullies,” such “lapdogs,” exist in the majority of churches. They act devilishly together, sending each other winks and secret signals, and none of them practices the truth. Whoever has the most venom is the “head demon,” and whoever has the highest prestige leads them, bearing their flag aloft. These people rampage through the church, spreading their negativity, venting death, doing as they please, saying what they please, and no one dares to stop them. They brim with the disposition of Satan. No sooner do they cause a disturbance than an air of death enters the church. Those within the church who practice the truth are cast out, unable to give their all, while those who disturb the church and spread death run rampage within—and, what’s more, most people follow them. Such churches are ruled by Satan, plain and simple; the devil is their king. If the congregants do not rise up and reject the head demons, then they, too, will sooner or later come to ruin. From now on, measures must be taken against such churches. If those who are capable of practicing a little of the truth do not seek to, then that church will be expunged. If a church contains no one who is willing to practice the truth and no one who can stand witness for God, then that church should be completely isolated, and its connections with other churches must be severed. This is called “burying death”; this is what it means to cast out Satan. If a church contains several local bullies, and they are followed by “little flies” that entirely lack discernment, and if the congregants, even after having seen the truth, are still incapable of rejecting the binds and manipulation of these bullies, then all those fools will be eliminated in the end. These little flies might not have done anything terrible, but they are even more deceitful, even more slick and evasive, and everyone like this will be eliminated. Not a single one shall remain! Those who belong to Satan will be returned to Satan, while those who belong to God will surely go in search of the truth; this is decided by their natures. Let all those who follow Satan perish! No pity will be shown to such people. Let those who search for the truth be provided for, and may they take pleasure in God’s word to their hearts’ content. God is righteous; He would not show favoritism to anyone. If you are a devil, then you are incapable of practicing the truth; if you are someone who searches for the truth, then it is certain that you will not be taken captive by Satan. This is beyond all doubt.

Excerpted from “A Warning to Those Who Do Not Practice the Truth” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

People who do not strive for progress always wish for others to be as negative and indolent as themselves. Those who do not practice the truth are jealous of those who do, and always try to deceive those who are muddle-headed and lack discernment. The things these people give vent to can cause you to degenerate, slip downward, develop an abnormal state, and be filled with darkness. They cause you to become distant from God, and to cherish the flesh and indulge yourself. People who do not love the truth and who are always perfunctory toward God have no self-awareness, and the disposition of such people seduces others into committing sins and defying God. They do not practice the truth, nor do they allow others to practice it. They cherish sin and have no loathing of themselves. They do not know themselves, and they stop others from knowing themselves; they also stop others from desiring the truth. Those they deceive cannot see the light. They fall into darkness, do not know themselves, are unclear about the truth, and become more and more distant from God. They do not practice the truth and they stop others from practicing the truth, bringing all those fools before them. Rather than say that they believe in God, it would be better to say that they believe in their ancestors, or that what they believe in are the idols in their hearts. It would be best for those people who claim to follow God to open their eyes and take a good look to see exactly who they believe in: Is it really God that you believe in, or Satan? If you know that what you believe in is not God, but your own idols, then it would be best if you did not claim to be a believer. If you really do not know who you believe in, then, again, it would be best if you did not claim to be a believer. To say so would be blasphemy! No one is forcing you to believe in God. Do not say you believe in Me; I have had enough of such talk, and do not wish to hear it again, because what you believe in are the idols in your hearts and the local bullies among you. Those who shake their heads when they hear the truth, who grin when they hear talk of death, are all the spawn of Satan, and they are the ones who will be eliminated. Many in the church have no discernment. When something deceptive occurs, they unexpectedly stand on the side of Satan; they even take offense at being called Satan’s lackeys. Though people might say they have no discernment, they always stand on the side without truth, they never stand on the side of the truth at the critical time, they never stand up and argue for the truth. Do they truly lack discernment? Why do they unexpectedly take the side of Satan? Why do they never say one word that is fair and reasonable in support of the truth? Has this situation genuinely arisen as a result of their momentary confusion? The less discernment people have, the less able they are to stand on the side of truth. What does this show? Does it not show that people without discernment love evil? Does it not show that they are the loyal spawn of Satan? Why is it that they are always able to stand on the side of Satan and speak its language? Their every word and deed, the expressions on their faces, are all sufficient to prove that they are not any kind of lovers of the truth; rather, they are people who detest the truth. That they can stand on the side of Satan is enough to prove that Satan really loves these petty devils who spend their lives fighting for Satan’s sake. Are all these facts not abundantly clear? If you truly are a person who loves the truth, then why have you no regard for those who practice the truth, and why do you immediately follow those who do not practice the truth at the slightest look from them? What kind of problem is this? I do not care whether you have discernment or not. I do not care how great a price you have paid. I do not care how great your forces are, and I do not care whether you are a local bully or a flag-bearing leader. If your forces are great, then that is only with the help of Satan’s strength. If your prestige is high, then that is merely because there are too many around you who do not practice the truth. If you have not been expelled, then that is because now is not the time for the work of expelling; rather, it is time for the work of elimination. There is no rush to expel you now. I am simply waiting for the day when I will punish you after you have been eliminated. Whoever does not practice the truth will be eliminated!

Excerpted from “A Warning to Those Who Do Not Practice the Truth” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

In their belief in God, if people do not have a heart of reverence for God, if they do not have a heart of obedience toward God, then not only will they be unable to do any work for Him, but on the contrary will become those who disturb His work and who defy Him. Believing in God but not obeying or revering Him, and instead resisting Him, is the greatest disgrace for a believer. If believers are just as casual and unrestrained in their speech and conduct as unbelievers are, then they are even more evil than unbelievers; they are archetypal demons.

Excerpted from “A Warning to Those Who Do Not Practice the Truth” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

It may be that in all your years of faith in God, you have never cursed anyone or committed a bad deed, yet in your association with Christ, you cannot speak the truth, act honestly, or obey the word of Christ; in that case, I say that you are the most sinister and malicious person in the world. You may be exceptionally amiable and devoted toward your relatives, friends, wife (or husband), sons and daughters, and parents, and never take advantage of others, but if you are incapable of compatibility with Christ, if you are unable to interact in harmony with Him, then even if you expend your all in relief to your neighbors or take meticulous care of your father, mother, and members of your household, I would say that you are still wicked, and moreover one full of cunning tricks.

Excerpted from “Those Who Are Incompatible With Christ Are Surely Opponents of God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

What does it mean to be good-hearted? Only those who love the truth and positive things are good-hearted. Do the wicked love positive things? The wicked like evil, vicious, malicious things; they love all these things that are related to negative things. At the mention of positive things—when they are told that something is of benefit to people, that it comes from God—they do not like what they hear and become uninterested. That being so, there is no way they can be saved. No matter how well-articulated the truth, how true this way, their interest cannot be roused—but at the mention of eating, drinking, having fun, of whoring, gambling, stealing, robbing, they perk up. This is a vicious and evil disposition, there is no goodness in their hearts, and so they are incapable of loving positive things. How do they regard positive things, in their hearts? With contempt. They despise them and will make fun of them. At the mention of being honest, they think to themselves, “Honest people do nothing but suffer. I’m not going to be honest. You’re foolish for being honest, look at how arduous it is for you to perform your duty. You’ve never thought to give yourself a way out, you’ve never considered your health. Who will look after you when you’re burnt out? I cannot let myself get burnt out.” Some say, “We have to leave ourselves a way out; we can’t keep blindly toiling on by the sweat of our brows. We have to prepare a way out, then we can just make some token effort.” Talk of their own mindset makes them happy, but any mention of absolute obedience, of faithfully expending oneself and performing one’s duty, disgusts them, they feel aversion to it, and it falls on deaf ears. Are such people not vicious? There is nothing but viciousness in their hearts. At the mention of the truth, and of practicing the truth, if their own interests are infringed upon they become averse, they do not want to hear it: “All day long you go on about the truth, the principles of practice, and being honest. Can being honest put food on the table? Can I make money by being honest? I can make a profit by lying.” What logic is this? This is “highwayman’s logic.” Is this disposition not vicious? Are such people’s hearts kind? (No.) Such people cannot gain the truth. Thus there is an objective to the little that they dedicate, expend and forsake. They have thought it all through: They will dedicate one part, and get back ten parts in return. Only this seems worthwhile to them. What kind of disposition is this? It is wickedness and viciousness.

Excerpted from “Only When You Know Yourself Can You Pursue the Truth” in Records of Christ’s Talks

How do antichrists and the wicked get along? They generally laugh and joke around; they flatter and curry favor with each other. The wicked flock to wherever the antichrists are; they are always together, like flies following stench. No serious work is done when they are in each other’s company; they just gossip about who bad-mouthed whom or who lambasted the leaders, or if they see people who displease them, they will contemplate how to squeeze them out. All they talk about is how to give others a hard time. They also discuss how to take a stand against the Above, how to know in advance if someone plans to report an issue with them, and what to do about it once they do know. Such are the matters that this pack of wicked ones talk about. Never, when together, do they fellowship about which brothers and sisters might be weak or negative, lack conviction in performing their duties, or have been deceived because of something, nor do they discuss how best to help and support those brothers and sisters, or which areas the church could do better in. When together, antichrists do not discuss ways and methods to resolve these problems; they do not talk about such matters. They only gossip about who is unhappy with them, who is a threat to their status, who is going to report an issue with them, and who is in contact with the Above. After discussing something, antichrists then go and put it into play across the churches, and their meddling turns the churches upside down. Everyone is then thrown into a panic, and the brothers and sisters ultimately begin to be suspicious and jealous of each other, tearing each other apart and exposing one another—thereby achieving the antichrists’ goals. This is how the antichrists lead the churches. If the wicked do as they say, the antichrists protect them. If the wicked do not do as they say, then the wicked are the first to be dealt with. If those wicked ones follow the antichrists, and can be recruited and drawn in, then the antichrists will turn those wicked ones into accomplices and informers to carry out evil acts for them. They will plant those wicked ones among the other brothers and sisters to find out who has been bad-mouthing them behind their backs, who has complaints about them, who has some insights into God’s words and wants to exercise discernment about them and about certain things that might expose them for what they really are, who beneath them plans to report them, and who often wants to be in contact with the Above. They specifically keep an eye on these things, and then, when they are all together, they discuss countermeasures, deliberating on whom they can expel each day, and then making it seem official by putting it to a vote. These are the things that antichrists do; this is how they lead the churches. In locations with antichrists and the wicked, the churches reek with foul vapors. This is called the devil being in charge. Can anything good come from the devil being in charge? It can only bring calamity upon God’s chosen ones.

Excerpted from “For Leaders and Workers, Choosing a Path Is of Utmost Importance (3)” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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