Chapter 39

Let us go beyond God’s words and talk a little about matters concerning our lives, so that our lives bloom more, and we live up to God’s hopes for us. In particular, with the arrival of today—a time of each being classed according to his kind, and a time of chastisement—there is a greater need to focus on the bigger picture and concentrate on the “collective interest.” This is the will of God, and it is what should be achieved by all people. How could we not offer up ourselves for the will of God in heaven? God “assigns numbers for all kinds of people, makes different marks on every sort of person, so that their ancestors can guide them back to their families,” which shows that people have been classed according to kind, and as a result, all kinds of people are revealing their true forms. As such, it is fair to say that people are loyal to their ancestors, not God. However, all people are also rendering service to God under the direction of their ancestors, which is the wondrousness of God’s work. All things are doing service for God, and even though Satan disturbs people, God uses this opportunity to draw on “local resources” to serve Him. People, however, cannot discern this. As God says, “Thus, I also divide the labor, and distribute the efforts. This is part of My plan, and can be disrupted by no man.” People cannot see all that is determined by God, and all that God wishes to accomplish, before He has done it. They can only see it when God’s work has been completed; if not, they are blind, and see nothing.

Today, God has new work among the churches. He makes everything follow nature’s course, truly bringing to bear the function of man. As God says, “I rule everything among all things, I command everything among all things, causing all that there is to follow the course of nature and to surrender to the command of nature.” I do not know what clever insights you have into “following nature’s course,” so let us talk about this. This is how I see it: Because they are led home by their ancestors, all kinds of people must come forth and “perform.” And because they are following nature’s course, that which is inherent to them is used to bring their original function to bear, making them follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit according to this law. The work of the Holy Spirit is carried out according to the state within each person; accurately speaking, this is called “God maneuvering all things so that they serve Him,” this is then connected to following the course of nature. Even though a person has the elements of the devil inside them, God shall make use of this, adding the work of the Holy Spirit to the foundation of what is inherently within them, making them sufficient to render service to God. This is all I will say about “following the course of nature”—perhaps you have some higher suggestions. I hope you can provide some valued input. What do you say? Are you willing to cooperate in following the course of nature? Are you willing to divide the work with God? Have you ever thought about how to achieve this? I hope that people are able to understand God’s will, that they can be of one mind in satisfying God for the sake of shared ideals, and can advance together on the road to the kingdom. What need is there to come up with unnecessary notions? Whose existence up until today has not been for the sake of God? And since it is thus, what need is there for sorrow, grief, and sighing? This is of no benefit to anyone. People’s entire lives are in the hands of God, and if it were not for their resolution before God, who would be willing to live in vain in this empty world of man? Why bother? Rushing in and out of the world, if they do not do anything for God, will their entire lives not have been wasted? Even if God does not deem your actions worthy of mention, will you not give a smile of gratification at the moment of your death? You should pursue positive progress, not negative regression—is this not better practice? If your actions are purely for the sake of satisfying God, then you will not be negative or regressive. Because there are always things that are unfathomable in people’s hearts, without them realizing it, their faces are like an overcast sky, which leads to several “trenches” appearing on their faces without them knowing, formed as if by the sundering of the ground. It is as if the ground is moving, causing the “hillocks” or “dips” to move place without people realizing. In this, I am not mocking people, but speaking of “geographical knowledge.”

Though God has led all people into chastisement, He says nothing of this. Instead, He deliberately avoids this topic and starts a new one, which in one regard is because of God’s work, and in another, is in order to immediately complete this step of work. Because God’s aims in carrying out this step of work have long since been achieved, there is no need to say any more. Today, I do not know how much you have seen of the methods of God’s work; in My consciousness, I always feel that God’s work is not as clearly divided into stages and time periods as it used to be. Instead, each day brings its own means of working, change occurs almost every three to five days, and even in five days, there might be two different kinds of content to the work of God. This shows the speed of God’s work; before people have had the time to react and peer closely, God is gone without a trace. Thus, God is always ungraspable to people, which has led to the imperceptibility of the work of the Holy Spirit. Why does God always say words such as “and so I left man”? People might pay a little attention to these words, but they do not understand their meaning. How about now, do you understand? No wonder people have no grasp of the Holy Spirit’s presence. Their search for God is always beneath hazy moonlight—this is completely true—and it is as if God is deliberately making fun of man, making the brains of all people swell, so that they feel addleheaded and disorientated. They barely know what they are doing; it is as if they are dreaming, and once they awaken, they do not know what happened. All it takes are some ordinary words from God to leave people at a loss. No wonder, then, that God says, “Today, I cast all people into the ‘great furnace’ to be refined. I stand up high watching closely as people burn in the fire and, forced by the flames, people offer forth the facts.” Amidst God’s ever-changing words, people have no idea what to do; in fact, just as God says, chastisement has long since begun, and because people have not realized this, they only know when God says so explicitly, they only pay attention after God has told them. It can be said that people only begin to study chastisement now that God’s work has been carried out to this point. It is just like when people became aware of the atomic bomb—but because the time has not arrived, people pay no heed; only when someone begins to build one do people begin to pay attention. Only when the atomic bomb comes to light do people understand more of it. Only when God says He shall cast man into the furnace do people become a little aware. If God did not speak, no one would know—is it not so? So, God says, “People unwittingly enter the furnace, as if they have been pulled in by a rope, as if they have grown numb.” Why not analyze this: When people offer forth the facts, is it when God says that chastisement has begun, or prior to when God says that chastisement has begun? From this it can be seen that, before God has spoken of chastisement, people began to confess, showing that chastisement began before God spoke of it—is this not fact?

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