Chapter 40

To God, man is like a plaything in His grasp, like a hand-stretched noodle in His hands—one that can be made as thin or thick as God wishes, to do with as He pleases. It is fair to say that man really is a plaything in God’s hands, like a Persian cat that a lady has bought from the market. Without a doubt, he is a plaything in God’s hands—and so there was nothing false about the knowledge of Peter. From this, it can be seen that God’s words and actions in man are accomplished with ease and pleasure. He does not rack His brains or make plans, as people imagine; the work He does in man is very normal, as are the words He utters to man. When God speaks, He seems to let His tongue run away with Him, He says whatever comes into His mind, without restraint. However, after reading God’s words, people are utterly convinced, they are lost for words, wide-eyed and dumbstruck. What is going on here? This well shows just how great God’s wisdom is. If, as people imagine, God’s work in man had to be meticulously planned to be precise and correct, then—to take these imaginings a step further—God’s wisdom, wondrousness, and unfathomability would be quantifiable, which shows people’s valuation of God is too low. Because there is always stupidity in people’s actions, they measure God in the same way. God does not make plans or arrangements for His work; instead, it is directly carried out by the Spirit of God—and the principles by which the Spirit of God works are free and unrestrained. It is as if God pays no heed to the states of man and talks as He pleases—yet still man can hardly tear himself away from God’s words, which is because of the wisdom of God. The facts, after all, are facts. Because the work of God’s Spirit in all people is so evident, this is sufficient to show the principles of God’s work. If God had to pay such a great price in His work in created beings, would that not be a case of putting fine timber to petty use? Must God act in person? Would it be worth it? Because the Spirit of God has been working for so long, and yet throughout the ages the Spirit of God has never worked in this way, no one has ever known the means and principles by which God works, they have never been clear. Today they are clear, for God’s Spirit has personally revealed them—and this is beyond doubt, it is shown directly by the Spirit of God, not summarized by man. Why not take a trip to the third heaven and see whether this is really what is going on; see whether, after doing all this work, God’s labors have left Him exhausted, His back aching and His legs in pain, or else unable to eat or sleep; and whether He had to read through a great many reference materials to speak all these words, whether drafts of God’s utterances are spread across the table, and whether He is dry-mouthed after saying so much. The facts are precisely the opposite: The words above have nothing in common with the place where God resides. God says, “I have expended much time and paid a great price for the sake of man—but at this time, for an unknown reason, people’s consciences remain ever incapable of performing their original function.” Regardless of whether people have any sense of God’s sorrow, if they could approach God’s love without going against their conscience, this would be considered rational and reasonable. The only fear is that they are unwilling to bring to bear the original function of conscience. What do you say, is this right? Do these words help you? My hope is that you belong to the kind of things that are possessed of conscience, rather than being trash without conscience. What do you think of these words? Does anyone have a sense of this? Does having a needle stuck in your heart not hurt? Does God stick the needle in an insensate corpse? Is God mistaken, has old age dulled His eyesight? I say that is impossible! Anyway, this must be the fault of man. Why not go to the hospital and take a look? There is undoubtedly a problem with man’s heart; it needs to be fitted with new “parts”—what do you think? Would you do that?

God says, “I look at their ugly faces and weird states, and I once again depart from man. Under such circumstances, people remain uncomprehending, and once more take back the things I have denied them, awaiting My return.” Why, during this “new technological age,” is God still talking about ox-drawn carts? Why is this? Is it because God likes to nag? Is God passing the time because He has nothing better to do? Is God like man, idling away the time after stuffing himself full of food? Is there any use in repeating these words over and over again? I have said that people are wretches, that you always have to grab them by the ears to get through to them. After the words have been spoken to them today, they will immediately forget them tomorrow—it is as if they are suffering from amnesia. Thus, it is not the case that some words have not been spoken, but that they have not been acted on by people. If something is said but one or two times, people remain ignorant—it must be said three times, this is the minimum number. There are even some “old men” to whom it must be said ten to twenty times. In this way, the same thing is said over and over again in different ways, to see whether or not people have changed. Have you truly worked in this way? I do not want to hector people, but they are all dealing with God in a perfunctory way; they all know to take more nutritional supplements, but do not feel anxious because of God—is this serving God? Is this loving God? No wonder they spend all day without a care in the world, idle and quiescent. But even so, some people are still not satisfied, and create their own sorrow. Maybe I am being a little harsh, but this is what is known as being too sentimental about yourself! Is it God who makes you feel sorrowful? Is this not a case of bringing suffering upon yourself? Are none of God’s graces qualified to be the source of your happiness? Throughout, you have not been mindful of God’s will, and you have been negative, sickly, and distressed—why is this so? Is it God’s will to make you live in the flesh? You are ignorant of God’s will, uneasy within your own heart, you grumble and complain, and spend the whole day moping, and your flesh suffers pain and torment—that is what you deserve! You ask that others praise God amid chastisement, that they emerge from chastisement, and be unconstrained by it—yet you have fallen into it and cannot escape. It takes years to emulate this Dong Cunrui-like “spirit of self-sacrifice.” When you preach words and doctrines, do you not feel ashamed? Do you know yourself? Have you put yourself aside? Do you truly love God? Have you put aside your prospects and fate? No wonder God says that people are the ones who are wondrous and unfathomable. Who would have thought that there were so many “treasures” within man that have yet to be dug out? Today, the sight of it is enough to “open one’s eyes”—people are so “fantastic”! It is as if I am a child who cannot count. Even today I have not figured out how many people truly love God. I can never recall the number—and so, because of My “disloyalty,” when the time comes to give accounts before God, I am always empty-handed, incapable of doing as I would wish, I am always in God’s debt. As a result, when I give account, I am always “reprimanded” by God. I know not why people are so cruel, always making Me suffer because of this. People use this chance to double up with laughter, they are truly not My friends. When I am in trouble, they do not give Me any help, but deliberately make fun of Me—they truly have no conscience!

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